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    posted a message on [1.7.2] The Creep Mod V3.3.03_1.7.2 - REDESIGN IN PROGRESS!

    Welcome all, to the home page of the Creep Mod! This mod adds in a plethora of new content, most importantly including an entire new dimension! All information you need to get started with this mod is below, as well as some other goodies that you can use to help find your way around! Good luck on your journey within the Creep!

    NOTICE: If you are planning on making a mod review, or hosting this mod on an external site, please read the legal information at the bottom of the thread in full. You have been warned.

    As for the upcoming updates, I'm postponing them for a little longer. My exams are starting in about a week from the time of writing (18th May), and I've got to devote my time to my studies and making sure my free time isn't a drag. As always, I'll keep you all posted.

    This is where I will periodically display new community activity regarding the Creep Mod! Currently in the Spotlight is something a little more serious and pressing. User CoolSquid has created a thread to raise awareness of mod reposts. I highly recommend supporting his/her cause, as I and many others are victims of mod reposting. #StopModReposts
    CoolSquid's Original Thread

    A basic description of the Creeper-shaped, explosion-inducing package of awesome this mod is all about!

    The Creep is basically an entire new dimension, a dimension that is the noble Creeper's homeland! Fortunately, the cuddly creatures you encounter in this new land are not your typical explody-creepers, and will only go for the nuclear hug if they decide you are unfriendly (in other words, punching them is a bad idea). But the Creep is not only a haven for Creepers, it can also be yours, too! There are a bucketload of ores lying around in the ground, which will certainly aid you in your survival in the Creep, as well as various plants and livestock for your nutritional needs. Strange forces have given rise to floating islands and have chemically altered all the oceans into liquid nitroglycerine, a powerful explosive that can be picked up with a certain kind of bucket. Whether you conquer the Creepers or live among them, something interesting is bound to happen!

    Here's where I give you updates on the various things regarding the mod! This is different from the Development Feed because it's a bit more open-ended, so anything goes really. It will usually be general announcements about when updates will be out and how I am doing, but like I said, anything goes.

    Current News:
    2 Mar 2014 - 10:28 PMIt's here guys! Update Day is at hand! I've spent the last week meticulously sifting through code, and it really paid off! There's a bunch of new goodies in this version, as well as some important bug fixes and performance enhancements (although it still does help to have a beefy computer, it will always be slightly laggier than the Overworld).

    Older News:
    27 Feb 2014 - 6:27 PM: Well, I just thought I'd give you all some information on the update to 1.7. Due to the way blocks are registered within Minecraft in 1.7, there is a very high chance (99%+) that this will mess up and swap around blocks if you try to load up your old saves of the Creep. This couldn't be helped, and I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it paves the way for exciting future content, and drastically increases the Creep's compatibility with other mods! More on that to come!

    22 Feb 2014 - 10:09 PM: So, it looks like the changes to Minecraft at the moment are all to do with preparing for the long-awaited Mod API! I'm glad Mojang finally got around to this, as it has been promised for a long time now. It does however make traditional modding a brain-hurt of a time, at least until the guys over at Minecraft Forge iron it out. I will do my best to make do, though.Also, check out the current Spotlight video, made by PopularMMO's! This video makes a great review of the mod, and it has attracted a whole chunk-load of views (pun not intended). I didn't get a shoutout during the video, unfortunately, but hey, it's still a great video!

    The following set of instructions detail how to install the mod. These instructions should be followed as precisely as possible, especially if you are new to mod installation. If you have any problems, double-check that you followed these instructions. There is also a small section on errors below.

