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    Can you provide the screenshots of these happening?

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    Alright then....

    1. Don't install Trend Micro HijackThis.
    2. Usually, MacOS will usually fix itself if you let it to be updated to latest version ( Do this if you dont have latest OS )
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    Trend Micro HijackThis is a utility ( FOR WINDOWS ) that is used to collect diagnostic reports of your computer to help narrow down an issue you may be having. Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/hjt/files/2.0.5 beta/HijackThis.exe/download
    Run the program, choose "I accept", then "Do a scan and save a log file". After a while a text file will open. Copy everything, put the log on http://paste.ubuntu.com and give us the link.

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    Did you update your laptop to latest OS?

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    Press the Win+R keys, and type "dxdiag" (no quotes) in the box. Press enter. If prompted about verifying WHQL, select Yes. Once it has finished loading, click the "Save All Information" button and save it to your desktop.
    Open the file you just saved, and copy the contents. Paste them on http://paste.ubuntu.com and click Submit. Then, copy the link in your browser's address bar and paste it back here.[/p]
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    When it does appear, do you try task manager to close down invisible launcher? ( Java ) Would that fix your issue?

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    Can you be clear on what you meant?

    Here's my answer on what I think you said:

    Forge / old .minecraft data can be saved as backup .... Just copy and paste the files from .minecraft to other file.

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    posted a message on Creative Plus [1.8 - 1.12.2] Enhances your Creative Experience (Great for Builders!)

    Instead of using objects to adjust speed, why not provide them windows where they can adjust run / fly / walk speed?

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    posted a message on Creative Plus [1.8 - 1.12.2] Enhances your Creative Experience (Great for Builders!)

    This seems nice mod to get. What is some coming up features for this mod?

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    So far, I have a little response to this..

    None of Minecraft members are actively captioning the videos they just released.

    Instead, they captioned old videos from year ago towarding to now.

    I would like speed this progress up FAST.
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    You're posting in wrong section.
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    Quote from pefan»

    i get the point of the post but why on the minecraft forum? i mean there are probably ten times better sites for this

    because I are a minecraft fan, and I would appreciate if my fellow minecraftrer can hear willingly to help Deaf Minecrafters in getting captions on minecraft-related YouTube videos.

    Minecraft Forums are heavily focuses on Minecraft youtube videos that reviews mods without captions and they ususally reviews the forums for new mods sometimes.
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    Quote from pefan»
    what was the point of this?

    Point is.... Not all of online videos are accessible for Deaf Youtubers. I'm struggling to understand what is SethBling is trying to do or telling us.
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    Yes! I argeee with you!
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    Imagine any MineCraft YouTube Video is playing right now in front of you.

    Imagine that video doesn't have any captioning at all. Imagine that there is no voice or music going on. Would you understand it?

    What if it is the second language of yours? What if Spanish-speaking or Russian-speaking people who barely learnt any English was watching? Would you understand it?

    As I frustrating try to understand what is SethBling saying, I kept on wondering... Why won't they take time to tackles Subtitling for Deaf?

    Thus, Caption Action 2 formed to try to get YouTube videos to caption their videos again.

    "The problem and why Caption Action 2 exists? The 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) does NOT apply to programming made exclusively for the web. Therefore, the young deaf and hard of hearing people growing up today are largely left out as hearing children and teens devour web TV on their tablets." ( Caption Action 2)

    "Caption Action 2" is a nearly same group who tried to get one web series I didn't watch to captioned: Annoying Orange. It worked. . . for while. Annoying Orange decided to stop captioning their videos and starts to make FUN of DEAF people by doing " Crappy Captions" .

    Captioning will BRING MORE TRAFFIC to Youtube

    As you see, I'm not only one here who wants Captioning Videos. Everyone who I know would like Captioning on their video. It's actually really cheap!

    ( Directly Copied from Caption Action 2 FB page )
    Producer Information

    1. Pay for It - (Very minor cost. The cost to closed caption is far less than most of the costs in a typical web series production budget! On average, about $2-$3 a minute for an accurate transcript to upload to YouTube. You can caption an episode for the cost of a pair of blue jeans!). This is the best option because you are guaranteed your videos will be captioned, without having to rely on volunteers or use your limited time to do it yourself.

