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    Quote from OmenOfAwesome»

    Partial Support. I LOVE this idea, but I think the Red Bee might be too overpowered. Have you ever tried to hit bats? Pain in the butt to do so. And since the red bee deals 8 damage per hit, and according to your description, it behaves in ways similar to a bat, this is one killing machine. Maybe turn down the damage a bit? Overall Support, nice idea!

    I turned down the damage a bit, but I have to say that bats fly rather randomly, but red bees are focused on player.
    Thanks for support
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    My idea is, basically, adding beehives and bees to Minecraft. You may say this has already been suggested before, and you will be right. But, after some searching, I couldn't find anything but some ordinary hive ideas. I'm not talking about 1 block-sized beehives and 2 pixel bees. I'm talking about player sized bees and average house sized beehives which also extend underground and contain a big hallway system which leads to the Queen's room.


    I'm not quite sure about the location, but I think beehives would fit flower forests, maybe even any type of forest at all. But the generation of beehives isn't determined only by the biome. It also has to be at most 10 blocks away from a bigger group of flowers. Also, it overwrites any other structures on the same location, underground or aboveground.



    The beehive itself consists of hive blocksHive. You can mine them with hands and they will drop the original block. A shovel mines them faster. It makes the grass sound when interacted with. The hive also contains a new liquid, honey. It can be collected with a bucket, or put in a glass bottle and drunk afterwards. It flows a bit slower than lava, but as far as the water does. You can't create infinite honey source. When an entity walks trough it it walks about 70% slower. It's texture is basically a yellow recolored water texture.

    Shape and rooms

    The aboveground part of the hive will be shaped like the real-life beehive. It will be about 10 blocks high and it's diameter is about the same. It has a two block high opening on the ground level- basically a door, and many 1 block openings on any level- something like a window. It's not divided into rooms. The only difference is that there will be a 2x2 hole in the floor, in the center of the room, leading to the Main room. It's the biggest room of the hive (14 blocks high, diameter of 10) and contains 0-4 chests filled with Hive loot (later about the loot). The Main room is connected to 5-7 hallways, each of them leading to 1 or 2 smaller rooms. The hallways and small rooms are narrow and 2 blocks high. Each small room has a 40% chance of containing a loot chest. They also contain Hive loot. All the bee types, except for the Queen, will spawn in ALL of the abovementioned rooms, including the aboveground part. In every hive's underground part, at a random location, there is a 1 block hole in the floor leading to the Queen's room. The Queen's room's center is directly below that hole, so basically, when a player falls trough that hole, he falls to the center of that room. The Queen's room will be described along with the Queen bee.


    What's more important for the beehive than the actual bees? There are 5 types of bees + The Queen bee.

    Worker bees- they are common and spawn in the hive and in it's environment (in a 5 block radius). They have 10 health (5 hearts) and a damage of 3. They are neutral, but will attack you if you attack a bee of any kind. Drops: 1-3 pollen (80%), 1 amber (20%), 1-2 wings (40%) and 1-2 exp.

    Soldier bees- they are also common, they are aggressive (hostile) and have 15 health(7.5 hearts) and 6 damage. They have a 20% chance to poison you for 5 seconds. Drops: 2-5 pollen (70%), 1 amber (20%), 1-2 wings (40%) and 2-3 exp.

    Armor bees- these are pretty rare. They have 15 health and 6 armor points. They look like a soldier bee, but with some kind of brown chitin armor. They have 5 damage. Drops: 1 pollen (90%), 2 amber (25%) and has a 20% chance of inflicting poison for 5s.

    Shooter bees- these are uncommon, but more common than armor bees. They have 12 health, a damage of 3, a 50% chance to poison a player for 5s and a unique ability to shoot the stinger for unlimited times. No melee attack. Drops: 1-3 pollen (50%), 1 amber (10%), 1-2 wings (40%) and 1-3 exp.

    Red bees- this is the rarest type of bee. They look like a warrior bee, but with red color instead of yellow and they are smaller- 1*1*1 block. They fly very fast in a straight line and they are very deadly if you are not careful enough. They have only 6 health, but 6 damage. They also have a 80% chance of poisoning you for 10 seconds. Drops: 2 amber (50%), 1-2 wings (40%) and 4 exp.

    Queen fight

    So, what about the Queen? There is only one queen per hive and it spawns in Queen's room, obviously. The room itself is 7 blocks high and 16 blocks in diameter. It contains much honey on the floor level. It contains 2-3 chests with Desert temple loot, so it resembles the treasure the bees have stolen. Other bee types spawn here too, but at a 80% lower rate than usual. The Queen bee has 60 health (30 hearts), 8 damage and a specific AI. It usually stays at one place, but it will sometimes just randomly start flying towards the player until it hits the player 2-3 times or gets hit a few times. After that it will fly to the random spot of the room and stay there for some time until it decides to strike again.