    Installation - V3.0.01_1.6.2 and above:
    1. Download the Creep Mod from the 'Downloads' section of this post.
    2. Download the latest version of Minecraft Forge Installer for the version of Minecraft you are using at http://files.minecraftforge.net/ (for the Creep Mod, the corresponding Minecraft version is noted at the end of the version number, eg. V3.1.02_1.6.4 is compatible with Minecraft 1.6.4).
    3. Choose 'Install Client' on the Minecraft Forge installer and proceed with the installation.
    4. Access your .minecraft folder (there are various tutorials on how to do this if you are unsure).
    5. Navigate to the 'mods' folder, creating it if it doesn't exist.
    6. Copy the Creep Mod file you downloaded in Step 1 into the 'mods' folder.
    7. Launch Minecraft using the new 'Forge' profile.
    8. You're finished! Enjoy the mod!

    Installation - V2.1 and prior:
    (Note: This guide is for the Forge Edition of the Creep Mod. For the ModLoader Edition, skip Step 2 and ignore any references to Minecraft Forge. Also, in Step 4, download the regular version of DimensionAPI.)
    1. Download the Creep Mod from the 'Downloads section of this thread.
    2. Download the corresponding version of Minecraft Forge.
    3. Download the corresponding version of Risugami's ModLoader.
    4. Download the corresponding version of SDK's ModLoaderMP.
    5. Download the corresponding version of Pudelhund's DimensionAPI.
    6. Access your .minecraft folder.
    7. Navigate to the 'minecraft.jar' file in the 'bin' directory. Make sure your Minecraft installation is clean (in other words, unmodded) before you start.
    8. Open 'minecraft.jar' with archiving software (I recommend 7Zip or WinRAR).
    9. Delete the META-INF folder, and then copy the contents of the mods you downloaded in the following order: first Forge, second ModLoader, third ModLoaderMP, fourth DimensionAPI and last of all the Creep Mod.
    10. Load up Minecraft and enjoy!

    Troubleshooting Errors:
    1. Disable all of your mods and re-enable them one by one. This way you can check if a particular mod is causing you grief.
    2. Make sure you have a clean minecraft.jar BEFORE you start, especially if you are using V3.0.01_1.6.2 and above.
    3. Ask a question on this thread! I will see what I can do to help. It is always helpful if you include your crash log (the crash log is the blue-windowed text that comes up whenever Minecraft crashes).
    4. If you are wondering why there is only a ModLoader version for the Server-side mod up until V2.1, it is because BOTH CLIENT VERSIONS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH IT.4. And of course: MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOWED THE INSTRUCTIONS PRECISELY.

    Information Regarding Other Mods:
    Every version of the Creep Mod after V2.1 uses Minecraft Forge. Because of this, it should be fully compatible with other Forge mods, unless you have ID conflicts (this can be fixed by changing the values in '.minecraft/config/TheCreep.cfg'). This also goes for all Forge versions up to and including V2.1. ModLoader versions up to V2.1 may be a bit more temperamental, but should still work with 95% of mods. As of V3.2.01_1.7.2, it should be even more compatible with pretty much everything, due to Mojang phasing out object IDs for the most part!

    This is arguably the most important part of this thread: the place where you come to get your green, Creeper-shaped goodies!

    Latest Versions:
    The Creep Mod V3.3.03_1.7.2 Universal: MediaFire Minecraft Forge

    Older Versions:
    The Creep Mod V3.3.02_1.7.2 Universal: MediaFire Minecraft Forge (warning, breaks SMP)
    The Creep Mod V3.3.01_1.7.2 Universal: MediaFire Minecraft Forge (warning, breaks SMP)
    The Creep Mod V3.2.01_1.7.2 Universal: Mediafire Minecraft Forge (warning, breaks SMP)
    The Creep Mod V3.1.02_1.6.4 Universal: Mediafire Minecraft Forge
    The Creep Mod V3.1.02_1.6.2 Universal: Mediafire Minecraft Forge
    The Creep Mod V3.0.04_1.4.6 Universal: Mediafire
    The Creep Mod V3.0.03_1.4.6 Universal: Mediafire (warning, breaks SMP)
    The Creep Mod V3.0.02_1.4.6 Universal: Mediafire
    The Creep Mod V3.0.01_1.4.6 Universal: Mediafire
    The Creep Mod V2.1 Client: ModLoader Edition Forge Edition
    The Creep Mod V2.1 Server: ModLoader Edition
    The Creep Mod V2.0 Client: ModLoader Edition
    The Creep Mod V2.0 Client: ModLoader Edition
    The Creep Mod V1.0 Client: ModLoader Edition Forge Edition
    The Creep Mod V1.0 Server: ModLoader Edition

