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    IGN: MaxxZoom


    Q1 : I used to play minecraft with my friends years ago and now I´m looking to kill some time chilling in the game during collage (medschool is killing me) but the funbase is quite terrifying.. :D Over the years it has changed and I miss my quiet place with a lake, forest, small garden and a lot of fun with friends. Back in the days I just jumped into a new server and everything was good but well, I would really like to play with someone who just wanna chill, have fun and has an understanding for life. Then I found your server and it looks like what I was looking for! I´m from central Europe.

    Q2 : Well it´s a hard question. I´d say the "nature". I´m always just wandering around, building small houses, having fun with players. Maybe a little nostalgia along the way.

    Q3 : Yes, I agree.

    Anything further to say : <3 (feels like writing an essay...I haven´t done that for some time so thank you xD )

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