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    Quote from Fabian42»

    Yes, fireworks. Shoot one in the air and you get pushed forwards.

    Well duh, I know that. What I would like is a way to alter the max speed or weight of the Elytra using commands or something. Or at least have Levitation work while the Elytra is in use (currently, it doesn't).
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    Many of the Minecraft quizzes and such out there are trivia questions about the game's finer details as well as its history. "When was the game created?" "What biome does this block generate in?" "Which of these can you not use as fuel?" etc. This quiz, however, is a set of "puzzles" or "riddles," if you will, where you try to find out how a certain event could have possibly happened. They might be tougher than you think, so put on your thinking diamond helmet!

    1. The Mystery Mob

    I am thinking of a hostile mob. You can find and kill it in Survival and it gives you experience upon death. It does not spawn in the Overworld. It does not spawn in the Nether. It does not spawn in the End. What is this mob?


    Not all mobs are spawned naturally. Some involve action on the player's part.

    2. Into the Void

    Jack and Jill went down the hill, mining down to the bottom layers of the world. Jack, who isn't all that experienced with Minecraft, asks if there's a way to get down lower. Jill responds, "No, you can't. There's bedrock underneath, and you can't break it no matter what you use." Jack says "OK, let me try it out." He breaks a block underneath him and instantly falls into the void. Both players are in survival, and neither commands nor command blocks have ever been allowed in the server. Moreover, Jack and Jill were the first players to visit this hill and the blocks underneath it. So if no commands are available and no previous players had tampered with it, how did Jack break into the void?


    No human alterations have taken place here. What other types of alterations may have taken place during world generation?

    3. Escape

    Zach made his way into a cave one day, but had to log out of the server and do something real quick. When he returned, Zach found himself in an 10 x 10 x 10 hollow cube made of bedrock. Zach began to panic. Was a mod or something trying to troll him? Inside the cube is 218 stone, 3 blocks of water, 2 redstone ores, 5 iron ores, and 19 blocks of lava. All Zach brought with him was 3 logs, 11 cooked chicken, and 9 torches. Immediately Zach thought "I know how to get out of here," and quickly got to work. Since he wasn't in creative or spectator, cheats were not allowed for him, and no one else was online to rescue him, how did he escape? Suicide does not count.


    When water combines with lava, it creates something very important in this scenario.

    4. Killing the invincible mob?

    Mike and Ike are playing on a server with command blocks disabled. Mike is an operator with creative mode, and Ike is a non-op in survival. Mike summons a mob that has Resistance V and Regeneration V, both of which last forever. He then sends the mob at Ike. Ike manages to kill the mob. Since Ike is in survival mode without cheats, and neither Mike nor any other players helped him, how did the "invincible" mob die? Despawning does not count.


    Not every mob works in this scenario. Only a specific one can be killed under these conditions.

    5. Escape, Part II

    Joe was running around his Minecraft server when he had to quickly log off and do something. When he logged back on he found some trolling mod had built a hollow 10 x 10 x 10 bedrock cube around him and set the difficulty to peaceful. Joe immediately noticed a hole in the wall, where he saw a few pigs standing completely still outside--but they were too far away to reach. They didn't seem to want to move...perhaps they needed motivation. Inside the cube was 108 blocks of dirt, 51 blocks of grass, 2 dandelions, 3 poppies, and 13 blocks of water. All Joe had in his inventory was 2 logs, 1 spider eye, 2 string, 3 lily pads, a bucket, some melon seeds, and some beetroot seeds. Joe immediately knew how to escape. What did he do? (Suicide still doesn't count.)


    The string is used to make a very important tool.

    6. The Mystery Block

    I am thinking of a block. This block is opaque and generates naturally in the Overworld. You cannot break it in Survival. You cannot break it in Creative. What is this block?


    Solids are breakable in Creative, no matter what block. What other forms of matter are there?

    7. The Armor Stands

    Five armor stands are lined up in front of you, from left to right. Each armor stand is wearing 4 pieces of armor--a helmet, chestplate, leggings, and boots--each made of any of 5 different materials--leather, chain, iron, gold, and diamond. Use the clues below to determine which armor stand is wearing what pieces of armor.

