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    you are probably talking about making a mod.

    if so, i can assure you that EVERYTHING is possible in minecraft modding. things like new blocks, biomes, weapons, mobs and similar things are only scratching the surface. i personally dont know how to make mods, but i have played a lot with modpacks which include hundreds of mods, each changing the game minutely, and together granting an experience nearly completely different from the vanilla gameplay. this may not help you in your attempts to create custom content for minecraft, but at least now you know that these are called mods, and can research the creation process from there.

    you can download other people's mods on sites like curseForge, or try out premade modpacks on the Twitch launcher.

    next, i want to tell you that i am sincerely sorry that the minecraft community has let you down in answering your questions. biggest apologies.

    lastly: trans rights, sister. keep fighting.

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    oh was i not supposed to post in here? rip me lol

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    Minecraft name: _maaay_
    Discord name: May#2352
    Age: 24
    Home country: German
    About me: Hi. my names may, and im an old school minecrafter since the first hour. ive been playing since early beta, so long i cant even reqally remember what version that was exactly. i like to build huge bases. i dont wanna sound full of myself but i think i can keep up with the more talented builders

    Why I want to join Paxterya: your world looks pretty sweet. ive played on many servers but rarely do i find a world that is already so alive.i think my skills will be a welcome addition to your server
    My previous buildings (optional): oh yea know we're talking https://imgur.com/a/stXGeHK

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    posted a message on Free Your Mine: | 1.15.2 | Survival | Vanilla(w/ tweaks) | 21+ | DynMap | Discord | Whitelist |

    1. Age - 24

    2. How long have you been playing Minecraft? - beta 1.2-3 idk

    3. How would you describe yourself as a player? - im here for the building experience. i spend my time imagining and realizing large scale builds. castles, biomes, monuments, that kind of stuff.

    4. Do you have any Youtube/Twitch accounts you publish Minecraft content to? - nah sryyy my voice is not suited for something like that, also its just too much pressure to do it regularly

    5. Discord ID? - May#2352

    6. In Game Name? _maaay_

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    IGN: _maaay_

    Age: 24

    Discord: May#2352

    hi my name is may and im a real life anarcho communist gamer girl. :DD no really. also i played minecraft for literally since beta 1.3. its been a wild ride. i need a new server since the last one i was on shut down quite a while ago and my addiction to minecraft can and will not go unsatisfied for much longer. thank u very much

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    yo is this thing still a thing

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    yo this server is pretty neato

    basically its one of those servers where u can do the serious builds. ive spent a lot of time on a lot of different servers, most of them either dont properly support large scale builds,dont last long enough to be worth such a project, or are generally unappealing bc of immature playerbase, which can make the mc experience worse for vulnerable people. sometimes it can be hard to find a server that enables u in ur ideas.

    this one stands out tho. from the first time joining u end up feeling welcome. people are nice, and to this point i havent been feeling personally attacked on this server at all (which i realize should be common sense but nah ah). nobody steals ur stuff either, in fact sometimes people have just shown up and given me free stuff. server economy seems comparatively socialist. big fan. most farms afaik are free to use as well.

    overall i think this is a great server for people who have that one project in their head that they just need to find a good home for. definitely a recommendation. so if u have a big idea, come on over. im sure ud feel right at home.

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    posted a message on 💠 Ancestral Craft 🌳 Vanilla+ SMP 🌳 18+ Chill Whitelisted Community 🌳 New Server 🌳 Active 🌳 Streaming Daily 💠

    MC name: _maaay_

    Age: 24

    How long have you been playing Minecraft? like, beta 1.4? it's been a while

    How often do you play? around 20 hrs a week but sometimes a lot more

    What do you like to do in Minecraft? i like to build massive things. castles, biomes, u name it. i have some cool ideas already but i need a server that can handle my builds lol

    What do you like about Vanilla gameplay? oh man its gotta be the process. of seeing your build come together and evolve and grow, until the vision is realized. i love it.

    What is your country/timezone? Central Europe

    Why do you want to join this server? i think your server will be nicely suited for a location for one of my projects.

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    posted a message on 💎 Everdale 🍁 Vanilla and GT:NH Modded 🍁 Laid-back whitelisted community looking for new fun and interesting members! 💎

    1. Minecraft IGN: _maaay_

    2. Discord Name (for Identification) Mayhem#2352

    3. Age 24

    4. Country and/or Time Zone: EST

    5. Tell us about yourself! Interests, favorite ice cream flavor, your darkest secrets and desires - the normal!: im a pretty good builder i think, ive been on a bit of a hiatus recently but i wanna get back into mc. as for ice cream, definitely prefer vanilla. call me boring, idc. also its christmas and ill be alone on the 24th so yeah good times

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    posted a message on New Vanilla SMP Server Recruiting!

    Name IRL: May

    In game name: MagMayhem


    Country: Germany

    Discord Username (to add to server channel):MagMayhem#2352

    Why do you want to join?:need a new server, one to stick with through the 1.14 release and beyond

    Why should we accept you?:ive been playing mc all day every day for the last 6 to 7 years. so obviously i do know a lot about this game and have a ton of experience in all aspects of the game #humblebrag but i think im really good lol

    What is your buildstyle?: Rustic, futuristic,modern,industrial, at this point i can build in any style, id pick what fits the area best

    Favourite thing to do (building, redstone, teraforming etc): megabuilds, bases, terraforming, large scale worldbuilding.

    Oh u want pictures hereweegooooo https://imgur.com/a/a5XPNuS

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