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    I'm not getting annoyed by anything related to Xbox but more on Mojang spreading out far too quickly to be healthy. Come on, how many different version can they work on before the stability of any one of them becomes shaky? The current version and previous versions never got out of hour one without any major hiccups.
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    I'm Chinese-American. WORK OVERLOAD.

    Frogging Europeans! :<

    But seriously, I don't mind the speed but more about their QA. I won't give a damn if Minecraft gets updated once a year but I will start giving a damn if update after update just brings things to a halt, especially SMP wise.
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    After a while, even the very patient of people will get annoyed or break, like below...

    Quote from MrQuizzles

    These updates are in no way even vaguely reminiscent of professional. They are a perfect example of quite the opposite. Mojang can be a little casual, but this is ridiculous. Many minecrafters dread updates. A lot of it is because all the mods will break because that modding API that was going to be put out in 1.5 doesn't exist yet. The rest of it comes from the bit where the bug fix patch introduced as many bugs as it fixed (at the very least, we're very nearly there; we can count on 1.6_6 to put us over the top).

    What's worrying is what it reveals about the development process at Mojang. They only put out what they feel like. They do not test their patches adequately. They barely test their patches at all, actually. Their QA is wholly deficient, bordering on nonexistent. It's indicative of the amount of time and effort they put into this game, and it's showing us what we're going to get during release not just of this game, but of every game that Mojang puts out. I have complete confidence in them to continue on this way up to and beyond release.

    What I think is worst is that he's tricking people into thinking this is acceptable. "Oh, but it's a beta, it's supposed to be like this." No, it's not. First, this is an alpha regardless of what Notch says. He does not get to decide the definition of words. Second, alpha does NOT equal train wreck, and yes, 1.6 is definitely a train wreck. At no point during a development process is it okay to release any code without putting it through a proper testing procedure. We are supposed to be the last line of defense, not the only one.

    Notch was never professional to begin with. Hell, he was just like any other small game dev until, HOLY CRAP, he's king all of the sudden. He just, well, never adjusted. Hell, I doubt much people can adjust to such a rise. So I can cut him some slack there.

    I agree that Mojang should work on two games at once but, it seems with Minecraft that they are thinning themselves out on that front. Jeb (I think) was working on the mobile version which is nice but it doesn't need to be there if things breaks like it has for months with each update. So... 1.6 wasn't the first trainwreck. QA needs to come in full force. A handful of IRC folks don't cut it.

    So yeah, I agree with some of the stuff, like the above but... I don't think he's tricking anyone on purpose. He's just not maturing well. He's making some headway but for sure not at the pace that is needed.

    As for the release date, I highly doubt it can stay where it is at currently. Hell, updates has to be spread out farther apart to accommodate better QA. Less broken updates and less broken mods. Though, mods do in a sense have to follow behind an update. At most they can only get a heads up on changes before the release, like say before testing begins and bug squashing take place but... who know what and how mod breaking will be when the bug fixing get finished and the update gets released. BUT YEAH... might make the wait a bit shorter...
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    It is late and I am not amused by ********. :Pig:
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