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    posted a message on Lifeboat Network | Frontier, a 150-slot Survival Server | frontier.lbsg.net:19132
    You should take away blue boots. They make red losers.
    Please also make /spawn of both teams different. It is just so unfair.
    Also, to those who think they are attacked by hackers, I would rather consider this the fault of any of the three parties - lifeboat server, attacker, and the victim. One must have a bad network. I believe in lifeboat security.
    So is it for flying sightings. Maybe the "flyer"'s chunks are still loaded as default (seed).
    By PEMapModder

    Just now I was playing when somebody called reds REDSTONE STUPIDS.
    It is okay play in this server ane tease people. It is allowed. But please don't tease people while it is your own fault. In the chat I asked blues to take off boots to make it more fair, and nobody did so. And REDSTONE STUPIDS is quite bad to call someone who loves redstone, while it is only the word RED related.
    And yeah, I once teased reds as Bread Givers, but I didn't have boots on.

    Can you make number of team members more equal, by the way?

    P.S. You can add max no. of people to 30.
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    posted a message on Huntereb's MCPE Server! [0.9.5] [BETA]
    I was wasting wooden planks - I pillar up with them and leave game, then I was teleported to spawnpoint again.
    Can you let us re-enter your server without going to spawnpoint?
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