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    IGN- Mbruskey

    Age- 16

    Email- [email protected]

    Position you want- Admin

    Why do you want it-
    I'd really like to have any position of authority on a server, for several reasons. the first and foremost reason for wanting to be admin, is that I would like to gain experience in case I ever create my own server, as I would like to do.
    Second, I would like to be able to play on a fun minecraft server without having to worry about bullies, as I have had to several times in the past.
    Last, I would like to be able to help out other minecraft players. I would like to be seen as helpful, and normally the most helpful I can be is getting people chicken eggs. I'm very good at getting eggs . . . chests and chests of eggs.

    How can you help and what can you bring to us- I like to think of myself as helpful, and I'm fairly good at building. I'm not very experienced at staffing, but I've been playing minecraft for several years and do know many ins and outs of the game. I'd like to be a sort of in game support personnel, though I can be helpful in other respects too. not sure just what yet, but I'm sure there's something . . . :D
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    what about a command for taking items away? I Woud love to be able to have players pay using somethnglike that: example: /take [item id] [quantity] simar to give. so that yu could have two command blocs set up to give the player an item in return for another item, and easier than customing villagers.
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