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    Minecraft IGN: MCFX2

    Age:I dont see why it should matter, But i am 22.

    Do you have Skype: No, and i do not plan on joining skype.

    How often do you play Minecraft: it varies, between 15 minutes to 6 hours

    How much time would you dedicate to this server: about half my time on minecraft

    Building skills: 7/10, as i get impatient when building.

    Redstone skills: 9/10, im no SethBling, but i did create an original reinvented hidden door concept that has never been done before.

    Do you have a Youtube channel and do you record: i do not have a YouTube channel, though i do recording on request. I use the full version of Fraps.

    Why do you think you should be on this server: I would make a nice addition to the server, and my redstone skills improve most builds.
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