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    posted a message on Super's Rasp Pi Pocket Server (Hiring Staff)(PVP Survival) 24/7
    I will add everyone as soon as i get home from work. I need everyone to be active! I can't be on most of the time due to work.
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    posted a message on Super's Rasp Pi Pocket Server (Hiring Staff)(PVP Survival) 24/7
    Quote from TjrockyWannaHelp
    Iite ya all know me lol I wanna apply like yeh. I've been admin on 8 servers; op on 6; mod on 2; and co owner on 1 (But who's countin/ oh wait I am ) I understand all rules and regulations (And I know some tricks to making a good server) I will join at most of the time and will be on regularly (Especially this summer) So yeh I'm applying for Builder; Whatever is open I guess Ya might experience a lot with me on staff doe like forealforeal. This goes out to all that's reading dis, join did server. Ya saw mine before. Let's look at his. Imma maybe do a follow up for did guy but idk yet. Like I said ummm..... was sup, join the server, I'm applying, and always TjrockyWannaHelp all those That need it. Kick me at: Tjrocky11 Facebook: ScooterMightWork IGN: Tjrocky
    Quote from AlienwareSenseii
    HI SagE here, I would like to apply as a staff in your server. Position:Head-Builder,Higher or Lower Kik:sageofsixpaths1234 Skype:sageofsixspots IGN:SagE Reason: I would like to hrlp make your server even better Experience: 1 co-owner 2 head- admin 5admin 3 builder 5 op What i can build: Farms,Parkour,Houses,Spawn,Pixelart,and Manymore. Hope u accept me THX IN ADVANCE :) (: Once again SagE here Have a good day SIR
    Quote from Mike_Higgins
    HI! I would LOVE to be a builder on this server! My IGN is: KnifeStryke My real name is Mike I love to build in creative! You can reach me on MinecraftForums (Im on the Forums daily), or at email or KIK I hope you can accpet this! the server looks great :D thanks for reading!! :)

    I have accepted all three of you by the IGN you gave me. Please come on and have fun! Ill be giving creative to you three as well and since there is now 3-4 i am not accepting applications unless someone else becomes inactive. Thank you!
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    posted a message on Super's Rasp Pi Pocket Server (Hiring Staff)(PVP Survival) 24/7
    Quote from Tylarbob3

    Position: Head-Admin!
    What can you build? Cool houses, tall buildings.
    How to contact you? Here on MCForums, or, MCPEUniverse at @Tylartt10

    Hey Tylar! I am not seeking admin's or mods at this time only builders. If you would like to be a builder please let me know and from there i will give the builders first pick.

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    Quote from AlvinDewa555

    IGN: AlvinDewa555
    Position: Builder
    Why should i pick you?: Because i can build houses, city, etc.
    What can you offer?: I'm good with plugins and build. I'm good with teaching people rules. XD (more suitable to be admin or higher tho).
    Where do you wanna go?: Co-Owner


    You have been added! Welcome to the team. Since you are the first you will be the building adviser once i see some of your work.
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    posted a message on Super's Rasp Pi Pocket Server (Hiring Staff)(PVP Survival) 24/7
    Welcome to the Rasp Pi server! This is just starting out but i hope it will grow in time. As time passes the server, members, staff and so on will change for the better and more will be added! The only change that wont be is the hardware. The idea is to create a low powered Pocket server for the members to use. Just like your phone, this little computer will run pocket edition as the main server software! Right now i am in need for some builders and members to stress test and see what the max amount of people is for this server and from what i can tell. If you like small servers join quick! The staff list is below and i am taking applications. Please message here to be added to the white list. This is to prevent players from greifing.IP:
    • Owner = Supe61
    • Head Builder(team Designer) =
    • Builder = AlvinDewa555
    • Builder= KnifeStryke
    • Builder= SagE
    • Builder = Tjrocky
    • None as of now,
    I will be seeking Mods and Admins once the building staff and i fell the server is up and ready. Once this is done the building staff will be the first to pick up what position they wish to have. Application: IGN:Position:(builders only for now)Why should i pick you?:What can you offer?:Where do you wanna go?:(staff wise if anywhere else, IE: admin, mod, so on)Can't wait to get started!
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] GLSL Shaders (DoF, Bump Mapping, Waving Wheat, Dynamic Shadows, and More!)
    I have a error in the installer... anyone else have this issue? i saw someone else did but no one seemed to know the problem.