    Development Versions:Install these versions as if they were ModLoader Edition mods.
    Development Version 0312b: ModLoader Edition
    Development Version 0312b: ModLoader Edition
    'Moving too Fast' Fix 1.2.4/1.2.5: Mediafire
    Explanation of DEV number: 03 = Month12 = Year a = VersionSo: 0312a is the first DEV release for March 2012.

    This section of the post outlines all the updates and new features of the currently released versions!

    The Creep Mod V3.3.03_1.7.2:
    - Yet another hotfix. Turns out multiplayer was buggered!

    The Creep Mod V3.3.02_1.7.2:
    - Just a quick hotfix, fixed stairs and some slabs being uncraftable.

    The Creep Mod V3.3.01_1.7.2:
    - Slabs and Stairs! 5 different varieties!
    - Added in some various things, but they're not currently ingame, as I can't promise they'll work.
    Bug Fixes:
    - Gunpowder dropping itself.
    - Solid Nitroglycerine only dropping 1 powder.
    - Photonium Shards burn for 10 times longer than normal.
    - Obfuscators screwing with some classes.

    The Creep Mod V3.2.01_1.7.2:
    Oh the sheer win.
    - Creepium Ore, Creep style! It can now also generate in the Creep!
    - Updated the generator, floating islands are fewer and further between, and removed an utterly useless piece of code that generated them underground. Big performance boost.
    - Caves and Ravines now generate in the Creep!
    - Added AVM, a special kind of explosive!
    - Creeper Knights now physically wear Arbitrium Armor, it's no longer just a texture.
    - A few texture improvements, namely to armor sets, which were very bland.
    - Creep Portals can now be ANY size from 3x4 to 23x23 blocks!
    - Fluorostone Torches now have a custom 'green fire' particle.
    - Added Creeper Helmets and Creeper Knight Helmets! Rare drops, aesthetic only.
    - Added Photonium Block, crafted with 9 Photonium Fragments.
    - Language updates, and (partial) French support! Oh la la!
    - ECD, AVM and Gunpowder now all render properly when primed.
    - Custom Spawn Eggs are now fully supported!

    The Creep Mod V3.1.02_1.6.4:
    Note: The features described for this version are identical to V3.1.02_1.6.2
    - Arbitrium Bucket: Craft them with Arbitrium Shards in a 'V' shape, they can hold nitroglycerine.
    - Creepstone Bricks: Crafted like your regular stone bricks, but with Creepstone.
    - Fluorostone Torches: Crafted with a stick and a Fluorostone Dust.
    - Stickgrass: Grows in the Creep, can be crafted into fruit to eat.
    - Stickgrass Fruit: Heals you for 1.5 hunger.
    - Changed the Creep Portal texture. Uses the default Portal texture, but it is animated.
    - Fixed Bonemeal not being consumed to grow Creep Saplings.
    - Creep Logs are now rotatable!
    - Creep Leaves decay properly.
    - Gunpowder blocks now act as a weak explosive.
    - Baby Creepers are actually smaller than their parents now.
    - Removed some obsolete blocks.
    - Made lakes in the Creep larger and more common.
    - Creepstone can now be used to craft a furnace.

    The Creep Mod V3.0.03_1.4.6:
    - Fixed the age old bug of crafting Creep Glass Panes only giving you one pane.

