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    What should we call you?:
    I listen to Mc, Mcl, Launch, or McLauncher


    Country + Timezone:
    Belgium, GMT+2

    Tell us a bit about yourself:
    You guys probably remember me from the last season, I was removed for inactivity about two months ago. But jeff told me I could reapply so here I am.
    I'm in my last year of college where i study ICT-Electronics. My last semester is pretty much one internship. I've been working as a developer for a security firm. My hobbies are pretty much gaming and watching series. I know you're probably imagining some fat nerd right now but I do actually have friends with whom I go out with and get drunk with every chance I get.

    Concerning minecraft I am a pretty experienced player. I've made bases in every biome and every style. I built every kind of farm, redstone or no. With special skill in villager-powered farms. Nowadays I try to stay away from tutorial videos of any kind. Designing and inventing new (but probably way less efficient) farms gives me much more satisfaction than following some video to the letter. Naturally the same goes for my buildings. I have gift for plonking down huge buildings in just a few hours, and then spend weeks on doing the detailing/texture-ing/terraforming.

    How active will you be?:
    I'm about to graduate college and I have no clue what I'm going to do after, so it's kinda hard to predict in the longterm. Now that I'm still working it will probably be a few hours in the evenings. After that I expect I'll have a few weeks where I might play full days. Beyond that I can't be sure.
    I'll try my best to communicate with you guys should something come up that prevents me from playing regulary.

    Have you ever been banned from a private server?:
    I have once, it was really just poor judgement from the server owner. I didn't even break any rules.

    What do you think you can bring to the server?
    After I've had my fill of the new 1.14 toys, I think i'd focus mainly on building. Starting with my base ofcourse. I always considered joining the building team last season, think I would actually do it this one. I feel like I didn't show my true potential last season, after all I lived in a tiny hut the whole time.
    So in short I can bring some cool builds, a helping hand, and an extra 'yo' in the chat when someone logs on.

    Any other questions or comments?:
    You guys probably want to know what makes me come crawling back now:
    My internship is over soon and the pressure is kinda off, leaving me a bit more time to play.
    - I told Jeff about my friend who has been sick for a while and that I've been spending a lot of my time with him. Fortunately he's on the better hand and he's (sorta) picking his life back up. He actually went back to college for his exams so he's usually out of town now.
    - I haven't even touched 1.14 yet and I'm pretty excited to play with all the new toys.
    - A few weeks ago I assembled my first gaming pc, should be fun to play with a render distance higher than 4. Also might try out working with some shaders to take cool pics of my builds.
    - I've had a break now from minecraft, and I'm ready to come back. It's a nice coincidence that u guys are resetting. It'd be fun to get a fresh start.
    - And a few other reasons but I feel like I'm writing a book here.

    Show us some of your past builds or contraptions (images/videos) (Optional):
    I still have my website where I feature some of my favorite survival bases.
    I'm afraid I didn't extend the list since last time I applied so you might have seen all of them already.
    Also don't worry if the images load super slow, it's not your internet. It's just a shitty webhost.

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