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    thanks (5 years ago) lmao

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    Hope i do get in :D
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    I have my own format i really hope you accept me if i put it

    Does this work for you?

    Name - MC Username or Realname: Zeklihand

    Age - How old are you?: 13

    What position in staff are you applying for?: Admin

    Why do you want that position?: I want this position because i think it suits me i can be admin because i can protect the server and not let people abuse/grief with their powers such as world edit things in or gamemode in diamonds or such to other players and i will help your server grow!

    What can you do to help as a staff member?: As a staff member i will help and i will help by: Being there when people need me 2: Protecting the server and the players 3: Dedicating my time to help people and You or other staff members because that is what a staff member does

    Have you ever been banned from previous servers if so why?: I have been banned from a server not because i did anything wrong i have the reason they banned me right here:http://gyazo.com/ba5bf42ffc4a82b419056d68c5c08dea

    Have you ever been staff on any other server (Do you have any experience)?: Yes i do have experience Because i have been head-mod and admin on other servers but they have been shut down due to the lack ofdonations sadly and my experience is that i am a very helpful person and i think you can trust me I believe this in myself and if you dont believe you can trust me and i dont get accepted when your server gets released i will still play on it and will not whine that i did not get admin or any other rank if i do get accepted i will be there to help the players and other staff members with anything they need

    How long can you play on average per day (How long can you be online to help)?: Almost 4-7 hours monday-wednesday every week i guess

    If you were in a situation where a ranked player or staff (Someone with higher permissions than Default) was abusing his/her powers and you were the only staff online, what would you do?: If this is a situation when a staff member gamemode's in things such as armor tools weapons a house/base this means they get a tempban from the server and if they do this again they will have to get demoted

    If 2 players or staff were fighting (Spamming chat, spamming msg's) and you were the only /only other staff online, what would you do?: I will tell the players to stop and mute them both but i know on some servers /msg still works when players are muted so this is a problem with the plugin not the server so if they keep doing /msg even when they are muted they will get a tempban from the server

    Skype (If you have it): Marwan Eltigani


    sorry im using a different account :3
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