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    I am creating this thread for all minecraft players who think they have what it takes to build a glorious castle. I just want this to be an area where people can discuss their ideas about the creation of these large structures. This is not a competition, but instead just a way for people to share ideas.


    -Castles must be made completely in survival. No creative or world edit.

    -Apps such as blocktopography (an android app use to give an overhead view of your mcpe world) are allowed. This is just so it can be easier for you to plan out your structures and how they will come together to become a castle.

    -No offensive builds... (No structures meant to even resemble certain body parts...). Try to be civilized.

    -Your castle can be either one of the two:

    1) Realistic, No structures that in real life would defy the laws of physics, such as awkwardly shaped buildings and floating objects (unless the object in real life is meant to float). Make it look like a castle that can actually exist in real life.

    2) Fantasy, go crazy with this one, it can look like anything as long as it does not violate the other rules and it must at least resemble a castle.

    -There are no size limits, make them as big as you want as long as it was done the legit way, (no creative or world edit).

    -You can post about incomplete projects, as I am aware that castles are very large structures and can take days (in real life) to build even in minecraft.

    -Be creative, a bland wall made of solid cobblestone and nothing else is not very interesting.

    I am also creating this post because I myself am in the progress of creating a very large castle, and would like to see other people's builds so that I can get some ideas as to what I can make mine look like (, not in a way where I totally copy your idea). So far I have only began to level out the ground for the castle and the amount of dirt I had to move has already filled up one large chest with nothing but stacks of 64 dirt. So before I begin the actual construction of the castle, I would like to discuss some ideas and hopefully get some feedback and suggestions. What would like to see me build?

    PS: This structure is going to be so large that I have estimated over 30,000 cubic meters of stone will be used in just the construction of the castle's wall, and entire forests will be cut down for their wood. Basically if I built this thing in real life the environmental extremists would want my head on a silver plate for the number of trees I would have to cut down XD....

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