    1. No two armor stands share the exact same piece of armor. No armor stand has two pieces of armor made of the same material.

    2. The 5 armor stands, from left to right, are: the one that doesn't have any iron armor, the one with chain leggings, the one with a leather helmet, the one with a diamond chestplate, and the one that doesn't have any gold armor.

    3. The 5 armor stands, in no particular order, are: the one directly to the left of the armor stand with diamond boots, the one with a gold helmet, the one with a leather chestplate, the one with diamond leggings, and the one with a chain chestplate.

    4. The armor stand with the gold helmet is directly to the left of the one with a golden chestplate and directly to the right of the one with gold leggings.

    5. The armor stand with an iron chestplate is somewhere to the left of the one with diamond leggings.


    Drawing a simple chart or picture in front of you should help a lot.

    8. Escape, Part III

    Tracy was running to and from her house to grab supplies for a redstone project, but at one point she had to log off real quick and go AFK for a minute. When she joined back on, she discovered she was in a 15 x 15 x 15 hollow cube of bedrock.

    This was definitely the work of that stupid mod that Zach and Joe told me all about," she thought.

    Inside the cube was nothing but a couple layers of dirt and grass. Tracy had brought with her 15 logs, a bucket of water, a stack of iron ingots, two stacks of redstone dust, a stack of cobblestone, 3 slime blocks, a stack of TNT, 17 torches, a diamond sword, and 23 steak. Tracy thought for a while, then suddenly she remembered something. She immediately got to work. Suicide, of course, is still not the answer, so how did she escape?


    I'll admit, this one isn't very fair. This involves a glitch that allows you to break bedrock in 1.8, 1.9, and 1.10. Look around on YouTube and you'll find it pretty quickly.

    If you found an answer to any of these, put your answer in a spoiler and I'll tell you if it's correct! Extra bragging rights if you solved it without the hint.

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    posted a message on A good emerald armor suggestion...?


    Emerald armor and tools are among one of the least supported suggestions in the forums. Why? For several reasons. One, because emerald armor doesn't really have a place to fit in terms of its power. Emeralds are much easier to get than diamonds (through trading), so it can't be stronger than diamond; no significant enough gap exists between diamond and iron to be useful; any lower than iron and there's no point in using it. Two, and more importantly, Mojang doesn't want new armor tiers to exist. Do consider that they went against their own rule by adding chain armor, which presented a new spin on just "craft it and wear it." With that being said, here is my attempt at making a suggestion for emerald armor which diverges from the beaten path of most armor suggestions.


    The crafting recipes are what you'd expect--emeralds in the corresponding armor shape. There is one catch, however. You cannot use emeralds obtained from trading in crafting this armor. You can only use emeralds from the emerald ores in Extreme Hills biomes. While emeralds are much simpler to get than diamonds, emerald ORE is harder to get than diamond ore, so this balances out.

    Now how would this be coding possible? Perhaps the emeralds obtained from ores would be renamed to "pure emeralds," which would exist as a damage value for normal emeralds. The texture for pure emeralds would be slightly more shiny, but otherwise the appearance would be exactly the same. (I am considering a purple glow for the pure emerald, the one that exists on enchanted gear and books, potions, nether stars, etc.)

    You could use pure emeralds for every other action that normal emeralds serve--trading, crafting into emerald blocks, sacrificing to a beacon, etc. You can mix pure emeralds and normal emeralds in the crafting recipe for an emerald block, but no matter how you craft it, uncrafting the block always results in 9 normal emeralds--even if you crafted it entirely out of pure emeralds.

    So what does the darn thing do?

    The protection values for emerald armor are as follows: 3 for the helmet, 7 for the chestplate, 5 for the leggings, and 3 for the boots. That's 18 armor points, 2 less than diamond. The durability is 320 for the helmet, 459 for the chestplate, 434 for the leggings, and 376 for the boots. Emerald armor is harder to enchant than diamond, similar to how gold armor is easier.