    Drops: It has a 100% chance to drop 10 pollen, and another 50% to drop 5 more.

    Similarly, it has a 100% chance for 6 amber, and 50% for 3 more.


    You remember when we talked about the "Hive loot". This part of the suggestion is going to define it.

    Hive loot

    There will be 3-5 items in every chest. Here are the chances for any of the possible items to appear in place of one item.

    • 1-4 pollen:20%
    • 1 amber:15%
    • 1-3 bottled honey:20%
    • 1-27 rotten flesh:30%
    • 1-3 diamonds:4%
    • 1-4 bones:10%
    • 1 "Poison" enchanted books

    What are these items for?

    Pollen: Pollen is used for making a new potion. That potion is called Potion of absorption and it gives you the Absorption status effect for 3 minutes. You can also make it absorption II or extend it to 8 minutes, like any other potion.

    Bottled honey: It's just some honey in the glass bottle. When drunk, it gives you Health boost for 2 minutes. Health boost actually exists in the game but it's unused.

    Amber- It's the most expensive bee-related item. It's sole purpose is creating amber armor. It gives you the same protection as the chain armor, BUT it comes with a little bonus. It has 80% (20% per piece) chance of protecting you from the negative potion effects that should be inflicted to you. It has the durability of iron armor. It is golden colored, but semi-transparent, so it differs from the golden armor.

    Bee wings- used to brew a Potion of beeing. It has 70% of negating the fall damage you take, and Potion of beeing II gives you 100% protection.

    Poison enchantment: This enchantment cannot be obtained trough enchantment table. It is only found in beehives. It can be enchanted to swords and bows. If it is used on sword, with each hit you have 20% chance to inflict Poison II to your target. If you use it on bow, it is the same, but it is applied to arrows it shoots. Just one level off this enchantment is available.

    Farming the bees

    So, you have killed the queen and you are ready to leave the hive. Your job is not done yet! Worker bees can be tamed with golden pollen (crafted: pollen surrounded by 8 golden nuggets). When tamed, it becomes passive towards all the mobs and the player. You can attach it to a lead or make it follow you by holding a piece of ordinary pollen (in a similar way cows and other animals follow you when you hold wheat etc.). To make a bee farm you need to make a completely enclosed room, because bees can fly and the ordinary fence will not stop them from getting away. They can be bred by pollen. And last, but not the least, for collecting bee drops, there is no need to kill those bees. You can put a bee collector in the farm. It is crafted by surrounding a chest with 8 amber. It looks like a yellow chest and you can store items in it normally. But, if you put it in the bee farm, every bee will put a random drop in it every minute. The chances for each drop are the same as if you killed them. If you put buckets in the bee collector, they have a 20% chance every minute to get filled with honey (if there are bees). They have 5 slots and hoppers can't interact with them. Also, you can craft hive blocks by surrounding a bucket of honey with 8 dirt (You keep the bucket).


    • If you didn't understand something or I didn't tell you something i should have, reply and I will answer you as soon as I can.
    • If you didn't like something, let me know.
    • This is about what the soldier bee should look like. Not exactly. It's from Biomes o' plenty. I'm sorry, but I'm not experienced in making resource packs.
    • This is my first thread, so please, stop asking me that question.

    Credits to alex_the_pony for the banner

    My idea was put on the new website, We the players. It is some kind of game discussion forum, mainly for the ideas. It was made by builderbuilder. Here are the links to home page and bees suggestion page, respectively:



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    This idea adds some gamerules that could be used to make better maps, or even adding the option to change your survival experience.

    maxStack:this would probably need some major code changes and probably not worth adding, but this would be used to change the max stack size from 64 to any other value. Usage: /gamerule maxStack <value>; Default:64

    maxStackProjectiles: similar to the previous one, but this one changes the max stack number of projectiles like snowballs, ender pearls etc. because they have different value of 16. Usage: /gamerule maxStackProjectiles <value>; Default:16

    maxStackItem: this one has the priority over the previous two, because it targets one item type, not all of them. Usage: /gamerule maxStackItem <item> <value> (Credits to flaminghawk83)

    furnaceTime: Furnace cooking time, in seconds. Usage: /gamerule furnaceTime <value>; Default:10

