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    posted a message on What kind of Minecraft roleplay server would you like to see?
    There are a few difficult steps, unfortunately. (When talking about modeling a server off of a book/series/game/etc.)

    1. Copyright.
    I'm not sure when making something fan-based is considered okay, versus breaking copyright stuff.. because when you're considering someone else's work - especially a game world, or a book world, you -can- get in trouble for it. It can get complicated, because of fan-work being allowed a loophole, versus other things that don't get allowed.

    2. Fanbase opinions.
    No matter what you do - following exact things in the books/series, or have a bit of creativeness, you're probably gonna anger someone who thinks you did it wrong. (Of course, this probably is for ANY genre of anything, even if it's not based off of a published work.)

    3. Mods/Plugins vs. player-run things.
    The less plugins, the easier it can be to run, fix bugs, and more people can potentially join. Even if the mods are server-side, sometimes a player is still unable to join due to computer/whatever issues.
    Downfall is, some plugins make things easier, and more 'flavored' toward what you're looking for. More food to work with, more animals, magic in various ways.. flying, engineer stuff.. It can be hard to roleplay magic when there is none; as it boils down to rules/player interpretation/imagination and stuff.

    I've been in a number of roleplay servers - those are my favorite type of server, and they were all different. Most are fantasy and medieval styles, made up by the staff, and sometimes helped with various lore bits by players as well. It was how they were run, that was different. Some plugins were essential (whitelisting, spawn protect, world edit), while some servers had extra plugins for more content. But most things were all original. (not directly based off of one book/author idea.)

    Barring all the copyright stuff and every other roadblock for a book-based roleplay server? Wheel of Time series.
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    posted a message on Slabs, whatever happened?
    The only way to get that visual, would be brick slab on tophalf of a block, and the stone slab on the bottomhalf of the block above the brick. The visual would be right; though it would take up two blocks.
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    posted a message on Stupid Griefing Excuses
    Quote from Thepowersss

    Someone hacked into the server, made all blocks into sand, and then deleted all of the bedrock (Causing everything to fall into the void) WHY?!!!

    I was trying to make Arrakis (DUUUUNE!) The bedrock I was actually turning into lava, but I guess it didn't work out. Sorry.

    Where did Mount Olympus go?
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    posted a message on Multiple accounts, one download?
    You just need to pay for another account, not necessarily 'another download'. Each premium account is the account paid for.
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    posted a message on Help with Lava Moat
    Don't think infinite lava works anymore. So no, the best you can do is pretty much just space sources out every three or so, and have some flowing and some not.. if you want all still lava.. yeah you'll just have to keep bringing buckets.
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    posted a message on I cant seem to play minecraft...freebuild thing
    If worst comes to worst, run it as far as you can and then screenshot what you see, so you don't have to write down whatever error? you're getting.

    Troubleshooting requires a lot of information from the victim, or else you are going to not get a good clear remedy. It'll end up being wayy too much back and forth typing as people wheedle what they need from you.
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    posted a message on [Song] Note block song - Fireflies, Owl City

    You used more than piano :smile.gif:

    I wasn't able to pick the tune out really great, but I know that lag can cause issues for the timing.. and the placement of blocks is just amazingly complicatedlooking.
    If there was a second blocktype that can do the scale, this would rock to keep the vocal notes a bit separate from the background notes.
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    posted a message on Capes are bad.
    John wins.
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    posted a message on Multi-monitor How-to
    I dont intend this to sound mean, Im just curious.
    Why are you trying to make it go across both screens? One should be plenty enough.. unless I've missed a setting somewhere. The only thing that changes for me is making the blocks bigger - it doesn't seem to create a larger 'window area' to see into the game.

    My statement is hard to udnerstand. Lemme see if I can explain better.

    By stretching the javawindow from its normal size to larger, the only thing that I see affected is the size of the blocks (the same number of blocks are there) until I reach a certain size, which then causes the text and everything to go up one size larger - still keeping the same number of blocks on the window.

    Personally, I like having it on one screen and my other monitor is for the forums, websites, and IM chat windows so that I can still see what's happening in minecraft window without having to tab in and out all the time.

    Also, turning off explorer.exe sounds silly. Why not just have your taskbar only pop up when you hover over that area? Or is this not available anymore in new Window versions? (Either autohide taskbar, or uncheck 'keep taskbar on top')
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    posted a message on Server Forced Mods.
    There can be ups and downs to a forced thing like this.

