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    posted a message on !Mianite Remake! {Ianite, Dianite, Mianite}--{Yar CaptainCapsize}--{Wizards}
    IGN: DylanGill1138 ( don't judge me i was young when i made this account.)

    Age: 15

    I would like to join as i am a big fan of the Mianite series. I have been watching all the episodes on Tom's channel and it very amazing. I would like to join so i can feel the awesomeness. :>
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    posted a message on | █ █ █ | - StarstruckRPG is hiring! HTML-DEVs/Builders/More! |█| Apply for our third stage of recruitment! - | █ █ █ |
    Hello! I would love to be a builder! I have been on 2 other servers, kinda new to it. My IGN is DylanGill1138, i am 14, Skype name is madman0nfire, email is [email protected]
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    posted a message on Mianite Based Minecraft Realms Server
    IGN: DylanGill1138 (I got minecraft when i was like 9...)

    Age: 13

    Why? Well I'm ****ing bored on minecraft
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    posted a message on Prison Server Looking For Admins, Moderators, Builders, Helpers, Devs, GFXs, and Youtubers!
    Quote from StreetHead01

    You must be over 12 to apply.

    Available Positions:

    Admin: 3 available
    Chat-Mod:7 available
    Jr.Mod:6 available
    Moderator: 5 available
    Head-Mod: Taken
    Builders: Unlimited
    Youtubers: Unlimited

    This server is still in development, you can apply and if you are accepted you will be tested close to release. If you pass you will be added to your position except if you are a builder.

    Application Form:


    Contact Information (Skype etc.):




    Past experience:

    Why should we pick you?:

    How much time can you spend on the server?:

    Anything else?:

    IGN: DylanGill1138
    Skype: MadMan0nFire
    Gender: Male ( no **** )
    Age: 14
    Position: Admin
    Past Experience: I was admins on like 2 or 3 servers, banning people for griefing. Luckily we could back it up :P
    Why you should pick me: I love to play minecraft and helping people out and serving justice is the best for me :)
    How much time I can spend on the server: All the time i can : 10 Hours per week
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    posted a message on Builders needed for a parkour server!
    Quote from Prestiged_Chaz

    I need a few builders for a Parkour server. I am planning on starting out small but going big. I need people who can build really cool parkour. No Hacks are allowed and you will be given creative mode to build. Anyone who helps will be a moderator or get 50% off any donation package. Thanks!!!
    P.S. You have to have Skype!!!

    HI can i join? Skype : madman0nfire
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    posted a message on TNT War Server
    Quote from ItsMalvinR


    Since nobody has a legit TNT Wars server, I am planning to make one myself. It's already a planned server but adding this game would contribute to our success. I'll put the IP up in a separate post once everything is ready, ok guys?

    Put the ip here !

    Edit: Yes it's 24/7 and it's cool. There will be a donor rank too, where you get advantages in some mini games, like kits and the ability to kick others from the server if it's full.

    What plugin will you use? Will you be rolling back the map every time a new game starts? Will you be the one to fill up the chests? If you're using a plugin please send me the link to it. I'd be glad to feature it in a few of my server plugin reviews. I'd also like to review your server if it's turned on consistently.
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    posted a message on Block Force needs some builders !You will have op permissions
    IGN: DylanGill1138 ( Don't ask how I got this name I was quite young...)

    Skype: madman0nfire

    Age: 14

    Experience: I really don't have any but i'm making a parkour map if that helps :P

    Proof of Experience (not required but i would like to see it to see your skill)

    How much time will you be able to dedicate to the server?: Whenever I can.

    Are you willing to accept a denial of an application?: Yep!
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