    useHunger: This determines whether the hunger is active or not. Usage: /gamerule useHunger true/false; Default:true

    dayDuration: This one is a bit more complicated. It determines the duration of the day (the whole day, not only the bright period) in ticks. Usage: /gamerule dayDuration <value>; Default:24000

    dayNightRatio: This one determines the day (the bright part)/night ratio. Usage: /gamerule dayNightRatio <value>; Default:≈1.352

    breedAnimals: This one determines whether animal breeding is possible or not. Usage: /gamerule breedAnimals true/false; Default:true

    playerHealth: This gamerule would probably need some code changes in order to work properly, but it can set default player health. Usage: /gamerule playerHealth <value>; Default:20

    enableHardcore: Hardcore mode would not be a world-fixed thing anymore. It would be a gamerule. This would be good for mapmakers who want, for example, to enable Hardcore after the player triggers something or achieves some goal. Usage: /gamerule enableHardcore true/false; Default: 0 if the world hasn't been chosen to be Hardcore, 1 if it was.

    placementRange: This gamerule determines the player placement/mining range in blocks. Usage: /gamerule placementRange <value>; Default: not sure, probably about 4-5...

    commandBlockSurvival: Determines whether the players in Survival are able to edit command blocks' commands. Usage: /gamerule commandBlockSurvival true/false; Default:false

    inventorySize: Probably requires major code rewrites but here it is. It can determine the player inventory size. VERY useful for maps. Usage: /gamerule inventorySize <value>,<value>. The first value is width, the second one is height. Default:9,3

    hotbarSize: Basically the same, but it determines the Hotbar size. Minimal value is 1, maximal is 10 (the 10th slot would be "bound" to 0 (zero) key.) Usage: /gamerule hotbarSize <value>; Default:9

    enableSleeping: Determines whether you are able to sleep or not. Usage: /gamerule enableSleeping true/false; Default:true

    enableCrafting: If false, you are not able to use the crafting table. Usage: /gamerule enableCrafting true/false; Default:true

    enableInventoryCrafting: If false, the 2*2 inventory crafting is not shown. Usage: /gamerule enableInventoryCrafting true/false; Default:true

    zombieCuring: Determines whether you are able to cure Zombie villagers. Usage: /gamerule zombieCuring true/false; Default:true

    showBossBar: If false, the boss bars don't show when fighting Ender Dragon/Wither. Usage: /gamerule showBossBar true/false; Default:true

    enableDrowning: Determines whether the player loses air when under the water. Usage: /gamerule enableDrowning true/false; Default:true

    fallDamage: Fall damage multiplier. Usage: /gamerule fallDamage <value>; Default:1

    enableDualWielding: Enable/disable 1.9 dual wielding. Usage: /gamerule enableDualWielding true/false; Default:true

    enableMobDespawn: Determines whether the mobs despawn. Usage: /gamerule enableMobDespawn true/false; Default:true

    tntGriefing: self-explaining. Usage: /gamerule tntGriefing true/false; Default:true

    doPhysics: if false, sand and gravel won't fall, fluids won't spread etc. Usage: /gamerule doPhysics true/false; Default:true

    I have had some other ideas, but I forgot them so I will add more gamerules when I remember.

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    So what is the point of having a ruby?

    What does it do?

    Adding a map maker only item that does nothing is not a good idea.

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    Quote from TNT123BOOM»

    Comic Sans is Awesome.. Don't be rude to Comic cans.. ._.


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    Quote from Genlems5Ever»

    pls dont use comic sans

    But anyway, I don't mind this idea.


    But, but... I like comic sans. And you have already commented on this thread :blink:

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    The difficulty system we currently have is pretty dumb and too simple. It just increases damage from mobs. If you ask me, that is pretty lazy. Playing on Hard isn't really a challenge because increased mob damage doesn't necessarily mean more challenge. Playing on hard is almost the same as playing on easy, at least for me. Increased mob damage doesn't really change the gameplay. And we have only 4 difficulty settings, while one of them (peaceful) is very boring, as there are no mobs or hunger, and the other 3 are very similar to each other, the only thing separating them is mob damage values.

    My suggestion is about adding more difficulty setting and improving the entire system in different ways.


    This mode disables hostile mob spawning, hunger and damage (except for the void and /kill). This mode is designed to be used by the beginners who want to explore the basics of Minecraft while being free of any danger.


