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    Quote from renderXR»

    Yay! another LP! Thank you so much! The months before summer break are always really busy for me, but I will definitely watch it when I have the time.
    While there are some big open-world areas, the map is still pretty linear and most of the times the points of interest are pretty obvious.
    And if the situation gets too hot to handle: Just take things slowly and look for a reliable way to beat said situation. It get's pretty challenging near the end.
    Good luck on the journey and remember to have fun! (and make it fun to watch too :P)

    (also, sorry for the late reply. I really wish I had more time. ;____;)

    Yeah, so far, it hasn't seemed too terribly difficult, only about where it ought to be for the early map. I've recorded through the beginning of Intersection 2, and it's been very well balanced, neither giving me too few materials, nor, as I've noticed has started becoming the case in many maps, a nearly unmanageable surplus. I've really enjoyed the balance thus far, something I've found lacking in far too many recent maps.

    Good work on what I've seen so far! And, presumably, the rest as well. But I'm hardly one to judge on that point.

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    I must say, this map is really, really fun. One of the most fun maps I've played. It is, in my opinion, quite well balanced, giving out loot at a very good rate. Since I haven't played all that many 1.8 CTM maps until about the past month or so, I haven't really experienced the effect of Lapis on the map system until this map, and it makes for a very interesting balance.

    I've gotten to Intersection III thus far (well, I've seen Intersection IV, but I haven't dealt with any of the areas there), and am recovering from a death to Zombie Pigmen in one of the secondary dungeons. This is really the only map I've gotten to end-game level in quite a while, and it's quite enjoyable.

    I also like how you leave all spawners exposed. It makes the whole process much more enjoyable to deal with than when you have to light ridiculously thoroughly to prevent spawns, or tunnel through walls to find that one spawner. The lack of natural spawns also changes the experience in a manner, which I believe in this case is quite positive. (Um, it is intentional that nothing spawns naturally, right? :P)

    But yes, to the point. Thank you for the fun map.

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    I've started a LP of Goliath on my tiny, very amateur Youtube channel, and figured that posting this here would be a great way to plug my channel um, support this map, somehow, I guess? In any case, due to most of my technical difficulties that don't involve me having a terribad microphone being resolved, there's every chance this will be a proper, full LP, though, having read this topic, I'm starting to fear for what I've gotten myself into. (7 intersections, many of which have huge open-worldish stuff? Oh dear.)

    But, I've played through the white wool, and so far, it's been fun. Thus far, only the opening parkour has killed me, although I have been down to a half-heart several times. Of course, this is early Intersection I, so once again, I'm scared.

    My Goliath LP playlist

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