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    posted a message on The game crashed whilst there was a severe problem during mod loading that has caused the game to fail

    For the record, Mantle and OptiFine can go together, just keep them.

    The problem is, if you checked closely you can see that Xaero's Minimap has errored (UE).

    UE xaerominimap{1.16.8} [Xaero's Minimap] (Xaeros_Minimap_1.16.8_Forge_1.7.10.jar)

    Try either reinstalling Xaero's Minimap or removing it.
    You should also update the mod, since the latest is 1.17 and you're using 1.16.8

    You can find a link to the update at https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/xaeros-minimap/files/2717267

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    posted a message on Testfor 1.13

    There is a somewhat equivalent to testfor, I looked it up online and found a solution within around 3 seconds.

    You can use the execute command.

    /execute if entity @[distance=5]

    I'm pretty sure that works, you might need to add coordinates like this:

    /execute if entity @[x=(),y=(),z=(),distance=5]
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    posted a message on #corrupt#

    A Black and White Adventure

    Go into a resource pack to restore the color, by collecting color channels like RGB, find a way out by exploring.
    This map has 2 routes, I'll leave a tip for you: Look for gray blocks.
    This map has a built-in resource pack that changes all wool blocks to a total color.
    (The map is about 10 to 30 minutes long, depending on if you get stuck or not.)


    This map is only in version 1.12.2, make sure you have that downloaded, it's recommended to not use Shaders and have a high brightness setting so you can see. #corrupt# 1.12.2 Download

    Maowcraft - Map Maker and Artist

    You may use this map in a video as long as you provide credit and a link to this page, as well as if it is monetized.
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    posted a message on Officially the weirdest minecraft bug ever!

    Woah that looks pretty cool. Sorry I can't help, but thanks for posting it here.

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    posted a message on Curse of Ignorance

    Woah. Cool idea. I would actually like a few new curses.

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    posted a message on Current member title list

    Gonna try to get the Hidden Rank "1337 - IRC HACKER".

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    posted a message on Building a Mansion and Need Advice

    My Opinion:

    1) Yes, I like the color.
    2) No, the entry way is awesome looking.
    3) Try to make it pop out a bit more, looks kinda flat.
    4) Do whatever you want.
    5) Make rooms that should be rooms. Like the bathroom, no one wants an open bathroom.
    6) Yes, open kitchen areas are stylish and don't waste space.
    7) Anywhere! Just put it on the first floor.
    8) Top right. Make it a spiral staircase.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Survival LET'S PLAY - Need partners for video (NO MIC)

    Hello! I'd love to partner, though the only problem is I can't record. I don't bother with microphones currently and I can happily join.

    Hello! I'd love to partner, though the only problem is I can't record. I don't bother with microphones currently and I can happily join.

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    posted a message on Affinity Map Building Team [U3]

    Affinity is a nicely-made building team that had a lot of thought put in, hopefully everyone can be nice and get along well.

    Infinity is a prototype/WIP experiment to see if we can get a team of developers working on a mod together.

    All Role Applications
    Warning, Pakratt's World Ship.

    A Discord username is a username used to interact with Discord chat also known as Discordapp, the discord server we currently have is AffinityHQ but could branch out independently. (usually the discord username has a number next to it, the # symbolizes that number)

    * Means required.
    Blank Means optional.

    Basic Visitor - A visitor is a person who can chat with crew members but not interact with staff-based things such as the server itself.

    Visitor Application-
    *Discord Username/#:
    Duration of visit:

    Regular Builder - A builder is a player who has access to build/break on the server, and has multiple types.

    Builder Application-
    *MC Username:
    *Discord Username/#:
    *Staff Experience: (links, photos or videos)
    *Build Experience:

    Redstoner - A redstoner is a type of builder who specializes in building redstone and/or commands but can help out on regular blocks too.

    Redstoner Application-
    *MC Username:
    *Discord Username/#:
    *Staff Experience:
    *Build Experience:

    Server Host - An expert staff member/admin who controls the server console and hosts the server for the team to build on. Highly important.

    *MC Username:
    *Discord Username/#:
    *Staff Experience:
    *Server Experience:
    *Previous Servers Hosted:

    Developer - A person who works with modding mechanics and Java. Could know JSON for regular vanilla [Infinity]

    Infinity Developer-
    *MC Username:
    *Discord Username/#:
    *Development Experience:
    *Previous Codes/Mods:
    *Staff Experience:

    Bot Developer - A developer who works on controlling and developing DiscordAPI Bots, Discord server only.

    Bot Dev-
    *Discord Username/#:
    *Development Experience:
    *Previous Codes/Bots
    *Staff Experience

    Graphic Designer - A designer who works on resourcepacks, textures, and anything graphic related.

    Graphic Designer-
    *Minecraft Username:
    *Discord Username/#:
    *Previous Textures/Packs:
    *Staff Experience:
    *Artistic Experience:

    SFX Designer - A designer who works on Sound Effects for resourcepacks, soundpacks, or mod sounds.

    SFX Designer-
    *Minecraft Username:
    *Discord Username/#:
    *Previous SFX/Packs:
    *Sound Experience:
    *Staff Experience:

    Music Designer - An expert designer who works on music for resourcepacks, or mods.

