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    posted a message on how do i stop being such a noob at the mine craft
    He's either from africa, where they don't have computers...
    Or young.
    OR a troll.

    A troll is like an internet bully that acts stupid and stuff to make other people angry....
    Shoot... um... The number thing was an IP. IP's are used to name a computer basically, or atleast it is to me.
    Still, if you want to be less of a noob, play single player.
    Hey, atleast you know how to play!
    Overall though, the things you did were kind of stupid.
    Let's think about it though, you are new... and you did good for a new person...
    Even if you did put a mob spawner in a house...

    The spinny pig cage thing is a mob spawner, they're found in dungeons.
    Really, it's not that bad, all they do is spawn pigs, but...
    Of course you get banned for them. :sad.gif:
    Lol, was this your first time?
    Like, seriously, minecraft isn't this bad. You should know that if youve had it since june.

    You should also know all of this stuff if you had the game from june...

    (Let's see if anybody can see my secret message. :tongue.gif: )
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    posted a message on Mobs with teamwork and communication
    I VOTED TL;DR, but I did read...

    Anyways, about your suggestion... THERE.
    It would be fun to learn the language of the pigmen... But I beleive they should atleast start with 20 things, because... just because. We're going to figure them out 5,000 times over in a day anyways.
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    posted a message on [16x][1.2.5] Gabelam's 4x4 Texture Pack!
    Tiinnnyy bloockks..??


    It's like the 1 8th block mod on steroids.
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    posted a message on Endermen Distorting [in-game] Reality
    ... Would you be able to "see" it if there was a COMPLETLY sealed glass area? Creeper's don't, but you can still see them, so... Would endermen? And I also KNOW that they would engage in a staring contest through a wooden door... and maybe able to **** the door up and THEN charge you...
    Just imagine coming out of the mine after finding a few diamonds, and then seeing an enderman or whatever... And then you're about to open the door with your diamond sword and then POOF it destorys the door and you're being rushed by endermen and creepers and skeletons... oh muh gawsh.

    I personally beleive that Minecraft is the story of a young boy or girl that's in a coma, and he/her is dreaming about... basicly that... I mean, think about it... Living exploding green stubby-legged bastards... Living skeletons... ZOMBIES... and giant spiders... And now walking squid-men that charge your ass and destory your house... And cause you to go insane. Why the thing that can destory blocks (maybe), Why not the legal single-player griefer?
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Candy Mod v1.1_02
    How about a new mob too, like a Gummybear that can be tamed with lollipops, and can be rode.
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    posted a message on Guns?
    No... We have arrows... I could deal with a mini hand-held catapult, that fires 2 types of ammo, Dirt balls which do 1 hart and stone balls which do 2 and a half.

    Also, I owe TheBlueRocky a soda... :C
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    posted a message on 1.8 is out!
    Spam really is starting to get bland... Anybody have any BBQ sauce?
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    posted a message on I think notch should add more ores also allow us to craft ores and NEW Healing items
    Just put another question on the Poll. "Do you like this idea?" and put Yes and No and only those. See how many people click yes. Only you. You have horrible grammar and Adminium will never be minable. You need to stop flaming the people on this forum that do what they're supposted to as you posted the forum, Gama. You basicly asked for them to discuss the suggestion, which made me cry tears of sadness because of your grammar, and you are flaming the posters because they do what you basicly asked them too.

    Back to what you asked me too do, Adminum will never be mined, and if it is, you will just fall straight through the ground. Never will there be an insta-kill sword. Lord's Gem is OP, and people can easily get it on SMP servers. This topic has gone to the shitter. I'm just here to wait for you, Gama, to clean it up.
    Also, you never talk about "healing items". This whole thread is You flaming, and the other people being normal. I don't get it, would it be rare? Be more descriptive. Also, notch will NEVER... and I mean NEVER. add this.
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    posted a message on Will the Russians bomb us in 2012?
    ... Why must you HATE on the RUSSIANS?

    but I really don't beleive they will use this to bomb us. If anything the Viet Kong will ninja our asses.
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