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    posted a message on ~Mine Nation~ [24/7] [No Lag] [Survival] [Economy] [Anti-Grief] [Mumble Server] [1 Gbps Connection Speed] [Multi-World] [Over 50
    Because of this server, I no longer play single player. Enough said, I think.

    ... Well, reader, my psychic powers are telling me that you require more information.


    I've met lots of friendly people that I chat with all the time.

    With so much stuff to do *cough warhub cough* I'm never bored.

    Okay, seriously, why are still here? For bacon's sake, get your rear in gear and and log on already!

    I know you're still reading this.

    I can tell.

    Why don't you go sell some ores in the spawn shop, where there's a huge selection.

    Then you can go buy a lot in the spawn, where you can set up your own residence or place of business.

    If this still isn't convincing enough, connect to mc.minenation.net:25584 in your Minecraft client for more information.
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    posted a message on What should be done with the ender chest
    Quote from ashnh

    I personally like the single player versions of ender chests are fine but I think there should be a feature in smp were you can list different chests so you can send different things to different players, but that would mean you have to name your chest

    That sounds like it could get a bit complicated...
    I'm not sure what they should be like in multiplayer. A server-wide ender chest would be cool. However, there's a good chance no one would use it. People would likely put in stuff they don't want (dirt, etc.), then nobody would remove it. See what I'm saying?
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    posted a message on Whats the worst You've been Griefed?
    Once on a server, I had built a fairly good house. One time I placed a block of dirt on my front lawn because my inventory was full and I didnt want to go to my chests in the basement. Then I logged of for a minute to go to the bathroom. When I came back, someone had taken my dirt block and left a diamond block in its place!

    Darn you, griefer! You stole my flippin dirt block!
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    posted a message on [1.2.3] What's your favorite biome? Why?
    What is your favorite biome? Do you relax on the beach or tough it out in the desert? Are you a mountain climber or igloo builder? Do tell!


    why is it your favorite? (Tell in your post)

    P.S. I added basin because I think it's cool and actually NOT a world generation glitch.

    :Ham: Porkchop for your post
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