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    posted a message on The Kingdoms.
    Quote from fferhrtytsgfgrg

    Minecraft Username; mogzy1999
    will I use custom skins; yes
    Age; 12
    Country; United Kingdom
    Will I "RolePlay"; sure will

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    posted a message on Why hunger is a welcome addition to Minecraft
    Quote from Smuck

    I am with the crowd of people who kind of want a drinking bar just for hard difficulty.

    For Hardcore player's there should be a Energy and Drinking Bar, also an OLS (one last stand) where you die well.. Your world gets deleted. :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Upgradable Bow
    Quote from Fisherben1000

    I will try tdo make that mod

    It's already been made by Risu. Elemental Bows & Arrows.
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    posted a message on IS THIS A JOKE?
    Quote from mattyt2401

    It is because notch Jeb completely redid the world generator

    Please get your fact's right, also since it will change your spawn instantly once it detects it becomes dangerous its not a very big issue, unlike frriender men.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Hosts?
    Currently looking for good servers that aren't complete rip-off's and that I know will do badly right at the start.
    Currently I need an 16-32 slot server for only $24.00 per month, with very good Ram;$$$ ratio.

    I am seeing servers that cost 5$ for a mere 256mb and I just lol @ that, so yeah any good host's and it MUST have FTP access as thats one of the main way's I use servers.
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    posted a message on Will the "World Type" Button get a use
    Quote from Pandemic

    When you create a new world under the "World Options" where you can seed it, turn off or on the new structures, and a grayed out button that says "World Type: Normal". Is this going to be like the Invdev thing where you had the sky islands and stuff?

    Your ideas on the subject go


    Don't expect it until 3.0 because the generation right now is terrible enough as it is.
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    posted a message on 1.9 UPDATE:ENDER PEARLS HAVE TOOLS USE.

    THese Pearls will make A PERFECT TOOL Yet Mojang AB Has the Copyrights of mkaing the damage of whatever tools are posted here.


    O hai derh little boi

    did u nou dat diz isn't going to happen?

    Also Santa isn't real.
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    posted a message on In 1.9 will rivers have currents? will there be a use for exp orbs? will enderman pearls or whatever they are called do somethin
    Quote from jase3905

    Rivers - unknown, but probably not unless demand rises.
    NPC's - If not a sub-update of 1.8, then 1.9
    XP - If not 1.9, then 1.10
    Rotten Flesh - If not a sub-update of 1.8, then 1.9
    Ender Pearls - If not a sub-update of 1.8, then 1.9

    It appears some one's failed math class multiple times.
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    posted a message on 1.8 pre-released 2 bugs My report.
    Quote from rickput7

    All of these are known already.

    Those are on your side. They're chunk errors. They've been there forever.

    Seeing as your new, No they haven't its an bug.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: Not Releasing Tuesday, Might Update
    Let me see, Next update; September 1st 1.9
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    posted a message on Mob grinders may stop dropping Items after 1.8-Yay or Nay ?
    How about this instead of compelling it all together.

    Remove all EXP given when killed by any other thing beside an tamed wolf or an player, however you still get drop's but it will be 50% less.
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    posted a message on Why can't notch work to save his life?
    I am sick of all these FAN-BOYS and guess what I can make every, single, answer they have given INVALID.
    1) We payed for Minecraft to HELP it be developed, not be bullshitted every single time an "Major" release is going to happen that isn't truly right.

    Now with that out of the way all fan-boy's are invalid, Now there may be some reason's but I highly doubt that this should of happened of they paid attention and actually worked. I know for an fact they don't have an schedule because if they did NONE OF THIS WOULD BE HAPPENING. If you think about it when they make an estimated time for release and AFTER an few day's its not out and then release an "pre" test and it's buggy as hell which shouldn't of happened. I actually believe that this updated could of only took an single month and be released nearly free of bug's.

    It could of been as simple as this and you would of even made this date and if you didn't make it you would stay the weekend to WORK ON IT.
    [Monday] - Start work on lightning
    [Tuesday] - Keep working on lighting
    [Wednesday] - Test lighting
    [Thursday] - Fix bugs in lighting
    [Friday] - Test lighting followed by an final "test".
    [Saturday] - Day Off
    [Sunday] - Day Off

    [Monday] - Start work on generations
    Etc, etc, etc

    I still remember all those Friday updates, we always got an bunch of new features and such so we at-least knew the game was making good head-way. Since we have entered the "Beta" mode everything has changed. Fewer and fewer updates now, less and less content being added, slower and slower dates. Even in 1.1 Beta, that has to been the buggiest version ever.

    Jeb, if you read this which I know you won't use an schedule better yet, work in a cubicle so you aren't distracted.

    Notch, Please teach Jeb what to do and what not do because hes basically lost like an stray dog.
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    posted a message on ZombieRealms
    Question 1: Why should you be a Mod/builder?
    I know how to build very very neat objects, very good with pixel art designs.
    Question 2: How long will you spend online each day?
    0-6 hours possibility an day.
    Question 3: What experiences have you had from being a mod on other servers?
    Multiple grief team attempts, influenced by team AVO, etc,etc
    Question 4: Will you respect everyone and other buildings/creations?
    Always Yes.
    Question 5: Will you tell 2zxr1 or MagicCoin before you ban someone?
    Yes they deserve to know who has been banned
    Question 6: Will you only ban someone with a good reason?
    Depends on the reason
    Question 7: Are you a griefer?
    No I am not.
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