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    Recently in Minecraft, people have been breaking the EULA and trying to sell accounts because they have original/cool names. People always complain that they have to add extra characters or numbers to their name and they want a nice clean name, but most are taken.

    People call original/cool usernames "OG names" If you do not know what these are, these are basically CLEAN names with no extra characters or numbers. For example, "Pro_12313MC" would not be OG. However, "Pro" would be considered OG.

    Buying and selling minecraft accounts from people is dangerous and risky and against the EULA, and in most cases it is to get themselves an OG name.

    And getting an original/cool name by name change is very tricky with THOUSANDS of people trying to get one name. But with a name trading option, people can get the name they want without having to against the EULA by buying accounts from people.

    So I was thinking of the idea of name trading.

    Lets use this scenario, with my in game name "Mahdite" and the name I want "Pro"

    I would go to the username page, and there would be an option to send a username swap request by typing the IGN you want. It would sent a notification to the user who bears the name "Pro" and say that I want to swap names from "Mahdite" When we both accept, the name swap will happen and we will have each others usernames.

    So people do not spam the option, you are only able to send ONE username swap request every 24 hours. (You cannot username swap if you have changed your name in the past 30 days). People will have the option to block incoming name change requests.

    What do you think of this idea? Please leave thoughts before leaving the thread!

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