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    Quote from UPR2000»
    I'm hosting online Projects since Ultima Online (I played and hosted in 1996)
    but at the moment got some problems with our server sponsor, so I host at home, my greatest project had about 3000 registered users and 330+ player in main time.

    Why are you asking? ^^

    Back 2 topic:
    @Cnecomicz The DIM-1 is the nether, DIM1 is the end

    Portals are on the same positions (from world to nether) but could also be an overwrite
    You should better test offline since new anvil format
    I recommend definitively an backup ^^

    method 1:
    step one: say all your players that they should put their stuff in chests
    step two: copy all your maps paths to a safe location for backup
    step three: copy DIM1 and DIM-1 in your map folder (from xx_nether and xx_the_end)
    step four: start the map to convert in anvil format - after conversion wait about 10 - 45 min ingame for lightning recalculation (I think that's why I couldn't move for about 6 min because of very high tick rate)
    step five: set up and configure your server and copy the map into it's directory
    step six: set the server online and everything should be fine... if not try over again with a new copy of your backup...
    step seven tell your players everything what wasn't in a chest is lost (I don't know if it's possible to convert bukkit inventorys to vanilla server format)

    method 2: set up the server, copy the maps (as method 1), start up the vanilla server and it should say something like "converting map to anvil format"... wait until finished... I'm not sure, but the second method could also overtake the inventory's...

    problematic: if you had any bukkit addons with special item's like "miner's helmet" if there's an miner's helmet in a chest the server could crash when somebody is opening this chest...

    problematic 2: the manual conversion of the map (in single player) erases all inventorys - maybe I made a mistake - but that's what happened at our server ^^

    It still works for 1.8! Thanks ;)

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    Maybe you could add custom player heads? It would be a lot easier to get them.

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    Me To :( :angry:
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    Is there a way to put /kill @e[type=!Player] and /kill @e[type=!ItemFrame] together? (Sorry for my bad English)
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