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    Realistic Armor Tiers is a minecraft 1.12.2 mod, making wear armor feel more RPG-like.
    The different armor types modifies the players speed when worn, leather will make you run slightly faster, while diamond makes you slightly slower.
    Wearing full sets will apply different amplitudes of potion effects for as long as the player wears the full armor. Everything if fully customisable from the armor affected, to the speed modifiers, and even the potion effects and their amplitude (if you want any) when wearing a full set.
    Support for other mods has been added and should be working.


    Github Logo


    When upgrading from 1.0.x to 1.1.x: Backup/delete config files, the json files have changed!

    Only the first set that the player's equipment match is activated, all further sets that might match will not be loaded. The higher up the set is in the file, the higher it's priority! There is an exploit where players can keep potion effects by either logging out and then in again, or by dying, this has been fixed in version 1.1.1, so please use the latest version possible!

    Current Features

    1. Worn armor affects the players movement speed
    2. Wearing a full set applies potions effects depending on set
    3. Added a config file where you can change potion effects and speed modifiers
    4. Added support for other mods that add in armor
    5. Make tiers composed of different slots and let sets use tier slot instead of specific item
    6. Works on servers

    Planned Features


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    Hey, I looked at the code yesterday, and I believe I found the issue. If I'm correct it's due to the id of the pieces being case sensitive, which I did not take into account.

    I have uploaded a new version: 1.0.3, it should work now!

    ! You will have to delete your equipment_sets.json to let it recreate itself, then paste back into the new one, the changes you made :) !

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    I'm not sure, the syntax looks good, no problem there.

    The only thing I can think of, is that maybe the modId is wrong? or the name of the piece is wrong?

    How about the other file, [equipment_tiers.json] do you have the tier "PLATE" defined there? If not that could also be the issue!

    If neither is the issue, please send both files so I can have a look at it.

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    C4D was used to make this wallpapers.

    WeedLions Model Pack was also used in this wallpapers!
    So thank you a lot for your rigs

    MineWays was used for the map rendering.
    Made a map on MC, then used mineways to export it so I could use it in C4D


    Steve relaxing with his piggie, Creeper is stalking behind him, and Herobrine is preparing for battle, with his diamond sword on fire!

    The creeper is closing in, will Steve notice the creeper?

    As the sun is coming up, Steve is amazed by the sight!

    More coming soon!


    Herobrine, is waiting for you.
    His white deep eyes, is stalking you.

    Herobrine takes out his swords, ready to attack!
    Herobrine is hacking, as he is dual wielding!

    More coming soon!

    Herobrine with Fire:

    Herobrine has put both his weapon on fire!
    He is still dual wielding, Notch mustn't have noticed.

    Herobrine has found out a way to become a fire avatar!
    Find some water before it's to late

    Wow it really is flying flame, not his skin...

    Herobrine is happy, he finally found out the secret of this world!

    More coming soon!


    Coming soon!

    Steve with Mobs:

    Steve fishing with his piggie by his side.
    Without noticing, an enderman is standing behind them!

    More coming soon!

    The album can be found here!
    And here you can see all of them, and download them easily:

    Follow me on Twitter, and subscribe to my Youtube channel for more!

    Hope you enjoyed and liked my WallPapers.
    You may use them again, as long as you credit Me and WeedLion
    And of course add a link to this site.

    I'm sorry that for the WallPapers with fire in it, there is a weak but visible text in the middle of the screen. It's because I recently tested the plugin: TurbulenceFD
    So therefor I am using the demo version and it automatically adds the text, I can't do anything to remove them, except for removing the fire :/

    But I will learn more about it, and do my best to make better looking fires :)
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    Hey x2Robbie2x could you please make a tutorial on how to add special effects to armor.
    Like Fire Immunity(Fire Resistance), Infinity Water Breathing...
    I would like this for minecraft 1.3.1, and for SP.

    Thank you :)

    Please hit the "Vote this Post up" if you want it to! ----->
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    In-game name: mentin2
    Location and Age: Norway, Europe 16 years old
    Previous Bans from other servers (explain): yes, the admins where cheating (in PvP, using /kill "name" command), I used "/helpop" to report it to the owner. But got banned instead.
    Referral(s): none
    Have you voted for Herocraft: I haven't voted, and I won't before I have been on the server.
    How'd you hear about Herocraft? I was searching for a server, when i went to sort by "most replies" and found this.
    Special Key: {HCm6}
    Do you agree to the Herocraft EULA and ToS? I have read them, and I will under no circumstances break those rules.
    Reason(s) you should be accepted: I have played minecraft for a long time, since minecraft beta 1.6. I do not grief, as well as nature grief (leaving floating trees, 1x1 dirt towers...)
    Additional Info: I have no experience in Redstone, but I am a very skilled miner.

    Sorry for repost but it seems you jumped my Application.
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    Do you like
    Making Tree Bases?
    Being an Assassin, a Hunter or a Scout?
    Do you Enjoy being with others with the same ideas and intentions as you?
    Then I would recommend joining us!

