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Hello, some of you might know me as the creator of Super Charged Caverns or not know me at all.

Guess I should say a little about myself. When I first started playing Minecraft it was playing it on my iPod Touch, I began playing around October 2012. I haven't played for as long as some of the other guys on here (I have played Minecraft for about a year and a half). From MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition), I took a step into the PC Edition of Minecraft in February of 2013. Instantly I was hooked, when I first started playing I was a complete noob.

In-game my main interest lies in Map Making, and CTM is my favorite style. Maybe because it's the first map genre I ever played besides Vanilla Minecraft. I have completed all of Vechs' Super Hostile Linear Maps (Infernal Sky II, Legendary, Kaizo Caverns, Spellbound Caverns, and Inferno Mines), I really enjoy linear maps. After that I discovered Amlup's Uncharted Territory Series and completed Uncharted Territory 1 and Uncharted Territory 2.

I owe much of my abilities and inspiration to Etho (or Ethoslab as his channel is called). From Etho I was introduced to Mindcrack which introduced me to Vechs CTM Map. I decided to try my hand at Map Making in January of 2014 and started with CTM. Making Adventure and PvP maps don't appeal to me as much as making CTM type of maps.

My Current Project is Super Charged Caverns. I love making CTM Maps, even though I can't monetize the downloads (too young).

The Programs that I use for making my maps are:

MCEdit - A Minecraft World Editor:

NBT Explorer - A Custom Item Editor:

Minecraft - Self-Explanatory:
Interests Map Making... in Minecraft

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