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    posted a message on Looking for builders Currently Divine MC

    Hey builders, on divine mc we are looking for builders apply here below it will be checked every ten minuets.

    Tryouts will be hosted on server, server ip is

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    posted a message on Need a few admins and mods/builders.

    IGN: manmosh

    Any Past Experience: yes, i have been an admin on a couple of times on a server and currently i am Op-manager on a different server, i Have had experience leading on minecraft servers and am looking forward to help another one get started

    Experience with World Guard & World Edit: i have been using world edit for quite a while and am decent w/ it

    Age: 12

    Timezone: EST

    Building experience: i have built a few spawns but i am not the best at it

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    posted a message on PartyCubes <>Needs Staff<>

    LittleCube (JrMod)

    Age: 12

    How long have you played minecraft: since 2011

    Can you code: i have but i am not good at it

    If a person were to swear your actions would be: i would mute them for ten minutes and if they continue, i will mute them for a hour.

    If a person hacks your actions would be: I would temp ban them for a week then once the week is over i will watch them and if they do it again i will ban them permanently

    Why you want to be staff on our server: i enjoy helping others and making everyone have a more fair experience while on a server

    Why you think you make a good staff member: i can speak 2 languages english, and Portuguese, and i can also understand Spanish. also i am helpful and a great teacher and fast learner.

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    posted a message on ✯ Server needs staff! | DivineMC | ALL APPLICATIONS WELCOME! ✯

    IGN: manmosh

    Age: 12

    Skype(Required): kaiguy111

    Timezone: eastern time zone

    Maturity Level 1-10: 8, most of my friends say i am too serious

    Why you want this rank: i would like this rank beacuse i enjoy helping others and i would like to participate in a team, and a project that is more challenging the school since school is easy to me

    Why you are different from anybody else: i am different from other people beacuse i am qualified above average and i speak 2 languages English, and portuguese, and understand 3 English, portuguese,and spanish. also i am very good at making others understand things. and it is easy for me to comprehend something that may be difficult for others.

    Anything else?: I would enjoy to have something to do that is interacting with new people.

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    posted a message on Staff needed SemiCraft

    Hello Minecrafters,

    We Desperately need staff,

    We are accepting applications on our website


    You need to be 10 or older to be accepted

    good luck.

    Ip: VoidDemi.zanity.net

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    posted a message on Looking for all positions--NEED A LOT OF HELP APPLY BELOW

    name: Kai

    age: 12

    skype: kaiguy111

    position: helper, mod, admin

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    posted a message on Looking for Staff! Builders and admins needed. CraftMania

    i would like to be an admin i am 11 and now how to run a server and events and explain the rules i will help your players by giving them a smother playing time i can be on for 2-3 hours on weekdays and 2-7 on weekends i have skype i will tell you ingame. i used to be a co owner of a server until it shut down beacuse we couldn't pay for it. I can also set up your servers Buy craft and kits if you are planing on having it. i enjoy to be staff beacuse i know how to help people in many server casinarios. also i will be able to setup some minigames for you like paintball skywars sky block and prisons. my name is kai and my ign is manmosh.

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    posted a message on looking for staff on my clay soldiers server


    I would like to be mod/admin

    name (mc or real or both) manmosh

    age 11

    contact (skype or here) kaiguy111

    do you know how to add mods to mc yes you go into the .minecraft folder then create a mod folder and put mods you want in the mod folder to upload the mod to mc

    what times you can be on 3:00pm - 7:00pm brasilia summer time on weekdays on weekends 6:00 am - 8:00pm

    any experience as staff on another server yes i have experience in uploading plugins to server helping players in game and how to run and host a server

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    posted a message on Minecraft server in need of staff!!

    Mod or Admin




    I want to be staff because i like to help people and i enjoy to run servers. also as staff i can be involved in forums and meet new people. also as staff i will possibly be an idle to the players.

    I used to run a server that was a mini games server. i was able to select a wide variety of plugins for the players to have fun

    you should trust me because i will not make the server worse i will make it better also if i am not trustworthy in your eyes ban me from the server

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    posted a message on Epic server that needs staff
    all join this epic hub server we are still looking for staff
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    posted a message on Epic MC server with op prisons op factions +more
    come to this server we are just beginning the games be the first ones to come and start the games like prisons in faction

    the ip is maxmcnetwork.mcpro.co
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