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    Age and Location:12,USA
    Do You Have a Referral? (Optional):
    Why Do You Want To Join? (2 Sent. Min.): Because I have been searching for a decent Beta survivsl server on this website and I also love any type of zombie-slaying game. I also usually play on the hard difficulty when I play by myself. I spend weekend nights playing Minecraft or Nazi Zombies on Call of Duty Black Ops. If it proves anything, i have gotten to round 32 w/4 players online.
    Why should we accept you over everyone else?: I have lots of practice of staying alive in situations when there are many monsters around me. I don't curse so you won't be getting F-Bombs in your chat.

    Have you read all the rules? Lieing will result in perm. denied. (Y/N):Y
    Have you read and understood the lore? Lieing will result in perm. denied. (Y/N):Y
    Do you understand the Game Mechanics / Currency system? (Y/N): Y
    Have you Ever Been Banned? If so, why? (Be Honest, If We Find Out You Lied, You'll Be Banned Here Too.): No, I have only been on one surver, and it was a building server.
    :tnt: :Zombie: :tnt: DIE!
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