    The Creep Mod V3.0.02_1.4.6:
    - Fixed armor being unobtainable and ridiculously overpowered.
    - Added a crafting recipe to turn Creepium back into shards.

    The Creep Mod V3.0.01_1.4.6:
    - Made the mod UNIVERSAL!
    - Now uses ONLY Minecraft Forge.
    - Creep Saplings can now grow with bonemeal.
    - Changed the world generator. It is now an overworld land with floating islands (Still uses creepstone).
    - Added Fluorostone, a luminescent block to the Creep.
    - Added some obsolete blocks that may or may not be fully used later on. For the moment it IS NOT RECOMMENDED to use them.
    - Added a config file (finally)!
    - Added modified creepers to the Creep! These little guys are neutral and can be bred with gunpowder!
    - Added Extranium, the 'Bedrock' of the Creep.
    - Made the Creep have a green fog and sky.

    The Creep Mod V2.1:
    - Changed the crafting recipe for Creepium and Arbitrium blocks.
    - Added Photonium, the 'coal' of the Creep (It lasts 1.25x as long as coal in a furnace).
    - Added Photonium Torches.

    The Creep Mod V2.0:
    - Added Creep Cows.
    - Added Creeper Knights.
    - Saplings can now grow instantly with Nitro Powder.
    - Many more crafting recipes for creepwood.
    - Confirmed existence of Creep Dungeons.
    - Made faster mine time for Creep shovels applicable to Solid Nitro.
    - A crapload of bugfixes.Note: The first version (1.0) of The Creep had no previous version to compare changes to. Any other versions listed are being compared to the previous version.

    Should you need any further encouragement, I managed to find a plethora of drool-inducing screenshots to post. Here we are!

    I finished my portal!

    I have arrived! Awesome!

    I found a lake (or what passes for one in the Creep).


    What'cha lookin' at?


    After I found food in the form of Stickgrass, I decided to get a bit industrial...

    This section is where I will keep you all updated on my development progress! Be warned that this section is prone to technobabble.

    7 March 2014: 7:48 PM: Argh! I found out I let a rendering nasty get past me! That means ALL 1.7.2 versions up until the will-be V3.3.03 break Multiplayer! Drat, but at least it was easy to fix.

    6 March 2014: 8:33 PM: Okay, so I was a day late. I was just checking tt everything was in order. Enjoy!

    4 March 2014: 9:15 PM: Going to add an update tomorrow! Changelog is already up.

    2 March 2014: 9:24 PM: Update Day! It has arrived! Uploading now, and running a final test of the .jar file! Woo!

    1 March 2014:1:31 PM: I ran the mod obfuscation yesterday, and tried booting up. It instantly crashed. What was the source of this mysterious error? I had obfuscate strings in the frickin' source files. Genius. Anyway, it's pretty much done now, I just have to decide whether I want to add some more stuff or push for a release.

    27 February 2014: 6:22 PM: Well, I've been ironing out bugs these last three days, and there's been nowhere to go but up! I've got the dimension itself fully functional on both client and server, and I've even found a bit of time to squeeze in some extra content! I'll brush over some of the most notable changes as of yet, but the rest will be in the release changelog. I know many of you complained of lag, so I dailed back the island generator quite a bit (they don't generate as big or as high), and I removed some redundant code. It's probably now around 2x faster, with little to no impact on atmosphere or gameplay.

    24 February 2014: 8:26 PM: You won't believe this, guys, but I got rid of all of the errors! I'm gonna try and run it now, but I'm not expecting much from it. Next it will be a matter of clearing up bugs. Be back soon!

    24 February 2014: 5:07 PM: This is monumental. Today I cleared up ALL the errors in the main mod file. Also, I managed to fix my WorldProvider and a whole bunch of arbitrary files, so hooray for that! And last of all, it really is true! There are no more block OR item ID's, and for entities you get 256 UNIQUE id's per mod. Much code, many ID, wow.