    ==== Installing Shaders ====
    Error installing Shaders!
    javassist.NotFoundException: a(..) is not found in auv
    at javassist.CtClassType.getDeclaredMethod(CtClassType.java:1215)
    at Hooks.install(Hooks.java:41)
    at daxnitro.nitrous.InstallThread.installMods(InstallThread.java:127)
    at daxnitro.nitrous.InstallThread.run(InstallThread.java:44)
    ==== Shaders Failed Installation ====
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    posted a message on New avatar Bending Server needs staff
    IGN: super_6_1
    age: 21
    Experience in IT or media: I can do both.
    IT: I have made, built and ran my own server. I have installed mods, modifyed linux to run minecraft almost by its self with crontabs and scripts. Installed Most of the popular mods out there today. I can modify code as long as its already done. ( only real coding i know is java, learning C# now. ) I do run a server now but its small and meant for friends only at the moment'
    Media: I have a special YT channel for my minecraft series and stuffs, I haven't really posted anything on there latly because iv been to busy but lately i have had a lot of time. the YT is http://www.youtube.com/user/nethersurvival101?feature=results_main
    let me know what you think.
    Why you'd like to join: I have experiance on both sides of minecraft ( in game and on the back end) I fell i can bring new ideas and get the idea that is already shown here a better run for the money as they say. I want to see this grow and i am a fan of the Avatar series and have been.
    Skype: super-6-1
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    posted a message on "The Walls 2" server, need some teams to play.
    new idea, two random people together for one team? who wants to join me!?

    IGN: super_6_1
    Age: 21
    How long have you owned MC?: Since beta 1.2
    Do you have legit versions?: Yes, i have 2 actually.
    Why should i pick you?: Because i am a warrior beyond the grave. A warrior past the lands of the end. I did get a arrow to the knee and didn't quit.

    :P meant to be funny.
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    posted a message on Minefection [Zombie Survival Server] [Looking for staff!]
    Quote from papersminecraft

    this don't have anything with this project to do but i have a problem, I don't know if u can answer this but i have made a server but it refuses to connect what is wrong?

    Well, can you connect going threw the actually server ip behind the router? it should be something like 192.168.x.x thats what it should be. If so then you need to port forward the port 25565 on your router so others can connect to it as well.
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    posted a message on Minefection [Zombie Survival Server] [Looking for staff!]
    IGN: super_6_1
    Age: 21
    Skype: super-6-1
    Applying For: admin/mod/plugin expert
    Why you want to be Mod or Admin: I have owned and built a few servers myself. The only one i have running right now is only for friends.
    How can you help this server: I know server based issues, Plugin Knowledge of issues. Server manager and more. Give me the issue and im a active minecraft player and user.
    Location: east coast USa

    ask me if you want anymore info.
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    posted a message on Hosting Minecraft Off the GPU?
    Hey guys! The most odd idea hit me "What if you can run a minecraft server off of the GPU?" Most of the time GPU's are actually faster then CPU's so i was doing some reasearch and came across this.


    Its API's to allow java to be ran off the GPU. Anyone wanna take a shot and see what it can do? since im not advanced into java i have no idea how to do it myself.
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    posted a message on Only One Life
    Hey guys! the server was down because of a hardware issue but now its back up! if you have any questions please let me know!
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    posted a message on MInecraft Query Not working
    Alright so im trying to get this working and every time i try to use a outside source it says it can't find it. I know the server works because people can connect to it from the outside. here is my server config.

    #Minecraft server properties
    #Fri Jan 06 23:26:17 UTC 2006

    any help would be grateful!
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    posted a message on Only One Life
    Dumping the server thread for a update!

    Alright! so now the server is going in its "stable" realm for now. I do have Ownblocksplus working but im still trying to get BanOnDeath working correctly Still having issues with that.

    we are looking for more people!
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    posted a message on Only One Life
    Quote from best4blood

    best4blood1234 would love to join

    Ok your added!
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