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    Quote from Kairuni »
    Buttons operate like switches, but only stay on for a moment. t's very easy to delete a switch when you try to simulate a button's delay.

    Also, for some reason, things like this aren't working:
    :Red: = redstone on ground
    :Orange: = a block with a torch on top of it
    :Red: :Orange:

    works fine.

    Referring to this, since this is the only place so far I've seen it mentioned (there are so many Support forum posts with "redstone" in them, my mind implodes at the thought of skimming through them all), I wanted to ask if anyone knows whether this is planned to be fixed? The first time I made a circuit I tried this (it makes sense that it should work, but it doesn't, and it frustrates me sometimes, because it makes it necessary to add one or two wires just to get the orientation right...)
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    Your answer lies in an And gate and a Nor gate.

    Basically, you require that those three conditions be met, and that the override is off, then and those together and link the output to the led.

    Put another And in front of the LED, and link that And-Out to the LED-In. Then tie in the last on condition And-Out to one of the LED And-Ins. Next, put a Nor gate (inverter) between the override lever and LED And gate, link the Lever to the Nor-In and the Nor-Out to the second LED And-In.

    Now that I've described it to you, you can look at the photo and see what I did:

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    Ilnore and HastyLumbago:

    I believe I at least had a similar problem to yours, if not the same one. For me, the stuttering was most noticeable when music was playing, and let me tell you, it was annoying! :SSSS:

    So, I googled a few different phrases, and came up with this thread (post linked to has my solution):

    Sound/Music problems (FIXED) - Minecraft Forums

    It appears that the OpenAL32.dll distributed with minecraft is so old it doesn't even have proper version details. The one I grabbed from my \system32 fixed the problem immediately.

    So, you might want to give it a try. (and yes, I joined the forum just so I could post this possible answer :biggrin.gif:)

    In case you were wondering, I just downloaded the client yesterday (just bought it yesterday, in fact), and so everything that Minecraft downloaded into its \.minecraft data folder was fresh off the servers.
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