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    posted a message on I found my 2 year old Alpha world (Video/Download)
    I may do a let's play on this world, of course with proper scaling on the video (lol)
    I'd just give a short tour with commentary this time and then... well I have a few ideas in mind.

    Well, I started playing Minecraft two years ago and I've been through every update of this game. I had this world that I loved so much and I finally found it on my mom's laptop (my computer crashed and I thought I lost it). I've worked on it for probably over a year. There are no birch trees, it was generated when biomes were first released (Halloween Update Alpha 1.1.2 or something)
    I'm going to take a quick video tour (no commentary sorry lol) and post it on youtube, keep checking back!

    Download Added!

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