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    posted a message on MineZ 1.12.2 PVP/PVE/Dungeons OpenWorld Full-Loot Server (us.shotbow.net/eu.shotbow.net)

    MineZ is an OpenWorld Full-Loot based game with extremely exciting PVP and dungeon content that is popping off 24/7 with NA and EU content.

    There is tons of stuff to do and complete like quests with strong rewards and tons of dungeon content to complete along with extensive lore and storyline.

    Send me a message on discord if you would like to play and compete sometime in the glistening world of MineZ


    us.shotbow.net eu.shotbow.net

    Some Youtube PVP Content

    Crazy PVP montage

    Another Crazy PVP montage

    Huge 27v52 Clan War

    Some Youtube Dungeon/Roleplayer Content

    Special Wave Event

    Wizard Tower Dungeon Speedrun

    Devils Respite Dungeon Speedrun

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