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    posted a message on Count to 25 before CONORGARLAND posts anything

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    posted a message on Count to 25 before CONORGARLAND posts anything


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    posted a message on Trojan malware - please help remove it

    Wait, so is it just adware? In that case, just see if you can find it in your control panel. Or look at your browser extensions (chrome://extensions/ on chrome). If that doesn't work, try to Google it. And, if that doesn't work either, install free antiviruses like MSE or MalwareBytes or Spybot S&D. You could also see if you find anything obvious ib regedit.

    If none of those things work, just backup files and format.

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    posted a message on What part of my PC causes this?
    Quote from teckmaster»

    just run a check disk program from a live cd and see what happens

    hirens boot cd is probably the best. use seagate seatools or whichever is specific to your hard drive manufacturer.

    Tried seatools, it couldn't detect my harddive.
    Running random stuff off that hirens boot CD but haven't gotten any results yet.
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    posted a message on What part of my PC causes this?

    Hey guys,
    I'm having some trouble with my desktop and I have no clue what it is.

    Basically, what happened was that nothing responded, and for every other boot i got a error saying "A Disk Read Error Occurred Press CTRL+ALT+DEL To Restart Computer". I figured it was related to my HDD.

    So, I installed Ubuntu on a 16GB USB drive and recovered as many files as possible using my main HDD as slave. (I still had the problem that everything stopped responding here)

    After that, I tried to run the Windows 10 setup, which totally failed after completely formatting the HDD. I then installed ElementaryOS (Ubuntu) on the HDD, sucessfully.

    Now, every time I boot it, it goes into grub rescue prompt. After some googling, I wrote some commands and it boots normally into ElemtaryOS.

    After all that, the error still presists. Simple things like opening Chromium or entering a URL freezes everything for ~1 minute.

    Everything stopped responding, I formatted the HDD and installed Ubuntu and everything is still not responding.

    So, do any of you know what part of my computer is broken, if not all of them? Thanks,

    EDIT: Specs (not incompatible or anything, i've been running this setup for years)

    Motherboard: MSI B75MA-P45

    Processor: Intel i7 3xxx (don't quite remember it)

    Graphics Card: HD Sapphire 7850

    8GB (4x2) DDR3 RAM

    HDD is Seagate 2TB

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    posted a message on Steam Username!

    Mine is "Quasar" at the moment, but I might change.

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/flerovium ~

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    posted a message on Software recommendation thread

    I feel like this forum needs a big thread for sharing great software, (preferably freeware). I'll start off:

    (All of these are free)


    f.lux - Windows, Mac, Linux

    This will automatically give a screen filter at night based on your location, so you don't have to worry about eye strain.

    7zip- Windows, Mac, Linux

    A simple program for zipping and unzipping files.

    LibreOffice - Windows, Mac, Linux

    Essentially everything you need from the Microsoft Office package for free.

    qBittorrent - Windows, Mac, Linux

    A great, ad-free torrent client for file sharing.

    ShareX- Windows,

    A simple tool to easily take and share screenshots/video recordings.


    GIMP- Windows, Mac, Linux

    A great, free, image-manipulation program. Almost as good as Photoshop, but free.

    Honeyview - Windows,

    This image viewer is super fast, can view pretty much any image type, and can easily display metadata (EXIF data).


    MPC-HC - Windows,

    A far more superior alternative to VLC


    Notepad++ - Windows,

    A simple, yet awesome text editor. Really good for web development.


    Audacity - Windows, Mac, Linux

    Audio editing program. Great for just clipping video or more advanced stuff like adding effects.

    That's all I have for now. If you have any good software you think should be included, feel free to share it. Remember, no advertising~

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    posted a message on Favorite Tv Shows,
    I really like TV Series, so these are my all-time favorites:
    House M.D
    RuPaul's Drag Race
    Breaking Bad
    Better Call Saul
    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Wet Hot American Summer: First day of camp
    Orange Is The New Black
    House of cards
    Game Of Thrones
    How I Met Your Mother
    Modern family
    White collar
    Greys Anatomy
    Orphan Black
    The Americans
    The fall
    South Park
    The Walking Dead
    Criminal Minds
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    posted a message on Give a random fact about yourself!

    My real name is actually not Matt Damon.

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    posted a message on What country are you from?

    Norway. You know, that rich country who's always on at least the top five in U.N indexes. (#1 on the HDI)

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    posted a message on is it silly to think pokémon are real

    To answer your question:

    From a scientific point of view, it is indeed considered "silly" to believe that fictional creatures exist.

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    posted a message on Did you believe they are real?

    I expected a "God" option as well.

    I guess I just set my standards too high..

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    posted a message on What is you're IQ?

    Yes, because questions like "What is the bestest selling book?? xD" accurately measures your IQ.

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    posted a message on Best simple laptop?
    Quote from Benson9a»

    Your company only earns $1200 annually?

    Like I said, it's a "company". It's driven by the school, and the goal isn't really to earn a lot of money.

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    posted a message on Funniest Computer Experiences

    I pieced together a Frankenstein of cluster computers from super old, hardly functioning computers and made a Steam chat bot out of it. That was fun.

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