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    posted a message on What Is The Scariest Experience You've Ever Had In A Video Game?
    Playing quake 4 in the dark, sound up loud, ran round a corner and got jumped on by some monster....
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    posted a message on Are you embarrassed to admit playing Minecraft?
    in my late 40's, not a fan of consoles due to dodgy thumbs and prefer WASD / mouse look :)

    minecraft is just a game and have met 5 year olds playing FPS like halo, but with all games you do not know what the other people look like unless they volunteer their A/S/L :)

    Been playing games for a long time, made the pc that this runs on, a nice watercooled rig where the hottest item is the graphics card at 26C and the case pumps out cool air :)

    Makes a change to create stuff that requires thought and skill instead of blowing everything up, although I do like tnt mixed with pressure plates :)
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    posted a message on Things that will be in 1.8
    Looks good, love the attention to spelling :)
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    posted a message on How much iron do you have saved up?
    got several stacks, but playing faction with some new players, so kitting them out with some armour as they keep getting shot :sad.gif:

    salvage rails from the dungeon complexes, so might make a railroad one day, but suspect one outdoors at high level :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on MCSkin 3D
    Installed the file, comes up with this

    unable to execute the file:
    c:\program files (x86)\mcskin3d\mcskin3d.exe

    creatprocess failed; code 40
    the requested operation requires elevation

    clicked on the icon on the desktop and seems to work

    using 64 bit windows 7 premium

    will have a play with it :smile.gif:
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