    23 February 2014: 5:42 PM:I figured out how to use the new dev workspace! Hooray! Also, OH MY GOD. I had a moment of realisation. YOU DON'T NEED BLOCK ID'S ANYMORE. THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES. Also, screw you Minecraft Forums for trying to correct 'realisation'. Here in Australia we don't spell it with a 'z'. 'Till next time.

    22 February 2014: 7:45 PM: Well, would you look at that! The thread got a much needed revamping today, and I also took another look at ForgeGradle. Unfortunately, I'm still no closer to figuring it out. More on that soon!

    10 October 2013: 10:02 PM: Yeah, I'm back! :3 Well I added in some new features recently, for the new version! Yes, you can finally pick up Nitroglycerine in (custom) buckets! Yes, there are now crops in the Creep! Yes, there are numerous bug fixes! Look out for the next version, coming very soon!

    20 February 2013: 10:20 PM: Took a sick day today, so I fixed the age old bug of crafting Creep Glass Panes only giving you one pane. Will upload in a minute or two.

    26 January 2013: 3:45 PM: Well, I haven't written one of these in a while! I just released V3.0 guys! Happy Australia Day!

    30 July 2012: 6:24 PM: Had to do this kind of quickly, a changelog is pending, but i have uploaded 2.1. Links available above.

    30 July 2012: 8:19 AM: Oh, I just found the files for 2.1 lying around! I'm tweaking some tiny little things like Photonium burn time and block recipes, i will release 2.1 either this morning or tonight.

    29 July 2012: 8:03 AM: Just an announcement: My next release of the Creep will probably be released for Minecraft 1.3. I will start working after ModLoader and DimensionAPI are updated, and release a ModLoader edition, and then wait until Forge has updated. This will stop people waiting for a few days for it to be updated.

    1 July 2012: 9:19 PM: Just been screwing around for a few days with some code, and added in 'Photonium' which is like coal but for the Creep. V 2.1 up very soon! EDIT: Oh, yes this time I WILL do a Forge version.

    26 May 2012: 9:04 PM: Just released V2.0 of The Creep! Many new features, such as Creep Cows, Creeper Knights and a bunch of other fancy stuff! See the 'Changelog' section for complete list.

    25 May 2012: 8:11 AM: Version 2.0 SSP is ready for upload! Got school now, can anyone wait 7 hours?

    21 May 2012:4:51 PM: Just applied crafting recipes for everything that can be crafted out of wood (except tools) to Creep Wood, Planks and Sticks! Now working on a new 'bonemeal'.

    20 May 2012:6:17 PM: Well Creeper Knights are finished, both SSP(tested) and SMP(untested). Just need to make the texture a little better. Also have been working on leaves so they act more normal (can harvest with shears, and rarely drop creep saplings and gunpowder). Tried adding in mini creepers and failed... sorry guys. Ooh, a successful recompile! Testing, cya.

    18 May 2012:7:27 PM: I've just added in a few things to my to-do list. It currently includes:- Backwards compatibility for 1.2.3 (requested).- Creeper Knights :D - Stopping the annoying mushroomy trees with no wood.- A lot of bugfixes.- A new version name so people with DEV versions can't go onto a server and screw it up.Also, I am currently on stand-by for developing this mod. With Minecraft 1.3 and a 'Modding API' on its way, it feels necessary to wait and see where this goes. Sorry for any delays, expect an update soon.

    29 April 2012:6:31 PM: Full version finally released after nearly two months of work!!!

    29 April 2012:12:36 PM: I have just finished the entire mod! I'm just cleaning up the code and texturing. A download should be up in a few hours!

    29 April 2012:9:56 AM: Just uploaded a screenie of ECD explosions. Check it out!

    28 April 2012:8:39 PM: Hey guys! First D.F woot! Just finalised the portal! Activate it with a creepium shard! Also re-shaped and re-textured it, has a custom sound and spawns particles! Also added ECD (Epic Creeper Dynamitium) with 3 times the power of TNT (your obsidian houses are fine). Full release will be sometime this week!

