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    posted a message on [3Yrs Old] Just-Vanilla || Community Based || Mature || Just Pure Vanilla || 24/7 | Weekly +Weekend Contests || Discord |

    Minecraft IGN: Wallenwhatsit

    Age: 22

    Why do you want to join this server?: I'm looking for a new server to play on that is more community based. I like to build things and play the game pretty solo but I don't like being in a world alone. I talk a lot and I love community builds and all that stuff. Your server looks like a good fit for what I'm looking for and I would love to check it out.

    Have you read & agree on the Rules?: Yes I did! :3

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    posted a message on [New] [Survival] The Pixel Pack [Community] [Epic Spawn]


    Answer: Wallenwhatsit


    Answer: 22


    Answer: USA


    Answer: I have all of those!

    Why are you interested in The Pixel Pack?

    Answer: I'm looking for a chill and mature server to make friends on and build.

    Why should we choose you?

    Answer: I'm a easy going guy that doesn't take things too seriously. I love playing minecraft and chatting with people. You'll mostly find me in game at my base doing things solo, but I love community stuff too.

    How active will you be?

    Answer: Daily

    Have you read and do you agree to the rules stated above?

    Answer: Yes

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    posted a message on ToxicCraft! l Looking for Admins,Mods,Helpers,Builders and Youtubers! l Apply Now!

    1.IRL Name: Saya

    2.IGN Name: Wallenwhatsit

    3.Why would you like to be staff on ToxicCraft? My last server i played on with friends died out to them losing interest, looking for a new server I can make buds on and have fun.

    4.Have you been staff on any other servers? No

    5.Are you good with plugins? I've run a few small servers myself so, I'm not a pro but I'm decent.

    6.If a player is breaking a rule? How would you react? Tele to that person and see what's going on. If they are breaking the rules you just deal out the appropriate punishment.

    7.If a friend of yours is breaking a rule? What would you do? They will get the appropriate punishment.

    8.Have you ever been banned? If so explain No

    9.What would you suggest we add into our server (maybe put a minigame) I have not been on your server yet! So I wouldn't know what to suggest ; v ;

    10.Say something about yourself: I'm 22 and work as a dog trainer. I like playing league of legends, minecraft, 3ds and Wii U. I love to build and create cool stuff in game. I have 2 dogs!

    11.Mature level 1-10: 3.14159265359 You like Pi? ;D

    12.Wil you be active? I'm on every night and days im off work

    13. Any extra information you would like to say?I'm a fun loving person and I would love to even just play on your server! Maybe you have it listed in another thread, I'll have to look. Thanks for your consideration!

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    posted a message on Slipmine SMP [1.8] [Vanilla SMP] [24/7 No Lag] [Looking For Mature Members]

    Youtube channel (if you have one) and if you plan to record: None

    Minecraft username: Wallenwhatsit

    Your age: 22

    How often do you get on Minecraft?: Daily

    Why do you want to join this server?: I'm looking for a server with some fun guys/girls that are not too serious and like to interact. I like your servers description so i would love to join and try it out.

    Tell me a little bit about yourself: I'm 22 and work during the day most days. I normally get on at night and play minecraft for a few hours. I also play league of legends and my 3ds

    What is your favorite thing to do in an SMP community?: Make cool builds in public spawn areas!

    What is your least favorite thing about SMP communities?: A lot of people require you to have a youtube account but i think that is kind of dumb to make it a requirement.

    Have you read the rules and do you agree to them?: I agree!

    Do you have TeamSpeak and are you willing to use it?: I use teamspeak often so yes i will use it!

    What is your Skype?: I will tell you privately

    Were you referred by an existing SlipMine SMP player?: Nope :c

    Do you have any questions for me about the community or the server?: Not really, pretty simple rules. If I have any questions Ill ask if I get in.

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    posted a message on New map, New Adventure! Come join us at AvidityCraft. Whitelisted Vanilla community server!

    IGN: Wallenwhatsit

    Country: USA

    Age: 22

    Skype: Will give privately

    What can you bring to our little server? I like to build and interact with other people. Playing alone is boring

    How active will you be playing? Nightly to every other night!

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    posted a message on Closed

    In Game Name: Wallenwhatsit
    Age: 22
    Have you ever been banned, If so, Why?: No
    Do you have TeamSpeak and are you willing to use it?: Yes, I use TS3 often
    What time zone are you in?: US Central
    Why do you want to join MindJacker 2?: Looking for a fun survival server with a good community to hang out with.
    What is your Favorite Block in Minecraft: Emerald
    What makes you a good candidate?: I love to build and talk to people in the server. I like to build more medieval style buildings and sometimes steampunk.
    Tell us about yourself: I'm a 22 year old guy who likes to play league of legends and minecraft after coming home from work. I like anime, music, movies and ofcourse games.
    How active will you be?: I'm usually on nightly but some night I wont be on because im too tired or played league of legends too long.
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: For about 4 years now
    Will you record Youtube Videos? If so, what is your Youtube channel?: I have no channel
    What can you bring to the server?: Cool builds and fun times!

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    posted a message on .·:*(¯`'·.¸ - EvianCraft : |BETA| - ¸.·'´¯)*:·.
    IGN: midkip

    Age: 21

    Why do you want to test the BETA for EvianCraft?: i want a good smp server to play on

    Do you acknowledge that the server will revert to a previous snapshot of the world after the BETA is over?: yes

    Are you on YouTube or know an affiliate that is? If yes, please state the YouTube channel name: no
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