    Music Designer-
    *Minecraft Username:
    *Discord Username/#:
    *Previous Songs/Music/Packs:
    *Song Experience:
    *Staff Experience:

    Model Designer - An intermediate designer who works on models for resourcepacks, or mods.

    Model Designer-
    *Minecraft Username:
    *Discord Username/#:
    *Previous Models/W.I.P. Models:
    *Technic Experience:
    *Staff Experience:

    Lead Builder - An expert builder who can ask other builders to work on something with him or possibly build something else.

    Lead Builder-
    *Minecraft Username:
    *Discord Username/#:
    *Previous Builds/Maps:
    *Staff Experience:
    *Build Experience:
    *Previously an Affinity Builder: (True/False)

    Lead Developer - An expert developer who can ask other developers to try and implement something or help him work on a big script of code.

    Lead Developer-
    *Minecraft Username:
    *Discord Username/#:
    *Previous Mods/Codes:
    *Staff Experience:
    *Modding Experience:
    *General Coding Experience:
    *Previously an Affinity Developer: (True/False)

    Co-Leader - An advanced expert staff member who controls the whole discord server and most of the minecraft server, not given out for free!

    Sorry but you need to be an extremely talented or trustworthy member to
    gain this role, as I can't trust a random person in the hands of
    everything I've built up to.

    Phew, that was alot of reading wasn't it? Atleast we got rid of the Sacred Rubber Tree now!

    Currently we don't have many members besides me, a good builder, and a modpack developer!

    Affinity is sort-of partnered with CraftMine's Developer Paint_Ninja.

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    posted a message on [LAN Server w/ Hamachi] Friends unable to connect to my server no matter what?

    I was playing with one of my friends a few months ago on an adventure map, everything was working fine we were connected.

    Though I had to unexpectedly run off for a bit, when I got back and tried to rejoin I couldn't connect.. We tried EVERYTHING.

    Unfortunately we can't run an actual server and not just Hamachi LAN.

    Can someone provide an explanation or a tutorial or something? I want to play on a map again with one of my friends but I can't get anything to work for like 2 or more hours.

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    posted a message on [UPDATED] Affinity, Mapmaking/Modding Group.

    Team Affinity

    is a non-profit community/group for making minecraft mods or maps for others enjoyment.

    It's somewhat strict but tries to aim a goal in making a fun experiment.

    We currently have a few members, here is our chart.

    Leader - Maowcraft

    Server Host - Paint_Ninja

    Builder - ToymakersCreation

    It seems to be somewhat sturdy and will be update over time goes by.

    Affinity Positions:


    (requires to be trusted on the server by leader)


    (requires to be a talented builder and an old member)


    (requires skills)

    SFX Designer

    (requires proof that you can do SFX)

    Graphics Designer

    (requires proof that you can do textures)

    Music Designer

    (requires proof that you can do music)

    Model Designer

    (requires proof that you can do models, and you must have Techne installed)

    Server Host

    (requires proof you can run a server, and you must have the files necessary)


    (requires talent, and must be an old dev)


    (requires skill, and proof you can code)

    Bot Developer

    (requires proof you have made bots, and required APIs)


    (requires skill, and some proof)


    (requires skill, and some proof you have built contraptions)


    (requires being either Lead and being trusted by ALL staff)

    Discordapp, or Discord is required to communicate with the staff members. If you don't have Discord then you will have to use Steam, if you don't have Steam or Discord you cannot join since it will be extremely hard to communicate, if you do later get Steam or Discord then you can come back and submit another application

    You must use this!: (the * means it is required)



    *Discord Username and #:

    Example: Maowcraft#1616

    *Affinity Positions

    Visitor Application:

    You can apply to visit the discord server every now and then.


    *Specified Reason:

    I hope you enjoy the new forum post, since we now have a new discord server.

    We also expanded to Mod Developing which is called "Team Infinity"

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    posted a message on Adventure Map Building Group [Recruiting]

    You can be a Builder, Lead-Builder is only obtained by being a builder on the server for a long time.

    Also Lead-Builder commands the other Builders to build certain things so I don't trust you with that power.

    Other then that. Your application was very good, I am sorry that I didn't see it 2 months ago.

    Edit: I'm still looking for a fun building team but I also wanted to make good adventure maps. You have to be strict sometimes.

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    posted a message on Adventure Map Building Group [Recruiting]

    I didn't see this before, though you didn't follow the rules I put out.

    You HAVE to use the application format if you want to join.

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    posted a message on Issues with Server-Creating

    So most of us live with roommates or relatives.

    Like I do.

    I'm wondering if I can use my second WiFi Network so people on the other one don't lag while I run a server.

    I have crappy bandwidth

    So let's suppose my relatives are using "WiFi 1" and I'm using "WiFi 2", can I successfully run a on the second one without lagging my family?

    "WiFi 2" may or may not be running in the same house, I'm not too smart about computer networks but I do know some about computers.

    I believe "WiFi 2" is being ran in my older home. (a few months ago I moved)

    So does this help?

    I really appreciate if you'd respond, I've been wanting to make a vanilla server but I can't find a good 24/7 free server host that doesn't add expiration dates to my servers.

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    posted a message on HELP WANTED!!! building a city

    Ahemm.. This is the wrong category, sorry.

    I believe this belongs in Building.

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