    Use a Disability Access Tax Credit

    Section 44 of the IRS tax code provides for a tax credit for small businesses for accessibility. According to http://www.irs.gov/Businesses/Small-Businesses-&-Self-Employed/Tax-Benefits-for-Businesses-Who-Have-Employees-with-Disabilities

    , "The Disabled Access Credit provides a non-refundable credit for small businesses that incur expenditures for the purpose of providing access to persons with disabilities. An eligible small business is one that that earned $1 million or less or had no more than 30 full time employees in the previous year; they may take the credit each and every year they incur access expenditures. Refer to Form 8826, Disabled Access Credit (PDF), for information about eligible expenditures."Use Form 8826 (http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f8826.pdf

    ) to claim this credit. This form states:"2. To provide qualified interpreters or other methods of making audio materials available to hearing-impaired individuals;" Logically, this would include captioning.

    a. YouTube Ready Program (http://youtubeready.dcmp.org/

    ) - Use a competitively priced captioning service provider to get an untimed English language text transcript that can be uploaded to YouTube to generate accurate captions. (Or create an untimed text transcript yourself.) Some have already been approved by YouTube and have the YouTube Ready seal of approval. Others have been approved by the Described and Captioned Media Program (dcmp.org

    ) There are hundreds of captioning services in the United States and Canada, hungry for your business.

    Here is a blog post from YouTube itself explaining about the YouTube Ready program: http://youtube-global.blogspot.com/2010/06/professional-caption-services-get.html

    . Here is a direct link to the list of YouTube Ready captioning vendors: http://youtubeready.dcmp.org/

    According to that blog post (from 2010), the YouTube Ready vendors charge typically $2 a minute for just a transcript that you can upload to YouTube to generate accurate automatic captions, or $10 a minute for full, professional captioning work.

    An Internet search (Twitter, Facebook, web) will help in identifying several professional captioning service providers. Several specialize in only web video platform (YouTube, et al) captioning.

    b. FullScreen Network - If you are part of the Fullscreen network on youtube, Fullscreen has a discount partnership with a captioning service provider. This service can be accessed via Sign in with Fullscreen. Or go directly to http://www.captionsforyoutube.com/fullscreen

    and sign in with your Fullscreen account.

    c. Service matching - Captionmatch at http://www.captionmatch.com

    will match producers with captioning service providers. Captioning service providers pay a fee, as explained at http://captionmatch.com/fee-schedule/


    2. Create and Edit Closed Captions Yourself

    Many producers opt for doing the captioning themselves but this is not the best option (paying for it is). It is not the best option because quality captioning requires some skill, and producers often don't have the time or people resources to devote to captioning.

    a. YouTube

    Edit the automatic captions yourself for accuracy. (Free)

    YouTube Help's Captions page (https://support.google.com/youtube/topic/3014331


    YouTube Captioning How-To Videos - YouTube has videos that explain how to caption YouTube videos. Here are some of them:

    o Big Nate 84: How to Add Closed Captions to a YouTube Video () - approximately 8 minutes long, and includes formatting tips and step by step instructions.

    o AT Network Training on How to Caption YouTube Videos () - approximately 53 minutes long and is a recording of an actual training session.

    o How to Easily Create Subtitles and Captions for YouTube SEO () - from ReelSEO, this video is approximately 8 minutes long.

    o Adding Text (Closed Captions) To YouTube Videos () - From Don Crowther, this video is 9 minutes long.

    o How to Caption YouTube Videos () - Less than 4 minutes, this one takes a few seconds to poke fun at the results from automatic captions.

    b. Vimeo - Vimeo has a FAQ page on captions and subtitles at http://vimeo.com/help/faq/managing-your-videos/captions-and-subtitles

    . At this time captions work best in Chrome. Firefox is known to have some issues.

    c. DailyMotion.com

    - DailyMotion does have support for closed captioning. You can use Amara.org

    to generate a .srt file, then use that file to create closed captions for a DailyMotion.com

    video. After you create the captions, users will see the "CC" logo appear in the hover menu that appears in the top right corner of a DailyMotion.com


