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    I would love it if someone could take my concept up and try to make it into a reality.
    I know that multiple mods already do this. but they aren't updated
    Just one single mod that has all the valuable client-side essence in one neat bundle that can be used on servers (if permitted of course) with ease.
    My first preference would be for it to be built in Forge 1.15.2, but I know Forge in 1.15 doesn't go well with one another. This mod idea is for any version really but I would love it if it was created for 1.15.2.

    The fundamental idea is rather straight forward, a client-side mod that has damage indicators a (very simple) minimap, translucent inventory, light level overlay, shulker box access in inventory, inventory sorter, Ect.

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    I think BARITONE and the impact mod would do well for this. Just give an entity Steve all of it’s AI abilities. So it can #mine oak_log or iron_ore whenever it needs more recourse. (Obviously the legit AI, the one that can’t see through walls) the only issue would be crafting which isn’t too hard to add. It also has #hunt which will follow an entity (being you or passive mobs for food) with a normal speed kill aura. Most of the AI is there but will, of course, need more coding to add the auto start of collecting thing and working out when it has to.
    It is not like it won’t need more code but I think it would be much easier building on impact rather than scratch.

    link to impact:


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