    This mode disables natural hostile mob spawning and hunger. Hostile mobs can be spawned through eggs and spawners. This means the survival will not be completely dangerless, as mobs can still appear in dungeon spawners and lava and fall can still damage you, along with drowning and suffocating. Hostile mobs have poor AI. If you run behind the wall, they will stop following you. This means they only attack if they can see you. Skeletons have 40% accuracy. Spiders and cave spiders don't have potion effects. Undead mobs have no equipment (except for Skeletons' bows). This mode is intended to be used by beginners who are still learning Minecraft, but want some danger in gameplay.

    Very easy

    This mode introduces players to the hunger and natural hostile mob spawning. When player is out of hunger points, he doesn't lose health, but is unable to sprint. Hostile mobs don't spawn commonly, but they are present. Each one of them does 1 heart less damage than they do in easy mode.

    They have low-level AI, meaning they will continue chasing you if they can't see you, but have a good chance of choosing the wrong direction. Skeletons have 50% accuracy, spiders and cave spiders don't have status effects and undead mobs have a 0.1% chance of spawning with armor and weapons that are worse than iron, but it cannot be enchanted. They cannot dual wield. They can't pickup things they find on the ground


    This mode is pretty much like easy mode right now, with a few changes. The hunger is handled the same way it is handled in easy mode right now. Mobs spawn more frequently than in Very easy mode. They do the same amount of damage as they do in easy now. They have slightly better AI-

    Skeletons have 60% accuracy. Spiders and cave spiders don't have status effects. Undead mobs have 2% chance to spawn with equipment worse than iron, and each piece has 30% chance of being lightly enchanted. No heavy enchants and dual wielding. Creepers have higher explosion radius and stronger explosion, so they do more damage to entities and environment. This mode is designed for beginners who want normal gameplay, or even advanced players who just want some casual playing.


    Much like normal mode now. Same hunger and attack damages as in normal mode now. Mobs now require light level 8 or lower to spawn. They have good AI, much like what they have now, but with a few mob-specific tweaks.

    • Skeletons have 60% accuracy. When player gets too close, they start retreating until they reach their comfortable distance and then continue attacking. They have 10% chance to spawn with equipment worse than iron with possible light-medium enchantments.
    • Spiders now climb walls in order to reach the player. They can't have potion effects.
    • Zombies now have 15% chance to spawn with equipment worse than iron with possible light-medium enchantments. They will now avoid fire and lava when chasing the player. They have a 10% chance to spawn dual wielding two swords.
    • Zombie Pigmen have 10% chance to spawn with unenchanted golden armor. They have 5% chance to dual wield.
    • Blazes will now rush towards the player if not capable of firing fireballs.
    • Wither Skeletons have a 2% chance to spawn with heavily enchanted iron armor.


    Similar to normal, but you can die of hunger. Mobs have the same AI as before, but they are able to see through glass. Skeletons have a 10% chance to spawn dual wielding. This means they have a melee weapon in their offhand slot. When you get too close, they will no longer try to keep distance, but will switch to their melee weapon if they have it. If they don't dual wield, they will keep the same strategy as before- running and keeping distance. Spiders and cave spiders have a 10% chance to spawn with a random status effect: speed, jump boost, resistance, invisibility. If they hit you, they have a 60% chance of poisoning you. Attack damages are the same as in hard mode we know.


    Zombies and skeletons have a 50% chance to spawn with heavily enchanted gear. Rarely, they can spawn with heavily enchanted diamond gear, making it really hard to deal with them. If they have diamond gear, it has only 0.1% chance of dropping. Zombies have 40% chance to dual wield. Skeletons have 30%. Spiders and cave spiders now have 100% chance to poison you when they hit you. Blazes now fire 5 fireballs instead of 3. And one more thing: Zombies and Skeletons all have 4% chance of spawning riding a Zombie/Skeleton horse. This makes them much more agile and dangerous. These horses can spawn with horse armor. Horses themselves won't try to hurt you, and will try to run away if their rider is killed. Creepers have bigger blast radius and a 5% chance to spawn charged. Attack damages are 2 hearts bigger than in hard mode. All the mobs use advanced AI:

    • Skeletons will try to take cover while charging their bows. If the player is blocking with a shield, it will immediately switch to its melee weapon if present.
    • Zombies have become a little faster. They have a chance of spawning with a shield in their offhand slots and will tend to block any non-melee attack.
    • Creepers are more silent.
    • Zombie Pigmen will try to chase the player into lava (if provoked, of course).
    • Ghasts are more silent when shooting.
    • Blazes will try to get to the player if he is covered by blocks.
    • Wither Skeletons will try to chase the player into lava or of the fortress.
    • Endermen will teleport more frequently, making them harder to kill.
    • Silverfish- no changes
    • WIther has a chance to shoot red skulls which deal more damage, have a bigger blast and light stuff on fire, but can't break obsidian.
    • Slimes and Magma Cubes: If there are 4 cubes present on the same place, they will unite into a larger one.
    • Guardians will try to follow the player if the player is covered by blocks, similarly to blazes.
    • Shulkers will fire more frequently


    This mode is for people who, for example, want mobs to have Nightmare AI but to spawn only from Spawners. This mode is editable and can combine difficulty settings from different modes.

