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    The way I do it is by subscribing to the RenderGameOverlayEvent. Since this is only called client side, you can safely use Minecraft.getMinecraft() to access any client side information (like the player). You can then check the player is holding the desired item, and get whatever information you need.

    About data tied to each player, I suggest you use Capabilities (have a search for it). I've not played with it much yet, but you can attach capabilities to players to store whatever data you want. You could then retrieve it in your overlay rendering to show the data on the screen.

    Thanks for the help so far, but what class should I put the first part in?
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    I have an item in my mod called the Endowing Rod. It is similar to Botania's divining rod. I want to make it show some on screen text when holding the item, but I don't know how.


    if holding item

    showtextonscreen(Network Energy: + player's energy)

    if not holding item


    I need player's energy to be a variable that is for each player, so they all can have an individual energy value.

    I'm guessing the on-screen text needs to be in the loop of the game's logic so the energy value can be updated when it goes up or down.

    Thanks in advance!

    Just wondering, how does someone learn everything they need to know about forge to make a mod like Botania. I looked at botania's github and I don't understand much of it. Most tutorials don't go into detail for the exact stuff I'm looking to add to my mod.

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    Hello. I have recently started working on a mod. I want to make a tile entity similar to the Botania Runic Altar for crafting, but all the tile entity tutorials are either out of date or say conflicting things. Can someone please link me to an up-to-date version? I would like to have items float around the crafter I'm making but I guess I should get it working first before I go all fancy.

    Also, how does a beacon scan to know how many tiers are built on it and how does it know when blocks on it are broken. Beacons are a big part of my mod so I need to make this efficient. If you could direct me towards the beacon's class file or something similar that would be great.

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    My friends and I are making a Modded Minecraft Server.

    We are inviting you guys to join. We only ask for a few things.

    Age: Over 14.


    Knowledge of Tech, Magic, and other mods in MC 1.7.10

    Have Skype and Mic

    Have Windows (Above XP)

    be a good team player.

    We have all the fan favorite mods like Thermal Expansion and Applied Energistics 2, and many more (Over 100 in fact).

    We are accepting up to four people.



    Minecraft Username:

    Skype Username:

    Do you know mods well?:

    How long have you played Minecraft?:

    See you online!

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    posted a message on Minecraft Convention Scams - What You Need to Know
    This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.
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    posted a message on New COMMANDS and STUFF
    AWESOME NEW COMMANDS!!! :steve_csi:

    /heal (@) (points of heal)
    /damage (@) (points of damage)
    /setlighting (xyz) (level)
    /turn (xyz, corner 1)(xyz, corner 2) (degree turn, intervals of 90)

    STUFF!!! :VV:

    Use potions names in /effect command instead of using effect#
    Putting stained glass over a beacon changes beacon laser color
    Set the lighting at a coord so you don't have to hide lighting
    Turn structures around and around
    Heal and Damage easily with commands!
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