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    posted a message on Snow Seeds
    Man, I haven't been here in like a year, imagine my surprise when I saw I'd posted in this thread?

    Anyway, I had to find a new seed after my old ones unsurprisingly stopped working. I've only tried 50-100 seeds, but I found an excellent Large Biomes snowy seed, starts you in Ice Plains and the nearest non-snowy biome is about 1000 blocks west. You can tell what I was listening to when I came up with:

    MacAulay and Co

    If you don't enable Large Biomes, this will spawn you in Forest, with a Flower Forest nearby, and the Ice Plains start very close to spawn, so you should be able to see it. I initially found it on 1.7.5, so it still works as of the current 1.7.9.

    I'd be grateful if anyone can point me to a large snowy biome near ocean, like my favourite, now useless seed...
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    posted a message on [1.7.9] This Seed Is Reminiscent of Early Beta World Generation!
    Hello! I haven't played in about a year, so of course my old seeds don't work anymore. I tried between 50-100 seeds before stumbling on this one with Large Biomes enabled:


    Just those five letters. I generated this several times on two laptops (all I had available, too excited to go elsewhere) to make sure it wasn't just my pathetic machine. I knew I had an interesting one by how slowly it took to create.

    Spawn on Savanna: Just look around, and you'll see this in the distance!

    Crazy coves like in the old days:

    Towering world generation:

    Reminiscent of the abandoned Sky biome: Y235?! I haven't yet seen world generation this high!

    That's it, really. I started fearing for my machine because it was getting hot. I mainly work on my laptop, not game, sorry. I'd be grateful if someone with a better computer could show me a bit more of this, like how far it goes. If you don't use Large Biomes, it's still kind of interesting, but nothing like this. You still start on Savanna, but at least in the nearby desert, you'll see a buried pyramid peeking through the sand.
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    posted a message on [Adv/Creation] 1.5.1 (bug fix) Legend of Zelda: Block to the Past 1-4 players 18000+ downloads
    Quote from jBosh0404

    I'm having trouble getting the texture pack to work. Everything just looks like the default texture. The mechanics seem to work, but nothing looks the way it should. I'm using minecraft 1.5.1. Typically when I play minecraft I use the vonDoomCraft texture pack, which requires the minecraft.jar file be patched. I don't know if that is affecting it, but I have tried using an unpatched jar file as well, and it still isn't working. Can someone please help? I'd really like to play this!

    1. Unzip LttP texture
    2. Place Light World.zip into texturepacks folder
    3. Start Minecraft, go to Options, select Texture Packs
    4. Select Light World.zip (the menu appearance will change as well)

    The menu appearance did not change straightaway for me, but it may be because I was playing on a laptop. Hopefully this helps you, as I cannot think of any reason why the textures did not show for you. Good luck!
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    posted a message on [Adv/Creation] 1.5.1 (bug fix) Legend of Zelda: Block to the Past 1-4 players 18000+ downloads
    I'm astounded you've managed to create such a thorough recreation! The last time I saw this was when you were still laying the groundwork. Well done for keeping at it and developing it to this point! Good luck on all your endeavours, Peanuts363 and all who have contributed. It is such a nostalgic romp...

    I have only played a little (have yet to save Princess Zelda, but it's quite difficult when playing on a laptop in a noisy location...), but I've managed to come across a couple of problems. One is taking a bit of damage when teleporting from the tutorial to the start of the game. This is negligible since a full stomach will replenish that, but if there are similar teleports, that may cause a bit of a problem later. Two is the first enemy I defeated dropped a potato. The potato retained its original Minecraft texture and name, so imagine my surprise when I saw it drop!

    Thank you for making such an amazing recreation of one of my favourite games!
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    posted a message on Derpiest ways to die... (in Minecraft)
    Held shift to take a look at a lava lake that was just under the ground and exposed by a few holes. Finger twitched.
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    posted a message on Strange structure
    Sandstone wells are common, and to answer your question, no.
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    posted a message on Things that anger you in video games
    I've experienced many of what others have listed. There was an escort mission in Y's I or II that really frustrated me. Harriet Tubman was right to drug the kids with opium to keep them in check. Stupid little girl blundering into the monsters and dying in one hit...

    Once on Star Ocean 2 (Japanese PS release) I was up against some bushes when a random battle triggered. After winning the battle, I was back on the map, STUCK TO THE BUSHES. Goodbye, EXP and items since the last time I saved...

    Quote from dinkletit

    There's many things that me off in video games.
    But I think the biggest thing would have to be horrible voice acting, if any.

    You're right there. If a game gives me the option to change to Japanese, I'll do it. If not, I'll turn off voices completely. If they're really horrible and won't let me, off goes the sound. If sound is necessary to playing, goodbye, game.