    28 Apr 2012 - Added in a development feed.
    29 Apr 2012 - Added the finished mod to the page!
    27 Apr 2012 - Added in a progress bar for the mod (80% when first added).
    1 Apr 2012 - Updated the version compatibility information.
    31 Mar 2012 - Updated the post so that it says a new DEV release is out.
    29 Mar 2012 - Updated the post so that it now says I am not using Forge.
    25 Mar 2012 - Updated the post so that it now says I am using Forge.
    18 Mar 2012 - Moved the thread to here. Added NinjaOfDarkness's dungeon idea to to-do list.
    15 Mar 2012 - Updated the feature list so that it now says I'm working on tools, armor, trees and nitro.
    12 Mar 2012 - First posted on The Creep, added a very incomplete feature list.

    Here is the place where community activity is diaplayed! Most of the things I put in here are video reviews, but it is in no way specific!

    Here is a video review by LightTrench from quite a while ago, which (I think) happens to be the first EVER video review of the mod! Thanks a million!

    Another video review, this time by hgtpsh (I think I got that right :D )! Enjoy!
    Here we have PopularMMO's showcase of the mod, with over 220,000 views!
    Here's a mod spotlight by TeamTwist! It's a great summary of how to do things; I recommend this for those who are stuck!

    Just some legal formalities so you can't run around claiming this mod is yours...

    Forewarning: Any incidents caused by a user's lack of reading this license agreement are that user's own responsibility. Jacob Poole, hereafter refered to as the Author reserves the right to request the termination of material that violates the terms of this license agreement.

    The terms 'The Creep' and any associated terms not already copyrighted by Mojang and/or its affiliates are the legal property of the Author. The Author reserves the right to request appropriate credit for any works, such as videos or articles created based on or including this modification (outlined in the license agreement below). Distribution of this modification is allowed and encouraged, but be aware that the Author also reserves the right to revoke this permission if it is felt that the manner in which the modification is being distributed is inappropriate in any way. It is recommended to ask permission to distribute any works listed on this page, outlining clearly your intentions, to avoid any misunderstanding. It is also recommended to read the Creative Commons License below, to fully understand the terms of this agreement.

    Regarding download mirrors:
    Any works represented on this page may not be hosted on an external website without explicit prior consent of the Author. Any works hosted on an external site are required to:
    a.) Mention the Author as the rightful owner of the material hosted,
    b.) Provide a link back to this thread, andc) Use only the download links provided on this official thread.
    c) Use only the download links provided on this official thread.
    This section of the license agreement is effective as of 17th May 2014. Any material in violation of the 'Regarding download mirrors' section that was created prior to said date is exempt from the terms of that section.

    Regarding use of the source code:
    This section of the agreement is effective starting 21st April 2015.
    End users agree to this section of the agreement when, and only when, they have obtained, by any means, the source code of this modification. The source code may be:
    - Modified by end users at his/her own discretion, provided these modifications of the original code are NEVER distributed unless prior and explicit consent has been given by the Author.
    - Used to produce derivative works/modifications that may be distributed provided that they do not directly include any source material (eg, derivative modifications can reference class files, but not include them in the final work).
    - Used as a learning material, or to provide feedback or assistance to the Author or others.

    As a result of mod distributions I have found that I am not comfortable with, as of 15th January, 2015, I (the Author) am removing the Creative Commons Licensing from this agreement, which I feel inhibits my ability to follow up on mod reposts. This agreement is now a written legal contract between users of this modification and the Author. As a result, I reserve the right to report any reposts that do not comply with the agreement to any given authority.

    If I end up giving you permission to use the Creep Mod in your mod pack, you'll also be given permission to use this cool little stamp to certify that what you've made is endorsed by me!

    Keep in mind that using this without permission violates the Disclaimer.

