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    Quote from RevGhost

    I read manga but have never heard of this one, what is it about? I might be interested. :smile.gif:

    The Manga is about a boy who runs away from home, only to be cast adrift at sea and end up on an island consisting solely of women, each with their own natural instinct to copulate and keep the island populated... It's the very essence of the harem genre, and I recommend it to anyone who is feeling down and out, and needs comfort from hoards of two dimensional love interests.
    I chose this concept for a project, because the whole feel of Minecraft, and the survive in a strange environment aspect, seems to reflect how the people on Airantou must feel every day. Anyways... It's a great Manga, and it deserves to be built in Minecraft...

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    Welcome, I started this topic to put out a project I'm currently in the process of. The idea itself came from the depths of my weeaboo soul, and I am eager to get a foothold on it. The Manga Nagasarete Airantou, which is high on the list of my favorites, is the theme for this work, and I plan on completely recreating the entire island from the Manga.
    My project layout is thus:

    - Finding an ocean, preferably with an island.
    - Begin with the creation of the central mountain.
    - Adjust the amount of land around the mountain in proportion.
    - Re-adjust the land around the mountain according to the correct height, according to specifications from the Manga.
    - Create landmarks and natural surface structures.
    - Construct each individual building out of the Manga, in their proper positions on the island.
    - Touch up on all aspects of the Island, including the Airantou's water dispursion system, and the Jijou Alien's Mothership in orbit high above the island.

    I am using Vanila Minecraft's creative mode, so the feat would be even more impressive by the end of it.
    Any suggestions or comments anyone has about my project would be appreciated, and I hope you read my idea and think "Huh, that's an interesting project you got there..."

    - Mahtaydon
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