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    please add. Thanks

    Hiya! I've added your username, I have yet to be accepted! C:

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    Hiya! I've added your username, I have yet to be accepted! C:


    Hiya! You've accepted my friend request! You may now join the server anytime! Enjoy! C:

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    Hi there! I am an Owner and Founder of the server called Runecraft, I made this server 2 years ago and I am looking for brand new people to come and join the server!

    We have a variety of fun minigames, survival and creative servers to choose from! The fun never ends!

    Open up the spoiler below to see our list of rules!

    As a public multiplayer server, we want everyone to enjoy themselves and have fun, to keep this implemented, we have to implement some rules ourselves in order to keep everyone safe.

    1: No Swearing.

    2: No Homphobia - We may have some people who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community, and it may upset them. This is a safe server where EVERYONE is welcome.

    3: No Racism.

    4: No extremely loud noises into the microphone

    5: No Serious Threats

    6: No DDOSing

    7: No Auto Triggers / Macros

    8: No discrimination against ANYONE inside the party or game.

    9: Be respectful.

    10: Listen to the staff and builders, they have access to tell you to not do something, refusing to listen you may be issued a ban.

    Open up the spoiler below to view our list of servers and game modes!

    Open up the spoiler, to see a list of our servers!

    Here is a list of our servers!

    • Factions! - Build a base, meet new players, join a faction or create a faction, take over the economy, wipe out your enemies, be the best you can be. Will you take over or will you be bested by other players? The choice is yours...

    • Creative! - Show off your creative skills by building whatever you desire! With our gigantic plot world! You'll never run out of room to build! You may even be able to possibly join the building team!

    • Zombie Killing Tycoon! - Zombie Survival, but a with a twist! Fight off zombies, steal other player's loot, Build up your base, Protect yourself at all costs... Even if it means leaving people behind...

    • KitPvP! - Such a popular gamemode and demanded by several players! Now it's here! Battle your way to victory using the kits provided for you! Power up and gather your items, ready for a battle.

    • 100 Stage Parkour! - Wow! Can you beat all 100 stages of parkour? Well let's put that to the test with our parkour map! Practice your parkour skills by jumping from obstacle to obstacle!

    • Cops & Robbers! - Find multiple ways to escape the dark and mouldy walls of prison! Avoid and sneak past the guards to avoid deadly consequences, and hide contraband items!

    • Zombie Survival - TWO MAPS! Kino Der Toten & Raid! Two maps from Call of Duty! Survive waves of zombies and upgrade your weapons to become the strongest group of individuals the world has ever seen!

    That's currently all the maps we have right now! Have any suggestions? Put them below or put them on our PSN Community!

    How do I become a Staff Member? Open the spoiler below!

    Working with us at Runecraft is a great opportunity for you to take some responsibility! It involves managing the server to make sure that the server is okay and protected from trollers or people who aren't keen on following our rules.

    Staff Member Benefits

    • Helping you become more familiar with the moderator privileges tools!

    • Communication skills.

    • Helping out the server,

    • Staff meetings.

    • Be able to beta or alpha test new maps made by our Developer Team!

    Staff Member Ranks

    Server Admin
    Co Owner

    You can become a staff member by attending staff interviews! However, you must be a member for at least a month before you can try out for staff!

    I'm interested in joining the building team. Where do I sign up? Open the spoiler below!

    Interested in becoming a builder for Runecraft? Then feel free to add me on PSN and let me know!

    I host Building Team Tryouts fairly often, so if you'd like to have a chance at becoming a builder, then come on down to the tryouts!

    During tryouts, I will give you a topic to build. You will be given 1 hour to build, as soon as the hour is up, everyone's permissions are taken and we review all the plots to see what people have made!

    The best build of that topic will win the rank of Builder!

    Building Team Ranks

    Co Owner

    What are the different types of enforcement that could happen if I break the rules? Open the spoiler below!


    There are two types of enforcement that can happen to you if you don't follow the rules.

    To keep Runecraft safe and fun for everyone, we provide the rules.

    Temporary Ban

    This ban is common, this is only temporary. This is only issued if we find that the person has had THREE warnings and been jailed at least ONE time, usually this is bypassed. The person can be temporarily banned up to about 2 months.

    A person who is issued this ban, will be given a role on discord and notified by all staff so they know that you are banned.

    When banned, they cannot access any runecraft community party or Runecraft minecraft servers. Staff will kick you and send you a brief message as to why you were kicked.

    Once they've had their 2 month ban, they will be permanently banned, which you can learn about down below.

    Permanent Ban

    A permanent ban is the worst ban you can receive.

    The person who receives this ban will be given a ban on the discord server with the reason to why you were banned in game and you'll be sent a message from the owner with the reason you were banned.

    You will not be welcome back to the minecraft server or party. You'll be removed from the Owner's friends list and kicked from all servers if you manage to join.


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