    An up like you mentioned, would be server side default skins, tools, textures or whatnot.

    A down is when the server amins decide to be assholes and force things such as naked skins, or something, because they think it 'funny'.

    It also sounds like it would be rather complicated to make more than one default skin for those RP servers. Not eveyrone will want to be jediskinned, or imperialtrooperskinned, and heaven forbid people wanted to make their own but it gets overwritten. The skins may be better off moderated manually by the people running the server.

    Armor, weapon, and tool textures, perhaps, though, would be awesome, if it can be done via grouping (guard armor vs whatever in this case).. or for medieval fantasy, arcane robes magically protected versus diamond plate. Weapons? magestaff versus diamond poleaxe.

    Also, rather hesitant about the idea of doing it via cookielike. From what I've learned about cookies, anyway.
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    posted a message on Can't log off Minecraft
    I have, it seems, a rather complex additional problem or three added to this.

    I am currently at school. (yeah I know, bad student..) Point being, I'm sure some things are blocked. I know the game itself is, but I was trying ot change my skin.

    (I don't remembr if I had logged in today or if I was logged in from before, but I was logged in via minecraft.net, not www). Goto prefs, and it shows me as not logged in, but home page shows me as logged in still. Encoutered this before, pain in the butt. Delete cookies, and history, from both IE and Firefox. Closed both, re-opened, still showing as logged in. Can now not log OUT - Firefox pops up saying 'trying to redirect', but hitting 'allow' just keeps me at the loggedin page. IE just refreshes page and won't redirect at all.

    So, OK. I go to a BRAND NEW computer I never logged in before. Goto minecraft.net - and it shows me as LOGGED IN. ???? I assume a display error, but have no clue how it would have my name as the one showing in login when the current computer I am at I never used before. Again, tried both IE, and Firefox. No luck.

    I'm bad at search-fu, and couldn't find anything helpful on the internet, though it seems to be a recent issue with both browsers. At school there are some things blocked, so I am just guessing that perhaps there's an admin setting on these computers.. but that doesn't seem to explain.

    Found this post, tried it out. Sure enough, www.minecraft.net showed me as not logged in. minecraft.net I was. So, I login at www.minecraft.net and try to log out. Now I cannot log out of either name; but I also still cannot get to the rest of the website because it says I am *not* logged in.

    I SOO have no clue now. Any other ideas anyone might have? Especially to explain the 'login' on a brand new system?

    (Will explore more of this at home - but I never had an issue at home with this.. perhaps because I am still logged in at home, it's messing up with the staying logged in here.. but since my computer is currently off at home.. how would it be interefering actively?)

    (HolyCRAP guys, I'm SOO sorry for reviving this - Search gave me this post and it was so relevant... and I saw december.. but not the year.. *asks for forgiveness and hopes someone can still answer*
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    posted a message on Request: Legend of Dragoon Character Skins (I'll sig you)
    Rose would be my favorite - but with the way the skins works, its impossible to get her one-leg-armor done :sad.gif:

    Miru was awesome as well.. but I loved her personality. Want hammers ingame thx.
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    posted a message on Deviant Evil [SEMI-PRIVATE][SIMPLE RULES][BIOMES][24/7]
    Quote from Trundlebug »

    What do you like to make: I like to accentuate the existing landscape. Turn caves into expansive dwarven style halls. Turn cliffs that look like arches into arches. Roads and public safeholes for when mobs are enabled as well.

    I like you! If/when you get accepted, I'd like to show you a few things on the server you might be interested in.
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    posted a message on Deviant Evil [SEMI-PRIVATE][SIMPLE RULES][BIOMES][24/7]
    Quote from Zuey »
    can anyone else get on the server atm? everytime i try to connect it keeps saying "outdated client" even if i use the browser version, any help anyone?

    Outdated client in this case is actually the server is not been updated yet. Heif would have to update his end before you can log on.
    On another note: I remember talking about keeping the server down until essential mods such as hey0 were also updated to keep issues at a minimum. I'm not sure if Heif will do this or not; but I'm sure he will let us know when he is able to bring it back up.
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    posted a message on [Request] Glass Stairs!
    This is because technically, the half step can only co-exist in the same block as another half step. Consider the half-step taking up the entire block, whether its one or two half-steps. Can't have blocks being all half-off from other blocks, this would basically negate halfs completely. Might as well make all the other blocks 2x2.
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