    Don't advertise for other clans (unless it's our alliance) and don't spam chat!
    Don't steal members from this clan or from alliances clans unless told to.
    Don't grief members from this clan or from alliances clans unless told to.
    Don't PvP members from this clan or from alliances clans unless told to.
    Don't ask for better rank in clan: you need to prove your worthy of it!
    Don't "Swear Fight" with other's: calling them bad things!
    Don't do anything to make this an unpleasant place!
    Don't spread lies to make a bad atmosphere!

    Swearing is allowed!
    Asking for help is recommended!
    Offering help is very helpful for the clan!

    => Enjoy your stay and make this a comfortable place to be!

    IGN(Minecraft Username): [CASE SENSITIVE]
    Age (4-8, 9-13, 14-17, 18+):
    Where do you live (America, Europe...):
    Languages you speak (English, French...):
    Job you want(Look under!): Please make a list of 3-5 jobs
    Referer (if you have one):
    Skype name(else create one):
    Purposes for joining Hunterz:
    Anything you wanna add:
    Please respond... (LOOK AT COPY-PASTE!) [IMPORTANT]
    If you don't put that, you won't accepted

    Copy Paste this if you don't understand:

    Where do you live:
    Languages you speak:
    Job you want:
    Skype name:
    Purposes for joining Hunterz:
    Anything you wanna add:
    Please respond... as fast as possible

    IGN: mentin2
    Age: 15 (nearly 16)
    Where do you live: Norway, Europe
    Languages you speak: Fluent Norwagian, Danish, English, French and learning Spanish
    Job you want: 1.King 2.Scout 3. Archer 4.Master
    Referer: None
    Skype name: mentin002
    Purposes for joining Hunterz: I have been searching for a clan. I like to see someone to put so much attention in it. I hope this will be a good place for me to learn new stuff and maybe teach others to.
    Anything you wanna add: I have experience with modding, you can check them out here!
    Please respond... as fast as possible

    Please wait at least 48 hours before starting reposting or starting complaining!
    We will accept you as fast as possible so be patient!

    If you are not accepted,it means you did something wrong
    => Please repost correctly! (Important: READ EXAMPLE)

    :|): Scout => Hide and report if you see anything unormal - make traps with TnT
    :|): Archer => Guard the town for monsters
    :|): Hunter => Hunt animals, monsters and players for food...
    :DSWORD: Warrior => Kill animals, monsters and players for food...
    :DSWORD: Knight => Protect citizens - go on pilgrimage - plunder other villages
    :Flint and Steel: Pyro => Set fire to homes(Griefer) - Help to burn down forests
    :DSWORD: Crown-Guard => Guard the king with your life [archer+ only]
    :DSWORD: Guardian => Guard the town for monsters and enemies
    :DPA: Miner => Go mine for minerals and cobblestone
    :Daxe: Woodcutter => Go cut trees for wood, planks, saplings and apples
    :DHOE: Farmer => Go farm wheat and make brea
    :Furnace: Blacksmith => Take care smelting, making weapons and armors
    :Red: Merchant => Go trade with other clans
    :bookshelf: Librarian => Take care of all enchantments and sort the books
    Alchemist and Herbalist => Take care of making potions and find flowers, mushrooms...
    Technician => Take care of all redstone stuff
    :chestfront: Thief => Go into others base and steal their stuff
    :ph34r: Assassin => You get targets you will need to kill
    :Notch: Master => Train the recruits [General+ only]
    King => You rule the kingdom! [Leader only]

    Note: You don't have to use them, just try to use a skin that fits your job.

    Words like this: Assassin, means that that job is full.

    • Leader:
    • General:
    • Over-Archer:
    • Other Members
    • Prisoner(=banned):

    Even if your a miner, you can still go get wood :D
    Your job is just a way to know who gets what for the kingdom.
    But do as many jobs as you want (without telling me) but always remember your main job!


    We are invited to Synstick's server...
    So it wanna stay there? okay:


    We also have a town, wanna join?
    Tell me on Skype...

    I have made a server:
    It will sometimes be down, when I add plugins.
    So please don't complain!


    Photos, wallpapers, signatures... are in this album, ckeck it out!

    Help needed:

    I will set up soon a server, I will need help to set up the plugins...
    (contact me if you can help)

    I will also set up an website:
    It would be great if someone could take care of the image editing...
    Another for the layout...
    (Contact me if you have experience in that domain)
    (or that you just wanna help and learn that way)

    I would also need someone to make skins for the different jobs
    (you can use your own as long as it looks like the job you have)

    Last thing:
    I will need someone to make youtube videos
    (if no one can then I'll do it myself)
    (else contact me)

    This wouldn't have been possible without your helps guys!
    Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!!

    Please also check out:

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    You got bump it up, don't you know bump it up?
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    posted a message on Griefing Clan {Recruiting!}
    I think there would be more members if you followed the Clan Advice...
    Also a tip: Add pictures to make it more attractive...
    Also you introduction sentence isn't the best...

    I'm doing this to make help you... not to troll
    But GL getting more members
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    Quote from bunk87

    Mentin002 I'll be a technician

    Okay great. Updated!

    Quote from bunk87

    And is there a server?
    If not I might be able to provide one

    Well ill make a bukkit server this weekend.
    So, I wanna know: in what way "provide"?
    Cause ill need help to set up some plugins (im new at it but im learning fast)
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