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    posted a message on [1.4.4] [NEW] Porkchop Realms [24/7] [Minecraft Bedrock]
    1.in-game-name: TrueSkills
    2.age: 14
    3.KIK contact (required): (Forgot it but u msg to be before)
    4.OS (IOS, or Android?): Android
    5.How long have you been playing MCPE?: since v0.7
    6.Your experience on MCPE servers (no more than 3 sentences) Im playing Porkchop Realms from the original parkour server to the grea server like this now
    7.Why you would like to be a guard (5 or more sentences): I likes to help people and guide them to follow the rules, I'm always online on MCPE and at most I'm on Porkchop RLMs
    8. Define in your own words "disobeying server rules": In my own words, disobeying server rules means they hate the server and tries to break the server rules.
    PS: I'm also bored enough to kick the spammers one by one, no matter how long and how hard to spell their name is , hope u can choose me as a guard. Thanks :)
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