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    posted a message on ★★★[CarbonCraft]★★★{1.8}Factions★Prison★SkyBlock★MiniGames★★

    Well, you probably won't be seeing me on the server, since I really only play on private servers with my friends. That being said, well done! I had a look at the website, and it looks like you've gone to a lot of effort to put this together and get involved with the community!

    My hat off to you, and best wishes for the success of CarbonCraft!

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    posted a message on Gold, villagers and your towns
    Someone should make a mod for this, at least. I would love to see this in the game! I'm not sure where I stand on hire-able militia, though. Still, wonderful ideas!
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    posted a message on BukkitvsMods
    Gotta go with mods as well. I decided to get into modding simply because there's more versatility with the content you can create. Bukkit isn't without its merits though, it certainly can do some aspects such as commands and server integration better. But when it comes to making content like new blocks, world generators, game modes and the like which everyone looks for, mods have an irrefutable edge, so I have to go with mods :D
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    posted a message on List of sites stealing Minecraft content. StopModReposts!
    Also, thankyou CoolSquid for creating this thread! I never realised how widespread this problem was until I became a mod author myself. You have my ongoing support.

    I've also featured this list as my Community Spotlight on my mod's main thread :3 Keep at it!

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    posted a message on Add Herobrine?
    Let it be put simply: I don't support this idea.

    1. Herobrine is a myth; something for modders to add to the game on their own volition. Adding him to the game would essentially destroy that myth.

    2. For this to be considered a valid idea, more unique features about his behaviour (abilities, Mob AI's, etc.) are needed. Basically, what's been mentioned is an underpowered zombie that drops diamond. Easy to kill, easy to farm, so I'm against it. He needs some unique abilities, mannerisms, aesthetics, that sort of thing in order to make him a unique addition to the game.

    3. There's mods which add Herobrine already, it makes sense to use those as 'fun' additions, instead of as having him as a serious feature in the actual game.
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    posted a message on Forge Compatible X-Ray Mod? (1.4.6)
    Quote from minecraftnewguy

    Nodus is what you want but please dont use it
    That's like giving me a pie and telling me not to eat it. Yeah, not gonna happen.
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    posted a message on Forge Has Gone to Far!
    I (politely) disagree, because:
    1. The guys at forge never said that you CAN'T mod without MCForge (as far as I know), I think they would mean it's EASIER to mod with MCForge, and harded with no API's whatsoever.

    2. I read somewhere that they didn't actually steal the ModLoader code, but made their own compatibility code from scratch. I can tell you as a modder that what I just said is true. The files aren't even in the same directories and have different names.

    I hope you don't think I'm going all spazzo, I just wanted to make my own point, because I used to think Forge was crappy for modifying heaps of base files, but when I looked a little deeper into the functionality, I couldn't live without it. And anyway, most mods are using Froge now because of it's universal code and plugin-like mod addition.