    So far, the information presented states that emerald armor is not only harder to get than diamond, but also worse in terms of protection, durability, and enchantment. So what's the point of this armor at all? Well, the gimmick of this armor set is that of the currently untapped Luck effect. Whenever a full emerald armor set is worn, the player is given a Luck effect. This effect increases the chance of finding more valuable items in loot chests, finding more treasure items when fishing, and getting cheaper prices from villagers. You are also given sort of a permanent Fortune/Looting boost. Whenever the armor is worn and a tool with either Looting or Fortune is used, the chance of getting more items is increased. This does not increase the maximum amount of items you can get, just the chance of getting the max amount of items in the first place.

    Other methods of obtaining

    Whenever a zombie spawns, it has a 5% chance of spawning as a zombie villager. It also has a 0-15% chance to spawn with armor (depending on local difficulty). I propose that if the above two conditions succeed, it has a 5% chance to spawn with emerald armor. (Other armor tier chances would be adjusted accordingly.) This means that 5% of all zombie villagers would be wearing emerald armor. No effects are provided to the zombie other than protection values and enchantments.


    This was my attempt on making an emerald armor suggestion that stood out from the other mundane armor types. How did I do? Share all questions, comments, and criticism down below. I'm expecting stiff resistance from the community despite my best efforts, and I especially doubt this would be added into Minecraft. But I think it was worth a shot.

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    Quote from Tedious»

    I can't imagine any good use for this, but it's not illogical. Stepping on something isn't the only way to apply pressure. That's why it's called a pressure plate, not a foot detector. Walking into one placed on a wall would activate it, but only if you collided with the wall. Same with the ceiling pressure plate.

    I guess so. Nevertheless, that is a kinda strange thing to think about. For ceiling pressure plates, as an example, you wouldn't set it off by walking by (which is what the OP stated), you'd have to deliberately jump into it and hit it with your head. (Possible Mario recreation? :o)
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    I could argue a "not useless" case for nearly every block and item in the game.

    Air: Air is a very important block, as without it the entire world would be irreversably filled up. What would the player spawn in? What would replace mined blocks? How would you move?

    Dirt: You can't have farms without dirt.

    Dead bushes: Provides sticks for emergency situations, and it sets an appropriate mood in certain environments aesthetically.

    Flowers: For aesthetics. Also provides dye, which can be used for, well, more aesthetic blocks and items.

    Ferns: Again, aesthetics. They do provide seeds as well.

    Dragon egg: As bragging rights or for a trophy room. You can actually use dragon eggs to break through bedrock using a 1.9/1.10 glitch, and you can also duplicate them using another glitch.

    Prismarine: Well, no uses except for aesthetics--but that's a use in itself.

    Sponges: As of 1.8 they can soak up water once again, which is a big help for clearing out lots of water.

    Cauldrons: Currently they are the only piston-movable block with different output values when a comparator is connected to it, which means you can create piston loops that change redstone outputs. Very useful.

    Note blocks: Cool for custom music players, which allows you to basically recreate songs or create your own. Even better with resource packs which allow you to change the sounds.

    Lily pads: One of the only blocks you can place onto water, so if you're swimming out in the ocean and you somehow lose your boat, you can place a lily pad to access your crafting table and craft one. More importantly, you can access your ender chest in the middle of the ocean this way.

    Rotten flesh: Wolves and priest villagers both like rotten flesh.

    Diamond hoes: Some eccentric people out there need really large farms and don't want to go through a bunch of stone ones. And with Mending, you're not really wasting diamonds anymore.

    Golden anything: Not only are they better for enchanting, but golden pickaxes also mine stone faster than diamond. This means you can insta-mine with only a gold pickaxe and a Haste I beacon. You can repair it on the fly with experience bottles and Mending for a longer-lasting mine session.

    Compasses: Your spawn point will pretty much never be at 0, y, 0. So compasses will point you in the right direction if you haven't memorized your coordinates. They also serve as a crafting ingredient in maps, which are extremely useful for navigation.

    Clocks: When placed in item frames, you can use clocks as decoration. It can also be helpful for determining whether or not you should emerge from your cave/branch mine, as during the night you may be swarmed by mobs if you're not yet geared up.

