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    In-Game Name:

    I have skype and will PM my name if accepted. But its easier to get a hold of me on gchat or facebook.

    [email protected]

    Which Division are you applying for?:
    Developer Division and/or Artist Division.
    Do you take honors classes?:
    Wait... What? I am a college student if that counts for anything.
    Why do you want to join this network?:
    I need practice with web development and graphic design as it is what I am studying in college. As well as practice I also want things that can go in my portfolio.
    Proof of your skills in which you are applying for (Photos of builds, lines of coding, etc):
    I can only code simple web pages, and tweak existing javascript. I am also learning ActionScript 3.0 if there is any plans for flash on anything. As for the art aspects of things I will link my DeviantART with some of my art on it as well as my PhotoBucket account containing images of all my minecraft work. There are also some art pieces on the photobucket account as well.

    Can you do what is expected of you?:
    That depends entirely on what EXACTLY is expected of me. As a general rule, yes. I am dependable, hard working, and produce quality work.
    Are you able to try and commit to this long-time?:
    Yes I am able to put in as much free time as I can but I am hoping to be mostly active outside of the game if that is possible. I can manage the community or contribute art and design ideas for a website. I look forward to hearing back from you. :D

    Also here is a parting gift.

    Thank you for your time.
    ~Matt AKA Progdor/Matsuka
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    I am the Network Architect, just thought I would introduce myself to all our future potential players. I would also like to assure you that anything built by my team and I will be somewhere between great and amazing~

    Not that it matters but I am also recruiting at least one more superb builder, so if you are interested in that at all go ahead and say so here and I can redirect you to the actual recruitment thread here or if we can get it set up, we can have a thread on our website for it as well.
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    So as you can well imagine, we are looking for one more excellent builder to join the team. The perfect candidate will be open minded, mature, creative, and open to criticism. They must also be a team player and have the ability to meet deadlines. This will mean that you have plenty of time available in a week to get stuff done as well have have fun with your fellow team members. We have very specific long term goals and there is possible promotion involved should the need arise for you to take on more responsibilities.

    As you will not technically be staff, please keep in mind that you are not required to commit yourself exclusively to our server(s) although it would be preferred if you had the time required to be useful and help out. To prove you read all of this, put "Iceberg" at the top of your post. Also please keep in mind that if deadlines start to be frequently missed that we will seek to replace the least active builders rather than just adding more. We will strive to be a tightly knit team who focus more on communication and friendliness to accomplish our builds rather than hostility and elitism.

    If you are an excellent builder who is mature and actively online, and are still interested in this project, please provide us with the following information in a forum post below:

    Availability (How many hours/week, what times):

    Single Player Build Experience:
    Server Build Team Experience:
    Build Examples (Please provide pictures):
    Anything else we should know:

    Once you fill out the form completely and properly, we will get back to you as quickly as we are able. Failure to meet the requirements of an application means you're not likely to be considered.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    ~Matsuka; Lead Architect/ Manager
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