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    posted a message on [SuperMiner] Need Contestants for Hunger Games! (Original, I know..)
    IGN: Maka_Maka
    Skype: tylerswindell
    Youtube: SilverEvader
    Recording Software: Faps, der, I mean Fraps
    Time Zone: -8 PST California
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    posted a message on Zeelocraft [No Whitelist, Factions, iConomy, ChestShop, NoCheat]
    Thanks for posting this.
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    posted a message on Zeelocraft


    This is Zeelocraft, a factions oriented server with responsible staff, and 24/7 server up time.
    Fations along with iConomy makes for a perfect commerce, war, or building server.
    You will find that no single player in the game has the ability to spawn items.
    This is so that myself, the owner may play along side you all.
    Nor do the other owners, Street_Harmony, or Big_Scoob_Haha.
    None of us have the ability to spawn, only to moderate the behavior of players.
    We offer a minimal amount of plugins but, by request of players, we will consider adding more.


    This server is about freedom, but the only thing we ask
    is that you do not take it for granted.
    Use this lax environment to your advantage.
    Do not abuse the freedom, anything admins/owner/moderators see
    as inappropriate behavior, or deem to be a punishable act will be treated as such.
    If you feel you have been wronged by a staff member please contact me by PM, or a comment!
    Visit the PlanetMinecraft page, and comment/vote!

    Thank you, and have fun!
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    posted a message on FearCraft -| HardCore PVP | Factions | Fun staff|
    IGN( in game name): Maka_Maka

    Age(we will except you as long as you can be mature): 17

    Why you want to join?: I love faction servers, and I like this rule: "Don't whine if someone kills you, or griefs you, its allowed."
    That's how I ran my server :]

    Do you except the rules?: For sure.
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    posted a message on Name Change Feature
    People find reasons to change their name. If it doesn't fit them anymore, or you just don't like it. A lot of people make acccounts when they are 10-12 years old, you think that they have the same mentality at 15? The 10 year old will name his account "poopoopeepee1234567" then at 15 go, "What the hell was I thinking..?" I think that's a good reason to allow name changes.

    If you don't want a player getting on you server again, IP-ban them.. Not that hard. I have 4 accounts I can use.. That's bypassing bans, no? So should people also only be able to have one account? No.. They could implement a fee in order to change your name.. Like a $5 fee, if they are really worried about that. I see this happening in the near future ever since seeing the actual option on the profile settings.
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    posted a message on Name Change Feature
    A while back there was an unusable option in your profile settings on Minecraft.net that said "Change your username." So this leads me to believe they have set a placeholder for that feature. It may be here in the near future.

    Quote from Neospector

    alrdy posted nub, trololo
    Because it has, it has so many times...
    You picked the name, you knew what it would do, you had plenty of time to rethink your name, deal with it.

    And to you, if you read his post you would know that his friend made his account for him and didn't think that his in-game name would be the same as his log-in name. Don't be ignorant.
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    posted a message on Dragons
    Quote from NotFrank

    but they will just be another mob to kill, I'm sure some people would want to tame and/or ride these creatures

    Dragons are invincible.
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    posted a message on Is there seriously no "legit" way to get pumpkin/melon seeds?
    Quote from Moxz

    if you don't mind, could you give us your ideas on how to get these pumpkin/watermelon seeds?

    a drop from the actual pumpkin/watermelon wouldn't work, it'd get exploited like gravel/flint

    and I know none of us want that

    When the melon breaks it should drop melon pieces and like 1 - 2 seeds, that fixes the flint/gravel exploit and with pumpkins make them fully break after being picked up and dropped multiple times.
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    posted a message on Experia Play or Iphone?
    Quote from kuuy123

    On August 28 I have a phone upgrade... I was wondering weather i should get the Iphone or the Experia Play... both seem awesome... I cant choose. Can someone give me some suggestions?

    In my experience, iPhones are completely overrated and over-hyped. I would definitely go for the Experia over the iPhone.. Try something new, iGive Apple products a -1. Sorry, my opinion is pretty bias to the fact that I don't like Apple anymore.

    By the way Whether not "Weather."
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    posted a message on new server needs mods
    Moderator Form:

    Have you been a mod or any staff on a server before:
    I have ran my own servers as well as served as moderator on other servers.

    How old are you:
    I'm 17 years old.

    do ou have skype/mumble so we can talk:
    Yes, If I am chosen I will give you that information.

    Why do you think you should be a mod:
    I have experience with running servers and a general knowing of Minecraft.

    Why do you want to be a mod on this server:
    I would like to help make this server expand and be a policing force on it.
    I have been on many servers where there is no trace of moderation and it's completely annoying for players.

    What do you think a mod should do if there is a problem with the server:
    A general problem, such as..?
    Like if the server crashes? Hopefully we would have access to you or another Admin that has access to the server files so it may be promptly rebooted. With a player, I would revise the problem, warn the user and maybe a temp ban if unnecessary just to consult you or another admin.
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    posted a message on Jake's Jail |24/7||JAIL SERVER|
    Minecraft Username: Maka_maka
    Age: 17
    Location/time zone: California PST
    Tell us something about yourself:
    I've ran my own server a couple times, and love playing servers to survive.
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    posted a message on [WIP] Alcraftraz
    IGN: Maka_maka
    Age: 17
    Timezone: California PST
    Why do you wanna join?: I want to shock and awe you with my prisoner skills. I never drop the soap! :iapprove:
    Describe in your own words, what all possibilities do you have when you join the server?:
    I have the chance to become a guard or prisoner. As a Prisoner I will be able to escape and form a town or join an existing one. I could also just hideout but, creation is the goal.
    Have you played a prison server before: No, it sounds amazing.
    Have you read the information & rules?: Si Senor.
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    posted a message on Making a small server for survival
    Looking for a nice vanilla to play and get some ideas out.
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    posted a message on ArcaneCraft [No-Whitelist] [Survival] [iConomoy] [BigBrother] [Factions]
    IGN: Maka_maka
    Age: 17
    When did you start playing minecraft: Indev
    Some of your work: I don't have any pictures :/
    What are you planning to build after you help us build the spawn?: My Sigment fortress!
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    posted a message on Flickol's Survival Minecraft Server [ECONOMY] [PVP/PVE] [Whitelist!] [LogBlock] [ICONOMY]
    IGN: Maka_maka
    Age: 17
    Referral: Nope, sorry.
    Have you ever been banned before?: Yes.
    If so, for what reason?: Grief retaliation/Minecraft Arson.
    Do you agree to the Rules?: Yessir, mostly common sense..
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