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    posted a message on Bedrock Realm looking to add to our family

    The Paradox Survivalists are a community through and through.

    We reset the world seed a few months back after the update villager/pillager was released, and are now looking to expand our community.

    We also have some amazing command block wizardry that we use for:-

    1 Person Sleep System

    Mobs despawn after 128block (like java)

    40min days (instead of 15)

    Achievements are active, since the update added some new ones.

    Of course there can't be a realm without some basic rules.

    No Stealing

    No Pvp

    No Greifing

    No Cheating (addons, 3rd party apps, etc..)

    No Building near others without consent

    And some other common sense that shouldn't need to be stated.

    So, if you think it's wrong, it probably is!

    All players are required to download Discord (Voice/messaging app) and join our chat.

    To even be considered to join, players must:

    Fill out the entire application

    Be age 20+

    Be able play at least 2-3 times a week minium.

    Be considerate of others :)

    Application(FILL IT ALL OUT)



    Discord Name (username#0000):


    Strengths: (eg redstone, big builds etc....)

    Screenshots of previous builds: (optional)

    Side notes: if you are a serious applicant, I encourage you to check you inbox on Minecraft Forums. Myself and my admin check daily and give messages through this.

    You will be sent a link to our discord chat, once you have read and agreed to the hand book, you will be sent a link to the realm in a private message on discord.

    I know it seems like a mess around but it helps us filter out grefers/trolls.

    MelodiousWings1 (Owner)

    GAMBIT3R (Admin)

    JDEMEDOT (Admin)

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    posted a message on Bedrock Realm looking to add to our family

    We've reset our realm for the villager/pillager update, and we're looking to expand our community with some more dedicated players, most of our current members have been with us for 1-2 years, some even going back to its creation 3 years ago, we've members from the UK, America, New Zealand, Europe etc... Even tho our time zones are erratic we all keep in contact using Discord as our main way of communication.

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