About Me
G'day. It's Materite (Pronounced Matt Ehr Itt) here. I'm here to tell ya a little about myself.
1. I'm a proud Irishman.
2. I love Science...
3. I'm an archer.
4. I Let me show you.

5. I love gaming.
6. I'm a Male. Of course.
7. I'm not an only child. I've got my sister, Ashleigh.
8. My sister aggravates the heck out of me.
9. My favorite YouTuber is Paulsoaresjr.
10. My dad doesn't like Minecraft. He kills all the fun. Like a creeper.
11. I believe in cryptids, such as bigfoot.
12. My favorite animal is a pig. =
13. I think the cake is a lie.
14. I'm a straight-A student.
15. I hate skeletons (in Minecraft)
16. I love to draw.
17. I don't believe in aliens or ghosts.
18. My favorite number is 13.
19. I love the show "Duck Dynasty". It's hilarious!
20. I love to drink tea. Sweet tea.
Interests Minecraft, Gaming, Archery, Science

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