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    posted a message on My Little Pony: FiM VS. Furries
    You don't have to be one or the other, which is what someone seems to be implying.
    You can be completely furry and completely brony at the same time, it doesn't have to be 75% furry and 25% brony or any of the such.
    I, for one, am both. Bronies are generally good company and the show is great; furries are generally good company and I consider myself one.
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    posted a message on Stop Online Piracy Act - The internet as we know it is in danger, and we are the ones who must stop it. (Now with added ACTA!)
    This is obviously meant to be a thread OP, rather than a post.
    But this would be the second time I've been required to move it to another thread, so I'm just posting it here instead.

    Most of you should know what SOPA or PROTECT IP is.
    If you do not know what either one of them is, sit tight and watch this.

    That should explain everything, as well as let you know why you don't want it passed. It's long enough to.
    And before anyone asks, PROTECT IP has nothing to deal with protecting your IP address. Yes, I have had to explain that before.
    If you do not live in the US, it will still affect you. Not affecting other countries is a common assumption that is wrong.

    Now, on the matter of starting stopping it:

    It's a PDF. Save it. Doubt anyone will take it down, but if they did, you'd want to have it.
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