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    ManaCreeper Head Moderator or Moderator Application:

    Age: I am currently 15 years old, as I was born on the 28/10/1999.
    IGN: ManaCreeper (This is also my Skype)

    Why have you chosen to help this server:

    Well the reason I want to help your server is because it's quite unique, and I wouldn't mind using most of my spare time helping out on the server. Another reason is that since your server is professional made, I would like to work with mature staff members and even try to befriend them :)

    How active will you be?:

    The days I am currently allowed to go on Minecraft are Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I can play about 2-3 hours, but because my school just ended term 4 I am able to play 24/7 and assist anyone.

    Maturity? (1-10):

    I would rate my maturity level 8, as I would often have fun with other players sometime.

    But if there is a serious situation, I would act mature and try to solve it.

    Experiences? (Do not lie about your experiences):

    Yes I do have past experience of being a staff member. I was once a Moderator on a server called Adventure Realms which was shut down because of low funding, I was also a Moderator on another server called Poseidon-Craft but I chose to resign for a reason, I was a Head-Admin on a server called Pone-craft but was also shut down, I was once a Helper on server called MCubePvp but suddenly I was demoted for some reason, and lastly I was once a Owner on a network but it only lasted for 2 days.

    Details about yourself?:

    Well the reason you should choose me is because I'm a nice, kind, honest person who's willing to help anyone if they're in need of assistance. Another reason you should pick me is because I have past experience in being a Moderator in my previous years. Lastly the reason you should choose me is because I'm a mature guy as I am able to deal with Immature kids.

    Last words:

    Here are the ways to contact me:

    Email: [email protected]

    Skype: ManaCreeper (Same as my IGN)

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    OK, Thanks for noticing my App
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    Staff Member Application
    Name: Richard Tran
    Username: ManaCreeoer
    Age: 15
    Timezone: Australian Central Timezone (UTC+09:30)
    Skype Username: ManaCreeper (Same as my IGN)
    Have you read the books? (Y/N):
    Yes, I am currently up to the Series: The Hero of Olympus and the book I am currently reading is House of Hades.

    How long are you able to dedicate to the server on a weekly basis?:
    The days I am able to play on is Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I am play for about 2-3 hours, but since my school just ended term 4 so I'm gonna be available 24/7 to help anyone in need of assistance.

    Why should AncientSocieties choose YOU? (Must exceed 200 words):
    Well the reason you should choose me is because I'm a kind, nice and honest guy. I also have experience in been a Moderator and Admin from my time as a staff on previous years. Another reason you should choose me is because I'm a huge fan of Percy Jackson, so I can answer questions related to Percy Jackson. As I said before I'm also kind, nice and honest, that I when a player breaks a rule by accident I would let him go but if a player where to break a serious rule then I would punish him. The third reason is because I'm a helpful person and I would be willing to help any player or staff in they are in need of assistance or I could assist any newcomers who don't know about the server. My last reason is because I want to meet new people on the server and I want to make friends or rivalry with them (I know it's not much of a reason but that's my last reason)

    Why are you choosing AncientSocieties over another server?:
    The reason I chose this server is because I couldn't find many Percy Jackson Role Playing Servers who needed help for there server. So I found your server and I though about helping it. Another reason is because I'm a huge fan of Percy Jackson and I would want to help your server become some of the most popular role playing server.

    PS: If you are full of staffs, then please inform.
    So thank you for reading my app and I hope you accept me.
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