    There are several settings and for each one the player chooses the difficulty.

    If, for example, you choose hard difficulty for hunger and dangerless difficulty for mob spawning, this means the player will have to manage their hunger normally,as in hard difficulty, but hostile mobs don't spawn, because you have chosen "dangerless" setting for this option.

    I hope this system is clear. If it is not, please tell me so I can explain it better.


    • Hunger
    • Damage
    • Mob spawning
    • Mob AI*
    • Mob Equipment*

    *-These lead to a separate menu that allows you to customize each mob individually.

    The menu where you can customize your custom difficulty setting is accessed by a button that appears below difficulty settings when a "customized" difficulty is chosen, similarly to how customized world option works.

    Hardcore worlds have nightmare difficulty locked.

    Thanks for reading. If you have any questions please let me know because there is a big chance that I have missed something, as there are many aspects of the game and I may have skipped a few.

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    posted a message on attack recharge, can it be modified?

    It can be done with AttributeModifiers

    This command will give you a diamond sword with 0.25s delay, instead of 0.8

    /give @p diamond_sword 1 0 {AttributeModifiers:[{AttributeName:generic.attackSpeed, Name:generic.attackSpeed, Amount:0.25, Operation:0, UUIDMost:3456, UUIDLeast:1456}]}

    At least I think so. Tell me if it doesn't work

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    posted a message on New End mob to spice things up a bit

    So, you have defeated Ender Dragon! You get tons of exp that you will probably spend soon and a dragon egg which, although a nice trophy, doesn't alter the gameplay or give you some special abilities. And that is fine! After you defeat the Ender Dragon, as of 1.9, you are able to go to the outer end. That is a place full of neutral endermen and not very challenging. Rewarding, yes, but not so challenging (except if you find Shulkers very difficult).

    Now my suggestion is, that, after you defeat Ender Dragon, a new mob starts spawning in the outer End and in the overworld, the Ender gunner.

    It spawns in place of 5% of the Endermen. It is 2.5 blocks tall- a little shorter than a regular Enderman. It is a figure that represents something between the Enderman and a Human, it has thin and long arms and thin and normal-length legs, so the arms almost touch the ground. It is dark purple.

    It has the ability to pick up the blocks on the ground and put them down again. It is only able to pick end stone, variants of purpur blocks and shulkers (I know they are not blocks, but they look like one, so this would look OK. They have a 15% chance to spawn holding a shulker. If they are holding a shulker, they will move rarely. When it holds a shulker, the shulker can shoot normally at the player. It is also able to place shulkers, but does it rarely.

    The Ender gunner has 18 hearts (36 health) and does 5 melee damage on easy, 7 on normal and 9 on hard. It also does great knockback. It also has a ranged attack that requires 5 seconds to ''recharge''. Here is how it looks like:

    His eyes become more saturated and he starts leaning towards you. Then, he shoots a straight beam that looks like a small beacon beam, colored purple. It deals the same damage as his melee attacks. The beam is hard to dodge, as it goes 2.5 m/s, but the shield can absorb all of it.

    It doesn't tend to teleport during the battle, but will teleport in order to reach the player.

    When killed it drops 1 ender pearl (100%), the block it holds- except for the shulkers (100%) and 7-9 exp.

    They are NOT damaged by water, but will teleport away if they come in contact with it.

    The original idea was to make endermen aggressive after defeating the Ender dragon. Many people noted that, with Endermen's crazy spawn rates in End, traversing it would be rather impossible. Honestly, I did not think about their spawn rates and did a completely wrong estimation of difficulty. Sorry about that :)

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    posted a message on Mojang Anti Cheat! The Perfect Cheating Solution Suggestion!

    This would certainly be awesome, as I am so sick of hackers on my favorite server. But, as others have stated, this would not allow using mods. Minecraft is one of the most commonly modded games ever and this wouldn't work out just for that reason. This could work with games like Counter Strike or Call of Duty that don't have many mods (or don't have them at all). Even though I think it would be possible to make an advanced software that is able to make a distinction between mods and hacks, it would likely be as complicated as MInecraft itself, so I don't think it's worth it.

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