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    Quote from Diamondz

    Could I plz get the ip? I'm tired of griefers and broken communitys!

    Read the post, my noobish friend. :smile.gif:
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    Quote from heytek

    OH DIVINE CLOSE RELATIVE TO THE MAKER! (tell me if you got that one :tongue.gif:) I've got accepted at long last! The joy in this community is unmatched! Oh and about the break, totally understandable, I get that you want your life back (well you cant have it! :tongue.gif:) and a break is what you should have! Although it is a bit sad that I still have to wait :sad.gif: You gotta take the good with the bad i guess! Anyway now I should get in at the same time as Plasma and all the others I've started to know!

    Let me start of with saying this: YOU'RE pure awesome! :biggrin.gif: And you indeed deserve this award for your actions! Over to you, Absolute -1.

    Gee...what did I say when I first got whitelisted? I believe I cried due to pure enjoyment XD . In fact, if I hadn't been accepted via that application, my soul most likely would've imploded. (But I knew that wasn't possible thanks to the above quote by hey) Regardless, I wouldn't have been able to make an acceptable app if it weren't for the Senior Class before me, so I thank YOU. Now then, to all of us here...we did it. We've been accepted into the most realistic RP experience I'm sure is offered here on Minecraft so we all deserve a round applause.

    *claps for everyone here*

    Again, I hope to see all applicants here (Accepted or otherwise) on the server! If you didn't make the cut, don't give up! Reread the Wall of Text (the server info on the 1st page) and try again. You won't want to miss this place. Remember everyone, stay cooler than absolute 0 and remain 2x as awesome as that!

    And now, to the guy with an addiction to Halo Battle Field: 3 worse than Whitney Houston's addiction to...singing, Plasma!
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    I am Sooo interested :biggrin.gif:

    IGN: IcyOblivion You'll be seeing me soon.
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