    A game with pretty good voice acting is The Last Story on the Wii. Some of the voice actors are regulars on BBC Radio programmes, so you know they'll do a good job. XSeed will be localising Rune Factory 4, so maybe now I'll be able to play with the sound on.
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    Congratulations and well done! I've heard companies take more notice if something were sent via post rather than electronically, so hopefully we shall see some response soonish.

    It's been over a year since I posted (badly, I see, I didn't express myself well at all), and on the few occasions I managed to play a bit, I was always astounded at how similar everything looks. Exploration, which was something that had always appealed to me in Minecraft, only became necessary when something new (pyramids, etc.) was introduced. Now that I have time to play properly, I find I'm sticking to creative superflat because I feel a bit empty on a default world.

    Thank you for all your efforts!
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    posted a message on Once we stop or quit playing minecraft we stop doing minecraft froums
    I'm not sure I get your point, but it's no surprise that taking a break from Minecraft would result in taking a break from the forums. Plenty of people read the off-topic sections according to the numbers.

    For the past year, I've been playing Minecraft off and on, only coming onto the forums to check if there's a new update or snapshot. Even then I only checked once every few weeks, and although I download the newest snapshot, I may not necessarily play it. I haven't posted a thing in about a year and only came back to the forums because I'm able to play more Minecraft.

    So, I guess, welcome back?
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    posted a message on Do You Support Minecraft Username Changing?
    Quote from Shourin

    Some players that first made accounts in alpha did not know at that time that their user name would be their character name when multiplayer was first introduced.

    Heck, some players in Beta (*ahem*) did not know their user name would be their in-game name. I would love to change my in-game name to something more suitable to Minecraft. As long as there are proper safeguards to allay abuse, like the OP and many have listed before me, this has my support.
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    posted a message on If you can go back in time, what event would you witness?
    I'd like to see whatever happened to Amelia Earhart. Although if I ever do, then my spontaneous appearance over the middle of the Pacific Ocean is what caused it.

    Otherwise I'd like to go sightseeing. Aside from the usual eras and attraction, one that I'd especially like to see is Wyld's Great Globe: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wyld%27s_Great_Globe

    And Kepler's Supernova, just before the moment its light reached Earth. I'd like to know how a light bright enough to be visible in the day would suddenly manifest in the sky. And the subsequent panic! Stuff of doomsday cults.

    If I were protected by some sort of impervious shield, then I'd like to see the asteroid that cleaved our moon from Earth. The creation and interior of a black hole. The start of the Big Bang (some would argue the Big Bang is still occurring, due to the ever-expanding of our universe). The most recent time the earth's magnetic field reversed and how that affected animals.

    Too many to list, really.
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    posted a message on Isn't it kind of odd that platform games are almost always left to right?
    The Japanese read from top to bottom, right to left. However, when the characters are arranged on a horizontal line, they read left to right. I think this has more to do with coding, so whatever glargenheimerstein said about word processing, I guess. Probably also something to do with it being easier to hold right on a controller than left, but that may just be me.
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    posted a message on What Nintendo games are YOU looking forward to?
    I've been waiting for a North American release of Rune Factory 4 since I saw some previews in Japanese magazines last year. Had to stop myself from ordering the Japanese version since that would mean purchasing a Japanese 3DS. (Bloody Nintendo region-locking games.) And the yen has been really strong for the past few years with no signs of weakening. Supposedly this summer, published by XSeed instead of Natsume. We'll see whether I can hold out a few months more.

    I've been waiting since 3DS was first released for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Damned Japanese magazines taunting me with Animal Crossing-related freebies.

    No news on whether or not Fantasy Life will be hitting Western shores this year or ever, but here's hoping.

    The remake of Dragon Quest VII, but not the MMORPG Dragon Quest X.

    Haven't given much thought to WiiU games since I prefer handhelds, but when a new Zelda or Smash Brothers is released, then you bet I'll be getting one.
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    posted a message on If you could have any item...
    Gears. I sigh whenever I see my static wind- and watermills.

    Wouldn't you like to make airships, steamboats, fans, carousels, revolving doors, etc? Propellers on an airplane, submarine, torpedo...

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    posted a message on obsidian
    You can sometimes find obsidian in blacksmith's chests in default superflat. If you can find or make a bucket, then you can also get water from the village well to pour onto the lava at the blacksmith's.

    Unfortunately, you are extremely limited with default superflat survival.

    You can also customise Superflat, although going outside of the presets tend to result in quite buggy world generation. First try using the Overworld preset. The only downside is there are no trees, so you'll have to find a village with saplings in a chest. However, if you find the lag tolerable, then you'll be able to play a decent game of Minecraft, since you'll have villages, dungeons, mineshafts and strongholds, but no caves or ravines. There are also plenty of lakes and lava lakes for you to make obsidian. Sadly, no biomes, so no biome-specific items, either.

    I don't know why you want obsidian, but if it's specifically for travelling to the Nether, forget it. While I get little or no lag in the Overworld, I find the lag heinous in the Nether.
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