    Here is DailyMotion's guidance for creating captions (subtitles): http://www.dailymotion.com/us/faq#tools_1

    d. Blip.tv - also has closed captioning support.Blip has a page on how to add captioning to a blip.tv video: http://support.blip.tv/entries/20490403-adding-closed-captioning-to-your-episode

    . This page is not viewable without an account.

    e. All Platforms

    Suggested editing guidelines


    - Caption It Yourself (said to be the best guide by many)http://www.dcmp.org/caai/nadh204.pdf

    - Providing Captions for Flash-Based Streaming Videohttp://www.dcmp.org/captioningkey/

    - Captioning Key, including a downloadable PDF (http://www.dcmp.org/captioningkey/captioning-key.pdf


    Also, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers published a standard for captioning online, timed text. Go to http://standards.smpte.org/

    and search on Timed Text.

    Use Another Site to Create Caption File (Still Free)

    There are a number of free sites online, such as Amara.org

    , that you can use to generate a .SRT file to upload to YouTube or any other platform that supports .SRT. Note: If there is a problem with .SRT from Amara, try the .SBV format. A web series producer captioning for the first time found the timing was off with .SRT on YouTube, but timing was right with .SBV on YouTube.

    Another site is the VideoCritter.org

    website. Another site that has been recommended by web series producers that caption is http://yt-subs.appspot.com/

    . One producer found using yt-subs.appspot.com

    to be "fun" and "super easy." One producer even wrote a blog post about how they used the site: http://www.gopherx.net/2011/06/09/youtube-captioning-an-easier-way/


    Yet another site is CaptionTube, captiontube.appspot.com.

    3. Open Captions (Subtitles) - If you do not mind open captions embedded into the video (can not be turned on and off) there are plenty of free options online. Use any of the several online free subtitling services such as SubtitleHorse.org

    , SubPly.com

    , Amara.org

    , orDotSub.com.

    However, this option involves labor. Plus, creating accurate subtitles does require some skill.

    Use free software for subtitling.

    - http://www.aegisub.org/

    - AegiSub- http://www.urusoft.net/

    - Subtitle Workshop- http://www.videohelp.com/tools/Sub_Station_Alpha

    - Sub Station Alpha- http://www.videohelp.com/tools/Subrip

    - SubRip- http://www.afterdawn.com/software/audio_video/subtitle_tools/

    4. Crowd Sourced Captioning

    a. Volunter Captioning Groups – There are a few volunteer captioning groups you can submit requests to. However, these groups have limited capacity and you are encouraged to use one of the other options listed here. Known volunteer captioning groups so far:

    i. Subtitle YouTube – Submit requests via their facebook page (they welcome new members!): facebook.com/subtitleyoutube.

    ii. Transcript or Caption Request – Requests for transcripts can be submitted here: http://www.reddit.com/r/TranscriptRequest/

    Requests for captions can be submitted at the newer CaptionPlease subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/CaptionPlease

    b. Amara Crowdsourcing App for YouTube - Amara has an app for crowdsourced captioning on YouTube. You connect your YouTube account to Amara, and a link asking people to help with subtitling is created for your video. More details here! http://about.amara.org/2013/02/05/announcing-crowdsourced-subtitles-for-your-youtube-channel/

    This option works well only if you promote the link.

    c. Fan Subtitling on YouTube - In June 2014 YouTube announced a crowdsourced captioning option. Channels can voluntarily participate in providing this option to viewers. See https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6054623

    for more details. Unfortunately this is still in beta and not available to all YouTube channels, so consider another option on this page until it is out of beta.

    Reddit users created this sub-thread : http://www.reddit.com/r/CaptionPlease/'


    This is a new subreddit so volunteers are appreciated right now we are mostly needing people with experience who are willing to setup the Wiki, so if you have experience doing wiki pages or transcribing videos please message us.

    We have found a mod who says he is very familiar with CSS so we will be adding tags for Requests, Completed Requests, Offers. We will be adding flare for contributers and easy setup for RSS feeds so you can be notified when something is posted."

    That is basically small group of volunteers who is willing to CAPTION the videos.
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