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    This Minigame is a teams pvp arena in a 3D maze made of Pods with hidden areas and extra items inside some.
    There is four teams: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green each team starts off in a team pod only they can get to.
    The maze has tunnels where mobs spawn and you can fight off or place torches to stop them from spawning and mark where you have been.
    The higher in the maze is where the better items but there is only a small amount of ways to go upwards in the maze.

    The Aim of this game is to get as many points as you can, grab better weapons and gear to fight with and get to a button inside the map that starts the battle arena where you will have a short time where you cant die to grab things out of the chests then fight all other players and win the game. After the game is ended there is some spleef arena ideas you can teleport to and play spleef with everyone.


    Outside view of the map

    Inside views of the map

    Spleef Arenas

    Map Download Link: http://adf.ly/Q2Ww0

    Other Notes:
    Make sure the difficulty is Easy, Normal or Hard
    If playing on a server set command blocks enabled to true.

    I hope you like playing this map.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7]StrangeOne101's Minor Mods Collection
    nice fireball mod, do they blow up like ghast ones or burn things like despencers or blazes?
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    Using nbt edit is it possable to make endermen hold differnt blocks, Iron golems hold things other than roses or witchs throwing differnt potions?
    also can armour be put on Wither skeletons and is there a tag making a skeleton a wither skeleton or is it just a differnt mob?
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    Quote from StrangeOne101

    There is no tags on a spider defining it a spider jockey, so the only way way to get one would be to find one in Minecraft and export it as a schematic file. Then you would be able to edit the armour, health, etc. Hopefully that covers your answer.

    Thanks, ill test it out next time I see a spider jockey. also is there a tag defining a creeper saying its a charged creeper?
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    posted a message on Minecraft Survival Build Server Looking For Architects and Permission Experts
    im a good builder and could probaly help, what is the world glitch by the way?
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    posted a message on Help Wanted (map making)
    Hi. My in-game name is MINECRAFTMAN280, I am realy good with redstone and building (and minecraft puzzle making) and can use MCedit and nbt edit a bit
    my age is 15
    i had the game when it was 1.6.6 (before pistons and when zombies droped feathers), i think it was over a year ago at least.
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    Great tutorial so far, the baby zombies run fast and are hard to hit, try beat one with diamond armour!
    Is it possable to use nbt to make a spider jockey?
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