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    Hey there, I sent an email of my application to the email above.

    I am 23 years of age and live in Canada, Quebec.

    Other Required Information:
    1. Do you have a mic and ventrilo? I'd like to chat briefly with anyone interested. I have a mic and ventrilo.
    2. Are you capable of emailing me? I hope so, I won't respond any other way. ([email protected]) I sent you an email a few minutes ago.
    3. Are you going to be pushy for OP+ or special allowances? If that's something you are going to nag about, I will ban. I respect the people in power and will not be pushy by asking them for special favors or admin rights.
    4. Can you chill out, relax and be calm? We are accepting people now, who could play as early as tonight. I consider myself a rather relaxed and chill person to hang out with. You will not have many issues with me :smile.gif:.
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    Game Name: makuren

    Age: 23

    Faction: Empire or Paladin or Trading/economic faction (?) (I'll repost my trading faction idea in a few hours!)

    Why you want to join: I like to roleplay and think that Minecraft is the perfect game to do it in! I also like the structure Luna has and would like to be a part of it! :smile.gif:

    I have read the rules and agree with them.
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    IGN: makuren

    Age: 23

    Faction: Empire or Paladin

    Why do you want to join?: I bought Minecraft only yesterday with a friend of mine and fell in love with the creative sandbox concept. I have been role playing for years and would like to dabble in Minecraft RP. I think this faction idea is excellent! It sounds compelling and I would like to give it a try. I would prefer joining the faction empire, I love mining and exploring the deep with the cooperation of others. I also enjoy building structures. I could also be placed as part of the paladin faction if there are a lack of them on the server. I am not picky of which faction I will receive. See you in game!

    I read the rules, agree with the rules, and will follow the rules! :biggrin.gif:

    I will accept the rules.

    Faction Idea:

    :mossystone: Iron Mining Cart Co :mossystone:

    There is a neutral faction (Empire), evil factions (Bandits & Dagranoth, Blade's Edge (?)), and a good faction (Paladin). There seems to be a lack of an economic based faction that acts like the "middleman" for all the other factions. This is where Iron Mining Cart Co comes in! People in this faction will have the role of hunter/gatherer/miner and view every faction as a potential customer for their services. Since there is no currency on the server, it will use a bartering system. Let's say the Empire is in need of gold and Iron Mining Cart Co has a need for armor pieces for its employees. They both can sign a barter agreement and supply each other for what they need.

    "Tired of mining, hunting, and gathering wood? Wouldn't you want other people to do that sweaty work for you while you gain the profit? Well Iron Mining Cart Co is for you! Through barter agreements, Iron Mining Cart Co workers will go into the dangerous depths to gather what you need, when you need it! Find the nearest Mining Cart Co shop and let us do that dirty work for you!"

    Why would I be a good leader for this faction: The faction needs to be structured in a way so that it works properly in the Luna world. It also needs someone who is able to keep track of the current barter contract agreements and make sure that they are completed (I'll probably keep track with everything through an Excel File or something :smile.gif:). I am able to accomplish the latter. In time once the faction gets larger and more people join in, I will probably form a hierarchy where higher ranked members will become managers and take some of the work load off me (which is probably not much anyway).

    The whole goal is to make a faction that is gathering focused. People who like gathering may want to join this faction. It is all about the exploration and the faction's goal is for people to have fun doing it!
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