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    God you arnt even playing on peaceful?
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    I have been working on a little Viking village for the last few days since I have been home from college. I will continue to post updates as it grows. I wasnt really planning on it being anything worth posting on the forums, but after I finished the long house, I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. Tell me what you all think, I will post the save, as well as my texture pack (which is probably required, or else some things will look strange) if you guys request it. The town is all legit, and the longhouse is like 75% legit... i got tired of cutting trees, and the stuff in the storage room in the kitchen is hacked.

    download can be found here:
    Download Here!

    Updates 12/23/11:

    This is the front of the longhouse

    and the back

    another shot of the front

    the head pieces, which i like a lot

    the long table (with the all important cakes)

    Older Images:

    View from village as of 12/23/11



    training dummies

    new house

    around the back

    the forge

    sea side walk to lighthouse

    bottom half of lighthouse

    top half

    This is the entire village from up high.

    Closer up on town

    the little inn type thing with its small farm

    During construction

    another during construction, missing the head pieces

    Longhouse kitchen

    le sink

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    I feel most people want more items to be added, not more features.. Its hard to explain. People want things like the Better than Wolves mod, it adds more items and more playability. Lately i think we have been seeing this more, with cauldrons and potions and such, but mojang needs to read these forums more and look at what really is popular. Mods like better than wolves and industrial craft are what people want, not more realms and dragons and things like that. And certainly not villages. WE make the villages, we dont need drones to do that for us.. especially because they never match up to the terrain correctly, and because they are ugly. PLUS once you have seen one, you have seen them all.
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    I recently discovered how to trap someone in the nether. Pretty clever if you ask me... Maybe this has been found before but... I'll make it easier for people to find.

    For this trap to work, the player you are trapping can not have a flint and steel, or the materials to make one, on them. Otherwise they can just re-light the portal.

    1. Start by making a portal to the nether, simple.
    2. enter the nether
    3. next to the portal in the nether, place a tnt block, just close enough to smack, but not close enough to kill someone.
    4. step back into the portal to return to the real world, and just before you teleport, smack the TNT.

    What happens? You return to the real world and the TNT does not explode. The next time someone uses your portal to the nether, as soon as the nether world loads for them, the TNT explodes. The explosion shuts off the portal, trapping them in the nether, as they cant re-light the portal without a flint and steel.

    :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian:
    :obsidian: [] [] :obsidian:
    :obsidian: [] [] :obsidian:
    :obsidian: [] [] :obsidian:
    :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian: :tnt:

    The point isn't for SMP, its for SSP. You can use this when creating challenge worlds and sharing your save file. And in a challenge world, you are able to choose what items they go into the nether with.

    U leik?
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