    Clownfish: If you don't want to use your cod or salmon for taming that ocelot, you're in luck! But seriously, it is a bit of a stretch.

    Poisonous potatoes and mundane potions: They, uh...you can...um, well, they're good for...uh...okay, I've got nothing.

    Oh, if you'd like, feel free to provide any blocks and items of your own, and I'll evaluate them!

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    Quote from John2024»

    Before I make a suggestion, I have to ask:

    Why do Enchantment Levels have such a small limit?


    Why can you use up Enchantments after you maxed them out?

    The enchantment limits are NOT small for vanilla Minecraft. Remember that this isn't the Orespawn mod or the Godzilla mod or the other Giant-Boss-with-1,000,000,000,000-health-that-insta-kills-you mod. This is vanilla Minecraft, where the toughest enemies you have to defeat are reasonably balanced in attack damage and health. Most are 20 health or close to it, and the few bosses there are can be eliminated with the right preparation.

    I have no idea what you're talking about in your second question.
    Quote from John2024»

    A lot of entities are almost impossible for me to kill (One hit kills aren't for every mob). & I don't mean just the Ender Dragon and the wither.

    Higher Enchantment Levels would be much appreciated. :) maybe a 64-150 Enchant limit? (this would be great for Command-Artists.)

    You should not be able to just OHK every mob from the Chicken to the Wither. Boss mobs require preparation (with not just armor and a sword but also potions, blocks, and perhaps iron golem assistants), hard work, and sometimes a few deaths. Heck, Xisumavoid and some friends on the Hermitcraft server defeated SIXTY-FOUR WITHERS at once, using nothing but vanilla Survival items. Check that out in the spoiler.

    So no, the enchantment limit does not need a buff, especially one that huge (Sharpness 150? Are you kidding?). And this does nothing for command block users like myself, because you can already create items with huge enchantments using commands.
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    You're just making your case worse and worse.

    Quote from jonathanpecanynext »

    Because when people die they will go to heaven but in this case the nether since there is not heaven they will be in the nether besides it will be complete.

    Gameplay > Realism. Or, in this case, Gameplay > Realism according to most examples of lore and religion. I get that people either go to heaven or hell when they die, which appeals to realism. However, this adds nothing when it comes to gameplay. It's just a copy-paste of Overworld villages into the Nether, which is redundant and unnecessary.

    Quote from jonathanpecany»

    They should add a boss in the nether like a nether mutant or something. or herobrine since herobrine lives in the nether.

    Don't even START with Herobrine. I've seen firsthand how much the Minecraft community has been riled up by supposed "Herobrine sightings" and people who want Herobrine in the game. Herobrine was some sort of creepypasta made back in the early days of Minecraft, and it's going to stay that way if it kills Mojang.

    The Nether Mutant is one very small step in the right direction, but we'll need stats if we want to consider it as a suggestion.
    Quote from jonathanpecany»

    No i mean like dragons will breath fire and will have more health than a ghast so yay.

    But otherwise they behave exactly like a ghast? That's still ridiculously redundant. Giving a "add a mob that already exists, but change X and Y stats" is a waste of time and effort. There's no point in adding a mob that behaves so similarly to an existing one because it's basically the same mob.
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    Quote from Vegtable_Ninja»

    i think if they made nether dragons it shouldn't be a boss it would be a smaller red ender dragon that can randomly spawn and acts like a ghast!

    Well, if it acts exactly like a ghast, what's the point? We might as well just increase the spawn rate of ghasts (which is still a bad idea).
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    If you want to make sure, turn on subtitles and the game will tell you what sound it was (assuming you're playing 1.9 or later, of course).

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    Quote from Fabian42»

    /give @p diamond_axe 1 0 {ench[{id: <whatever id ssharpness has, it's in the wiki, but I currently can't look it up (phone)> ,lvl:6}]}
    /enchant @p sharpness 6 doesn't work, it can only enchant up to the Survival limit.


    As for my suggestion, I would like zombie pigmen to occasionally spawn with gold armor.
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