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    posted a message on [1.7.3]Minecraft 1.8 Mod(Now Comes With Enderman Mod) [WIP]
    well, this is really useful for pirate players... downloading now xD good job dude
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    posted a message on I cant play [edit: a black screen]
    NON-buyers cant play MineCraft right?
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    posted a message on Nether
    I got a really good suggestion here for the Nether! Its quite unique and at the same-time awesome

    Its a really old PSX game that I used to play :biggrin.gif:

    > Ghost pig
    > laughing and crying fruit (can be placed or make them into 4 slices)
    > slightly glowing water
    > more ghost mob
    > bluish and violet tall trees
    > glowing mushroom (got the idea on the Nether Update patch)
    more stuff pls :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Nether
    Notch really should focus on updating the Nether I mean thats the worst place on Minecraft!
    my suggestions
    > More Nether ores
    > More mobs
    > Nether tools
    > Nether Biomes like floating islands, Canyons etc
    > Nether plants
    > Haunted Forrest FTW!!!
    > Glowing mushroomz (O_O)

    If you guys have more ideas to be putted in the Nether feel free ^^
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    posted a message on HELP!!!
    Ok so Im new on this Minecraft forums and Im having a little difficulty :sleep.gif:"
    Kindly answer this questions for me please, thank you

    1. Where can I see all my replies (if someone quotes your post)
    2. Ummm....
    3. make a question for question no. 2 xD

    ok so I only have 1 question so far :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on PAX - 1.8 Game Features!
    definitely the 2nd best MC update!!!
    (1st one if the Halloween update)
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    posted a message on Mystery Island
    nah, Il show support xD
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    posted a message on [1.7.3]Aliens vs Predator v2.1
    you really need to improve the mod, may I suggest splitting them into two? (predator mod and alien mod
    > make a new skin for the predators (wearing tha bio mask this time)
    > make classes of predators (grunt, hunter & elite)
    grunt - only have the bio mask, the wrist blade and weak armor
    hunter - bio mask, wrist blade, spear and the shoulder cannon (can be also hand held) better armor
    elite - bio mask, wrist blade, spear , shoulder cannon, shuriked (the big one as seen on AVP r)smart disk (google it)
    > all of them can use cloak
    > they drop one item depending on their class
    > you can use thier bio mask (same as pumpkin head)
    > if you got the full armor of predator with the wrist blade you can also cloak but they aliens and predator and still see you

    > they have laser sights
    > the predator will attack you if your holding a weapon
    > water or hitting them will uncloak them
    > the shoulder cannon is attatched to the body armor if the body armor is destroyed the cannon will be automatically put in your hotbar, inventory or just drop down (if no spaces are left)

    > the more you use the cannon the slower it loads (just like in the AVP r movie)
    > make a new predator sound

    nuf said :smile.gif:
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