    Thanks, MCZaphelon
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    posted a message on Generating ore in custom dimension [Solved]
    Instead of having the ore generation in your main class file, put the default ore generation code under the public void populate(IChunkProvider par1IChunkProvider, int par2, int par3){ method
    public void populate(IChunkProvider par1IChunkProvider, int par2, int par3)
    	 BlockSand.fallInstantly = true;
    	 int i = par2 * 16;
    	 int j = par3 * 16;
    	 for (int k = 0; k < 8; k++)
    		 int i1 = i + hellRNG.nextInt(16) + 8;
    		 int k2 = hellRNG.nextInt(120) + 4;
    		 int i4 = j + hellRNG.nextInt(16) + 8;
    		 (new WorldGenHellLava(Block.lavaMoving.blockID)).generate(worldObj, hellRNG, i1, k2, i4);
    	 int l = hellRNG.nextInt(hellRNG.nextInt(10) + 1) + 1;
    	 for (int j1 = 0; j1 < l; j1++)
    		 int l2 = i + hellRNG.nextInt(16) + 8;
    		 int j4 = hellRNG.nextInt(120) + 4;
    		 int k5 = j + hellRNG.nextInt(16) + 8;
    		 (new WorldGenFire()).generate(worldObj, hellRNG, l2, j4, k5);
    	 l = hellRNG.nextInt(hellRNG.nextInt(10) + 1);
    	 for (int k1 = 0; k1 < l; k1++)
    		 int i3 = i + hellRNG.nextInt(16) + 8;
    		 int k4 = hellRNG.nextInt(120) + 4;
    		 int l5 = j + hellRNG.nextInt(16) + 8;
    		 (new WorldGenGlowStone1()).generate(worldObj, hellRNG, i3, k4, l5);
    	 for (int l1 = 0; l1 < 25; l1++)
    		 int j3 = i + hellRNG.nextInt(16) + 8;
    		 int l4 = hellRNG.nextInt(256);
    		 int i6 = j + hellRNG.nextInt(16) + 8;
    		 (new WorldGenCreepTrees(false)).generate(worldObj, hellRNG, j3, l4, i6);
    	 for(int x =0; x < 12; x++)
    		 int Xcoord = i +hellRNG.nextInt(16);
    		 int Ycoord = hellRNG.nextInt(98);
    		 int Zcoord = j + hellRNG.nextInt(16);
    		 (new WorldGenCreepMinable(mod_CreepDimension.arbitriumOre.blockID, 5)).generate(worldObj, hellRNG, Xcoord, Ycoord, Zcoord);
    	 for(int x =0; x < 8; x++)
    		 int Xcoord = i +hellRNG.nextInt(16);
    		 int Ycoord = hellRNG.nextInt(98);
    		 int Zcoord = j + hellRNG.nextInt(16);
    		 (new WorldGenCreepMinable(mod_CreepDimension.photoniumOre.blockID, 20)).generate(worldObj, hellRNG, Xcoord, Ycoord, Zcoord);
    	 for(int x =0; x < 10; x++)
    		 int Xcoord = i +hellRNG.nextInt(16);
    		 int Ycoord = hellRNG.nextInt(256);
    		 int Zcoord = j + hellRNG.nextInt(16);
    		 (new WorldGenCreepMinable(mod_CreepDimension.ntgSolid.blockID, 9)).generate(worldObj, hellRNG, Xcoord, Ycoord, Zcoord);
    	 for(int x =0; x < 15; x++)
    		 int Xcoord = i +hellRNG.nextInt(16);
    		 int Ycoord = hellRNG.nextInt(256);
    		 int Zcoord = j + hellRNG.nextInt(16);
    		 (new WorldGenCreepMinable(mod_CreepDimension.gunpowderBlock.blockID, 7)).generate(worldObj, hellRNG, Xcoord, Ycoord, Zcoord);
    	 for (int j1 = 0; j1 < 10; j1++)
    		 int k2 = i + hellRNG.nextInt(16) + 8;
    		 int k3 = hellRNG.nextInt(256);
    		 int i4 = j + hellRNG.nextInt(16) + 8;
    		 if (!(new WorldGenCreepDungeons()).generate(worldObj, hellRNG, k2, k3, i4));
    	 BlockSand.fallInstantly = false;

    That's the public void populate method from my own mod, in My ChunkProvider*** class, and that works perfectly. If you don't already know, the for(int's are the beginning of each specific ore generation, because there are many. As you can also see, it works for other things like trees.

    (this piece of code contains specific copyrights, go to the bottom of this OP: http://www.minecraft...-creep-mod-v21/ for more info)

    Hope I helped!
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    posted a message on ExtrabiomesXL Universal 3.16.3 for MC 1.7.10
    I have tried this mod in the past, but now that forge is universal and having mods is more like having plugins, I now realise how utterly BLOWN AWAY I am by this mod! It's absolutely amazing!
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